Yes, I’m Still Wearing Flares

At 61, I have been around the block (fashion wise), a few times.  My style is mainly non-obvious looks, and pared down easy to wear pieces.

A big favourite of mine is still jeans which I wear a lot.  I have amassed quite a few pairs over the years.  These range from straight to wide.  My other go-to’s, over the years, have been flares. I have never stopped wearing them.
I find the most flattering style for me is the subtle bootcut. I’m not a lover of the dramatic ankle flapping look – a little too draughty at this time of year!
Jokes aside, I know height can be a factor for not liking the flared style. I like to wear a wedge or a boot with a heel to give me a little bit of height, underneath, as it elongates my not so long legs. I’m five foot six, and this works well for me.  They can also look so cool with a pair of trainers or flat pumps.

With my Leopard print cami and Tux!

I’ve found the best way to wear my flares is to balance the wider leg shape with a neatly proportioned top half. Flares work so well with a jacket, a great shirt tucked in, or a t-shirt – such an effortless winning combination.

With my Chanel (copy) blue Tweed jacket

I own two pairs of flared jeans. The first I bought, last year, (Other Stories).  They are a more relaxed style and a softer lighter blue denim – you can check them, here, and, here. And…. lately, as I am a lifelong denim lover, I’ve been searching for a darker indigo blue pair to wear in the colder months. I usually pay quite a bit for my jeans so when New Look was suggested as a possibility, I was a little dubious about the quality.  Plus, I always thought it catered to the younger demographic.

However, I have heard from a few reliable sources to check – because their jeans have a good reputation.
So, off I trotted, not expecting much. I had only been in the store a few minutes when I spotted their “High Waist Flared Brooke Jeans”.  I especially loved the dark indigo colour and the denim felt good quality.

They are from their “New Look Kind” range: styles that are responsibly sourced and friendlier to the planet. They are a “fit and flare design, but, as you can see, the flare is subtle.

They also have a stretch in the denim giving them a comfortable edge. I loved that they had size choices for the inside leg – short, regular, and long.

I have been looking for a pair of sequinned flares for Christmas and saw a lovely pair on the Zara website. But, they had no leg length information or choice and, as they don’t have reviews, there was no way of finding the true leg length.  So, I emailed them, and they came back to me saying they are 46cm, which is far too long for my height.  I find it to be such a pain when trousers need to be altered. And, it can change the whole look and style of the trousers. In this post, I have styled my flares in various ways.  I hope you get some ideas from it.

Michael Kors Red Handbag

Shop the Look:

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Take care.

Alison x

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    • These flares have a lovely subtle width, which attracted me to them. I have worn them so much since I purchased them a few months ago. xx

  1. /

    I am really tempted to buy some flared trousers! But I am afraid they look so much nbetter on you then they will do on me!

    • These are such a subtle flair, more of a bootcut style, which love. I’m sure you would look great in these jeans Nancy.xx

  2. Your flares look great on you and I love to see the different ways to style. I do love the tweed blue jacket with the denim. I have bought a few more pairs of jeans this year and enjoy a jean without too much stretch. I had flares that were very big ( Lovestory) and ones that were a bit short. Love these looks on you Alison.
    thanks for linking!
    jess xx

    • Thank you, Jess. I have quite a collection of jeans from over the years. With my shape changing in midlife some don’t fit, and, I should really sell them on but they’re like old friends. ☺️ The blue tweed jacket is over ten years old, bought from Topshop. xx

  3. You look fantastic in these flares! I saved a pair of my flares from when they were popular last time and I’m glad I did! I am happy to see them starting to be on trend again!

    • These jeans really are the most comfortable as they have a touch of Lycra in the denim. Have
      a lovely weekend. x

  4. It is funny how flared jeans are back in style! Ha! I love these on you. That black jacket/coat in the first outfit is so cute, I love how it has just buttons on the top half.


    • Thank you, Carrie. My frock coat is an old favourite – I’ve worn these jeans such a lot since I bought them, they’re so comfortable. Have a great weekend.x

  5. I love flare jeans…but I am not very tall, I am 1,69 cm and I can not wear any type of heels…and I found them unflattering on my body. If I could wear heels I would 100% wear flare jeans.

    You look great in them!

    • This style is so flattering I find. I’m hoping “ New Look”. bring a lighter shade out for the summer months – I’ve worn them so much since I bought them, for such a great price too! Enjoy the rest of your week.xx

  6. /

    I’m so glad that there are others out there that don’t confine themselves to one type of jeans (skinny jeans, ex). And, I am happy to see that the pendulum is starting to swing back towards boot cut and flares. I’m loving those sailor-style trouser jeans on you!

    • I find this style very flattering, they are a small flare, which is so similar to the boot cut. I’m hoping they bring a lighter shade of denim out for the warmer months as I’m wearing these ones such a lot. xx

  7. /

    I’m also a fan of flares and boot-leg jeans. My body shape is “pear” and it helps to balance my looks with a bit of width at the bottom of the pants. Love the way you styled your jeans.

    • Thank you,Carole. We sound as if we have the same body shape. A slight flare and bootcut have been my go to for a long time as I find them so flattering. Enjoy your weekend.

  8. Agreed. I wear both straight and flares. Flares provide a better accent to my overall appearance because I am fairly short.

    • I totally agree Barbara. I find them so flattering and elongate the leg. Enjoy the rest of your week!

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