Boot Season! Here’s how I’ve styled mine, this Autumn

The first items to come out of my wardrobe, at this time of year, are my boots. These have always been a big part of my uniform – a major wardrobe staple for me.

A few years ago, I loved the cool trends of boots on offer, but I was a little nervous about stepping into them. They were chunky, stomping boots – and even though I lived in them back in my earlier days, I found myself asking the question, “am I too old for these, now I’m in my fifties?”. When I look back, I’m surprised at myself for even asking that question – was I going through a “midlife meltdown”, fashion/style-wise? So, around that time, I started to take notice, and I saw many older women looking so cool and stylish wearing their chunky Chelsea boots or Doc Martens style boots with a pretty dress, cropped jeans, or something cool. It changed my perspective and made me not care as much. I was inspired by their style and “couldn’t care less “attitude.

Nothing sets the tone of my outfits more than a great pair of boots. That is why it’s essential to give any boot purchase serious consideration. Though,  if you shop around, you don’t have to pay the earth. I do love a sturdy, stylish practical pair of boots – comfort being key. If you find the right pair, they are well worth the investment and will work hard in your wardrobe. Here are a few pairs I own and how I have styled them.

Lace-Up Boots from Next – £75.00 Leather

I bought these boots, a few years ago, following a lot of searching and trying ones on. At the time, I wanted the stomping boots to give a little bit of a lift and these boots do just that.

The heel is a little bit higher! They are of lovely quality and so versatile. Most importantly, they’re very comfortable. They look great with jeans and dresses, giving an outfit some edge and, alternatively, they can be worn with joggers. But, they really can be worn with anything.

I’ve always had a soft spot for this style. A long time ago, I had a suede tan pair of cowboy boots. The shabbier those boots were, the cooler they looked, or so I thought, at the time! However, in the last couple of years, the western style boot has made a welcome return.

You can go from as “yee haw” as you like (think Cuban heel, embroidery, and a pointed steel cap toe) to a more subtle western style like the ones I’m showing here. These are my latest addition, which I know I will wear until they fall off my feet as they are so super comfortable and the leather is as soft as butter.

Chunky Platform Block Heel Chelsea Boots £12.00 New Look – Vegan

These boots are like wearing an old pair of slippers. I bought them in January of this year while we were in lockdown, and they were great to do walks in – just so comfortable. I love to wear them underneath my flares as they elongate my legs.

I’m 5ft 6in, but these give me a little bit more height, which I love – and look at that price!!!!

Thank you for your time and I hope you have enjoyed reading this post!

This post may contain some affiliate links, if you click through to the product there is no cost to you, the small commission I may earn helps me with the costs of running my blog.

Please leave a message in the comments if you have any questions.

Take care.

Alison xx


The western style boots are a gift from Hotter, however, I was not under any obligation to mention them on my blog.

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    • Thank you, Lovely. It’s my favourite time of the year, love mixing it up with autumn/summer. xx

    • I agree, love wearing my boots with summer dresses/skirts at this time of year – before the frost and real cold sets in. xx

    • Thank you, Valerie. Love wearing boots with summer dresses at this time of year.xx

  1. I love wearing boots – I find them more comfortable than shoes. I’m really into western style boots at the moment. The New Look vegan boots were a great bargain! Thanks for linking up!

    Emma xxx

    • I’ve always loved boots, even wear them in the summer months. The “New Look” vegan boots are super comfortable. Such a bargain.x

  2. /

    Love all the boots but the New Look one? How did I miss those! xx

    • They are so comfortable and what a bargain! I’ve had such a lot of wear from them. New look’s footwear is very good I find. xx

  3. I love my boots and booties: can’t wait for it to get cooler: I have a great collection and there is a pair of cream combat boots at Target I want to get as soon as they go on sale! With pants and skirts and dresses, so many possibilities.

    • So true! I wear my boots pretty much all year long, like you I’m a boot lover. I’ve got some really old pairs that I can’t part with. x

  4. /

    I always love getting my boots out! Have finally bought a pair of “stomping boots ” but bit worried I won’t wear them! Your combinations give me some inspo. Thanks for linking

    • I love my boots! Have some pairs from way back when. I’ll bet you look cool in your stomping boots, Gail, hope you feel good in them. You have a fab collection of ankle boots too I remember seeing them last year on a post.xx

  5. I love your style – following you on bloglovin’ now! Thanks for sharing the My Big Fat Menopausal Life’s Share the Wealth Party – Have a fabulous weekend!

  6. I also worry sometimes about whether or not the boots look good with dresses, but then I figure, what the heck! It’s my one and only life (as far as I know) and I’m going to wear what I feel like! I love these boots with that yummy dress! I am a sucker for a floral flowy dress!

    Thanks so much for joining the Ageless Style link up!

    • Love this, Marsha and I’m right there with you. Life certainly is too short to worry about the small stuff. I love flory dresses too and feeling good in my favourite clothes. Hope you’re having a lovely Sunday.x

  7. Love the boots, they can easily turn summer outfits into winter ones by adding a jacket and tights/legging. At 50 I stomp around in DM’s
    Thanks for linking with #pocolo

    • I love DM’s such a cool boot and they look so cool with either jeans or a floaty dress. Enjoy the rest of your week. xx

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