Life, Lately – A Holiday Review and a Winter Birthday Dress

Life, Lately…..

Since my last post, I’ve had a cheeky week’s holiday to Cyprus with my family. The hotel we chose was the “Louis Paphos Breeze”. Our reason for returning to Cyprus was largely due to UK Covid restrictions being less strict than for other European countries. This was the end of September ’21. We were leaving it late because temperatures were starting to dip in Europe. Cyprus and this hotel appealed because we didn’t need to do a PCR test on the outward journey, but we still had to do one on the return (day two back in the UK). The reviews on TripAdvisor regarding this hotel were glowing. So, we decided to go for it.


Food, drink and customer service – were very good – we were on an all-inclusive basis. The pools were lovely, one for families, and one “adult only” – great if you wanted some peace and quiet. There were thick, comfy cushioned sun loungers, too. My lot like their comfort!


Location – it was quite remote compared to other hotels along that stretch of coast. We don’t usually do “All-inclusive” but, because of the uncertainty still hovering around COVID, we thought this would be the best option for everyone. But, by day three, we were all going a little stir crazy. So, we decided to jump in a cab and head off to “Kings Avenue” (ten to fifteen minutes in a cab). This a busy, vibrant smart area. It had a large new mall (very posh) and lots of bars and restaurants, nearby – an ideal escape to mix the monotony up – plus, the England football team were playing, one night. So, we had a lovely dinner out while watching the game.

The other negatives of the hotel were the décor in both our rooms as well as the lounge/bar area. The rooms were bland and lounge/bar resembled an airport lounge with bright lighting, uncomfortable settees – not the ideal conditions in which to “chillax”. On the plus side, the beds were super comfortable and we had a super king size like the one we have at home, so this was a bonus for us.

How I Have Styled My Winter Dress

It was also my birthday just before we left for Cyprus and I received a Zara gift card from my son. I always say to both my lads that they don’t need to bother with my birthday. But, they always feel the need to give me a little something. And, gift cards to them is a safe option as they never know what to buy me – which, of course, leads me to sharing what I have purchased.

I have been looking for a dress that will be versatile enough for little outings throughout autumn, winter, and Christmas. While browsing, I spotted this on the rail, in-store, and was instantly attracted to the retro sixties pattern and vibrant, autumnal colours which jumped straight out to me. I also loved the style, which suits my shape as I’m not a curvy girl.

When I tried it on, I loved it, immediately. It’s comfortable and so easy to wear. And, it has the bonus of pockets. I remember standing in the dressing room looking at the dress in the mirror and planning how I would style it, usually a sign that it’s coming home!

This dress is also from Zara’s “Join Life” label. This is Zara clothing that is produced using technology and raw materials that help reduce the environmental impact of their products. Like most brands, Zara is strengthening its sustainability commitments. The company seems to be changing its resources and making sure that all processes, from its storefronts to its suppliers, are also environmentally friendly.

If you like the style of this dress, Zara have another with a different print which I also like. Maybe, it will be reduced in the January sales – I’ll be watching!

This dress ticks all the boxes for me, and the style is just right for my body shape.

Here are some ideas for you Autumn 2022.

Thank you for reading my post, I hope you have enjoyed it. This post may contain some affiliate links. If you click through to the product, there is no cost to you. The small commission I may earn helps me with the costs of running my blog. Please leave a message in the comments if you have any questions.

Take care.

Alison x

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  1. I love this dress: the cut, color and pattern really suits you and your trench will keep you warm. Vacations are so good to spend time with family and recharge. We leave in a few days for the beach and it will be good for everyone.

    • Thank you. It’s an easy dress to style, goes with so many things. It did us all good to get away.
      Alison xx

  2. This is really a pretty dress and the colors are so perfect for the fall. I am always for all inclusive, but sometimes it is nice to venture out like you did! The pool looks really nice and it is nice sometimes to have a quiet all adults pool available!


    • Thank you,Carrie. It was the vibrant colours that attracted me – enjoy the rest of your week. x

  3. This dress is a beautiful pick for you! I love that colors and pattern!

    • Thank you, Laura. I was so attracted to the colours, my wardrobe is mostly neutrals, which is my go to, so this dress is a lovely change.

  4. Susan

    I love that dress with such vibrant colours, to me it looks better with your long boots rather than the shorter. Your coat looks lovely too.

    • I love this dress with the long boots too. It’s such a versatile item, when I first saw it I saw it styled with quite a lot of things in my wardrobe. Thank you Susan, hope you’re having a lovely weekend.

  5. I love this dress Alison, what a real statement it is. Like the boots and jacket as it’s my kind of style too. Jacqui x

    • I haven’t got a lot of colour in my wardrobe – so when I saw this vibrant dress I couldn’t wait to have a try-on to see if the syle
      would suit me. You are so right Jacqui you would look great in this dress too! There is another which is the same style but
      blues and pinks, I’ve got my eye on that one too. Hopefully, it’ll be reduced over the coming week. xx

  6. /

    I’m envious about your holiday Alison. The dress is gorgeous on you. I really like the pattern xx

    • Thank you, Laurie. This dress has made me realise I need more colour in my wardrobe. Enjoy the rest of your week. xx

    • Thank you so much, Lovely . I love the style too – I’ve just bought another very similar in the Zara sale. Enjoy the rest of your week.xx

  7. Jayne

    What a fun holiday. I absolutely love the dress and how you styled it with the long jacket & black short one.

    • Thank you so much, Jayne. It’s going to be a favourite for a long time to come. Hope you’re having a lovely week so far. xx

  8. I love your dress, the print is beautiful! It’s great that you managed to get away on holiday, it’s a bit of a minefield at the moment with changing Covid restrictions. Thanks for linking up!

    Emma xxx

    • You came to mind when I saw this dress, love the colours you wear so well. I need more vibrant colours in my wardrobe and this is the
      start, thank you for the inspiration. xx

  9. I love everything about the dress and how you styled it, it looks gorgeous on you!
    Suzy xx

    • Thank you so much Suzy. It’s definitely brought more colour into my wardrobe.xx

  10. joanne

    That looks like a wonderful place to relax! I’m kind of afraid to go away for a winter holiday as I’m not sure I’d want to come back to cold, snowy New England!

    • It seems like a distant memory now. I’ve heard New England is beautiful, I’d love to travel
      within America, maybe when things improve. We have to believe they will don’t we. Happy New Year!

    • Thank you Michele. I love the style too, it’s very retro. Have a good week. xx

    • Thank you, Claire. I love this style, hence, there was a similar one in the Zara sale, which I have been very naughty and bought.xx

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