Going with the understanding that it can be a cathartic process, I decided to have a good old sort through my wardrobe and ‘get my stuff in order’!!

It was a mammoth task which needed to be tackled. This initial job was basically so that I could ‘see the wood for the trees”, i.e. trying to create order, instead of a load of old clutter.

My handy storage box.

This is the perfect time of year to do this – in preparation for the switch from winter to spring/summer – a wardrobe reshuffle, if you like – giving my summer dresses, shirts and tee’s a more prominent position. This was a crucial exercise, especially when space is an issue, which, it is for most.

The first thing I did was to put the winter items to one side, which I know I won’t be using for, hopefully, quite a few months. Some woollens were washed and stored (folded and flat) to keep their shape. Living in the North East of England, sweaters and cardigans rarely stay in their moth-proof storage bags for long, due to the occasional icy blast from the coast. So, they are stored loosely, within touching distance.

My coats were stored to the side of the wardrobe and I stole some space in my hubby’s wardrobe area to hang the rest (he hasn’t mentioned it so mustn’t have noticed!).

All my winter scarfs were neatly packed into a clear perspex box. You can usually buy a pack of three for £10.00 and they are so handy to store stuff in, plus they are clear, so you can see what is in there. I used another to put all my swimming and holiday items in. Prior to this, I’d had everything stuffed in a bag and you can imagine the creased state they were in when I emptied it prior to packing for a holiday – not ideal. So, hopefully, all items will be “good to go”.

It was very cathartic, getting everything in order!!

I put all of my summer clothes on the bed and categorised them – dresses, tee’s, skirts etc…. then I started making piles of items. 1. Keep; 2. Not sure??; 3. Sell (which I’ve never done so far); and 4. Charity Bag.

It can be tricky when you are unsure about parting with an item. I’ve made the mistake a few times of getting rid of something, and then regretting it. I did try some items on to see if they still fitted, looked good, or, if I could do a quick tweak to make them current and on-trend. Sometimes you come across that little gem that you had forgotten about. You’ve probably guessed that I’m not keen on throwing things out or parting with ‘stuff’ until I’m totally sure.

I use this small basket to store socks and tights in.

Following this mammoth de-clutter, I feel so much better, and know most of my clothes are where they are supposed to be and are easily accessible.

I have made a few updates to my summer wardrobe by freshening it up. It’s great to bring in a few welcome additions and, now, because I’m mindful of what I already have, I can think of items that will complement the new clothes. I am more aware of what I already have, which, has opened some wardrobe/styling possibilities for my old favourites.

The unsure pile – do they stay or go??

Thank you for reading my post. I hope you enjoyed it.  If you have any questions, please let me know in the comments.



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Jumpsuits are still very popular, but they can be a tricky item to wear, especially if you don’t want to look like the man who has called round to fix the boiler!!

My first jumpsuit, way back when, was given to me by my brother when I was around seventeen.  Returning from his travels, he brought me an American khaki military jumpsuit.

“Etsy” Vintage 1970’s Military JUMPSUIT

Around this time, I had seen “Sting” wearing one in the “The Police” video for the song, “Roxanne”, and although I wasn’t copying him in particular, I loved the look of it and thought how cool he looked.

I felt very stylish wearing it – enhanced by the fact that no one else in my circle had one, at that time.  And I remember how comfortable it was.

I found this similar vintage jumpsuit from Etsy on the internet to show you what it looked like (above pic).

Knowing your style often involves the introduction of updated versions of old favourites.  There’s nothing wrong with being nostalgic!  Especially, going for similar versions of clothes you know you suit and feel really good in.

Warehouse jumpsuit – currently reduced from £56.00 to £42.00

Over the years, I have owned a few jumpsuits.  The attraction for me is the versatility and comfort of wear. The easiness of this item balances any bathroom and bare shoulders issues that I know puts a lot of people off wearing one.  It can be a very flattering garment. 

Warehouse Linen jumpsuit – currently £45.00

This season, the jumpsuit is a welcome addition to my wardrobe as it can be the perfect combo of dressy and casual. Most women’s jumpsuits are designed to flatter and frame your figure. I must admit I was spoilt for choice when looking, and found two that I liked and fit me well.  I know the body length can be a problem with jumpsuits – I always have a try on, then stretch and bend to check this isn’t a problem and that the body length is accurate and comfortable.

Styled with a cream Zara jacket (2018)

The jumpsuit is an old favourite that fits with my personal style, while also giving my wardrobe a gentle update!! Like other items I have worn in the past, the jumpsuit just needed a slight tweak – hence, an instant, winning combination.

Thank you for reading my post. I hope you enjoyed it and if you have any questions, please let me know in the comments.



This is not a sponsored post. All items are my own. There are however a few affiliate links. This means that I can potentially earn a small commission (At no additional cost to you). Thank you.

Self-tan is occasionally described as the “Marmite” of the beauty world. You either love or hate it. The results can be equally diverse. Upon application, the intention is a lovely sun-kissed glow. Nevertheless, we’ve all experienced the unattractive tango tones, patchiness and streaks, following an application. I’ve also read reviews where the product has sometimes turned green! Plus, there is that all familiar pong of malty biscuits. The best test to see if the colour is good is to do a small patch test, then check the colour in the daylight. This can be a great success or, alternatively, one which you weren’t hoping for. The upshot being a morning spent in the bathroom with lemon juice and a loofah removing said colour!! We have all been there.

Fortunately, tanning products have come a long way in the last couple of years. So, whether you prefer a deep golden tan or a more subtle shimmer, there is a product to suit everyone. The selection for self-tan is huge with everything from lotions, mousses, and handy 360 sprays to popping into your local beauty salon for an all over spray tan. Fortunately, most companies do a fair, medium and dark choice so you can usually find one that is suitable for you. I usually go for the fairest shade – but I have, on occasion, bought the dark shade and mixed a little of it with moisturiser – which can work well, too.

My wish list for a great self-tan is:

  1.  easy to apply, non-messy product;
  2. natural colour that doesn’t go streaky and smell of biscuits (difficult to avoid in my opinion); and
  3.  good price – personally, I’ve bought expensive products that aren’t as good as cheaper versions.


To get long lasting results, I have listed a few tips I follow:

  • try to remember to dry brush my body daily (mostly in the summer months) – I don’t have the motivation when it’s sleety rain for weeks on end;
  • do a lot with exfoliation prior to application;
  • when washing, gently exfoliate the whole-body paying attention to feet, knees and elbows – then, use a light moisturiser to the whole body – then a second coat to feet, knees and elbows – this is because these areas tend to absorb more self-tan resulting in an uneven appearance;
  • once the moisturiser has been absorbed, apply a few pumps of foam onto a mitt (like the St Tropez one best) working your way upwards in a circular motion, starting at the feet – sometimes applying 2 coats, if required.
  • while waiting for the self-tan to develop, always wear something dark, though, I find it does wash out of most clothes.
  • rinse off – if the colour isn’t dark enough, repeat.
  • for my face tan I have used ‘Clarins Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster’ for several years now – you add a few drops to your moisturiser at night and this, I find, gives a nice glow.

Here are a few reviews of ‘self tan’ that I have used over the last couple of years.

Clarins Radiance plus golden glow booster

Clarins Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster £20.00 – This is n

ot a cruelty free product.

I have used this, on and off, for a few years. I’m ready to move on and try something new. It does give a healthy glow – just add 3 to 4 drops to your night time moisturiser. There is a slight odour of biscuits – it’s not strong but it is there.


http://St Tropez Self tan

St. Tropez Self Tan Express Bronzing Mousse 200ml – £28.00 usually £33.00 (Boots) ** Cruelty Free **

I must be honest. This is my “go-to” self-tan!! I have used it for a couple of years. I tend to use other self-tan products when I have run out of this! It’s easy to apply. Simply apply the foam with a mitt, then leave it on for one to three hours, depending on how dark you want to go. It also claims the self-tan will continue to activate for up to 8 hours following application. I like it as it doesn’t tend to stain my clothes. I also use the St Tropez tanning mitt as I find it to be the best for application.

Bondi Sands, £14.99 (Boots) ** Cruelty Free **

I decided to give this product a try after reading great reviews on the Boots website. Going for the light/medium shade, it gives an instant colour, so you can see where you need to add more. It has a pleasant fragrance of coconuts, but still had the usual faint smell of biscuits. The colour is very subtle but that’s the way I prefer it. It left a nice even tan so wouldn’t rule this self-tan out!




Rimmel sun shimmer

Rimmel London Sun Shimmer, £5.33 (on offer, in Boots – usually £8.00) – Claim they are Cruelty Free

I first noticed this product on special offer in Superdrug and decided to give it a try. It normally retails around £8.00. Though I have noticed it’s always on offer in the various shops that sell it.

I was impressed with the simple application process, the smell, the colour, the longevity, and the fade. The colour, which is a lovely peach brown, is very near to a natural tan when applied. It comes in light, medium (which I used), and dark. I have used on and off for a few years, usually when I run out of my St Tropez bronzing mousse. After St Tropez, the Sun Shimmer is my second favourite, mainly for the application, colour and price.


Marks and spencer

AUTOGRAPH Gradual Tan Body Crème- Light to Medium 200ml – £7.50 Cruelty Free

I found this to be a little messy to apply. It does look a little bit scary when it first slides out of the tube, and I was worried the bathroom would resemble a war zone. But once I started to apply it, the tint of the cream helped me to keep track. It did blend in very well and gave me a natural looking tan. The tint gets deeper as it develops. It doesn’t smell as bad as some tanners but, nevertheless, there is that familiar feint odour, though not offensive. I found it to dry very fast, I did layer a moisturiser over the top once it was dry. This was because it did look streaky in places and I found that helped even it out. The tan did fade quite quickly so topped up again after around three days.

Thank you for reading my post. I hope you enjoyed it and if you have any questions, please let me know in the comments.



This is not a sponsored post. All items are my own. There are however a few affiliate links. This means that I can potentially earn a small commission (At no additional cost to you). Thank you.

“Mint Velvet” Celeste Print Midi Dress – which was £119.00 is now £79.00. Check availability

Time works differently in the fashion world. While most of us are thinking of packing away our cosy woollen sweaters and suede ankle boots, designers are planning for the year ahead.

Checking out the major brands online for Spring/Summer, the dominant colours seem to be yellow, neon brights and neutrals (which I love).  I’ve also noticed a lot of florals, plus, a touch of tie-die. 

Style wise, there are Spring jackets plus repeated themes such as puffy sleeves – very popular in the 80’s.  I remember them well!

Maybe, I’m being a little over zealous, planning which dresses I may like from the Spring outfits currently on display, while leaving the house in warm tights, woollens and big cosy coats.

But, there’s nothing wrong with having a wish list.  While doing my research, I did notice some dresses I’d be excited to wear when the weather warms up.  There are also some options out there that I can wear from now through till Summer.

All it takes to transform an item into a wintertime-approved piece is a little layering action with the help of turtlenecks, cardigans or tights. 

“Mango” Beige Linen dress with a pop of leopard!! Click here to check availability

Now, with Springtime just around the corner, it’s time to check our wardrobes.

“Mango” beige linen dress. Styled with a “Mango” leather short jacket and ankle boots

I try to be organised in my wardrobe (not always succeeding), separating my Spring/Summer from my Autumn/Winter.  I will then go through my current items and decide which clothes I am keeping, or not, as the case may be.

“Mango” beige linen dress styled with my “French Connection” tassled bag.

While perusing the internet and having a wander around the shops, I found two dresses that caught my eye, which I have recently purchased.  I thought you may like to see how I have styled them. 

“Mango” beige linen dress. Styled with my brown “Zara” Jacket – which was a bargain at £29.99 in the sale!!.

The first dress is the “Celeste Print Midi” from “Mint Velvet”.  This is a “fit and flare” style.  The print is floral.  The colours are ink blue and blush pink.  The dress has buttoned three-quarter sleeve cuffs, which I find so flattering. The hem has asymmetric ruffles, which, again, I find flattering and which. I must add, attracted me to it.

The second dress is from “Mango”.  It’s a beige linen mix material, with a flared design and a midi length.  Because of the colour, this dress is very versatile, and I know I will get a lot of wear from it – either with heels or by adding various jackets. 


Thank you for reading. If you have any questions, please let me know in the comments.



This is not a sponsered post.  All items are my own.  There are however a few affiliate links. This means that I can potentially earn a small comission (At no additional cost to you).  Thank you.

When you’re browsing on the internet or looking through a magazine for fashion inspiration, and you see an item of clothing that really catches your eye, you either go to the website and buy it, or look for something similar and within budget. Especially, if the item is too expensive – which sometimes can be the case.

Winter White woollen coat from "French Connection".

I saw a picture, online, of a Midi skirt and loved the rich colours and check design. So, after doing some detective work, I spotted this Mango skirt and immediately sent for it.  It’s a lovely light wool and the colours are khaki and brown tones with buttons down the front.

There are, of course, so many different ways you can style this skirt. These versatile colours allow me to wear the skirt with a neutral colour palette or bolder, contrasting tones.  This skirt, for me, is a classic piece that I can wear, for many years to come.

The Midi is my favourite length – I find it very flattering for me.  This skirt is a timeless classic.  During this season, there couldn’t be a more perfect fabric. To me, it oozes femininity and style.  It’s great, either dressed up with heels or knee-high boots, or simply dressed down and casual, with ankle boots.

Winter White woollen coat from "French Connection".

Winter White woollen coat from “French Connection”.

Here, I have matched my skirt with a – winter white – “French Connection” coat, a pop of red cashmere, completing the look with long black leather boots..I really love neutral tones as they add a timeless and sophisticated look, particularly when worn together.

I have also added a faux fur “French Connection” gilet (below), along with a timeless cashmere sweater from Marks and Spencer to complete the look.

"French Connection" Faux fur Gilet

“French Connection” Faux fur Gilet

"French Connection" Faux fur Gilet

“French Connection” Faux fur Gilet

"Mango" Leather Bomber Jacket

“Mango” Leather Bomber Jacket……..Here, I’m wearing long black leather boots with a short leather biker jacket, also from Mango

"Mango" Leather Bomber Jacket

“Mango” Leather Bomber Jacket

"Zara" Double Breasted Brown Jacket

“Zara” Double Breasted Brown Jacket

"Zara" Double Breasted Brown Jacket

“Zara” Double Breasted Brown Jacket

I bought this brown jacket, recently, in the “Zara” sale.  It was reduced from £119.00 to £29.99 – I couldn’t believe my luck!!  I know I will get a lot of wear out of it.

Thank you for your time and I hope you found the post helpful and informative!

Please leave a message if you have any questions.

Please note that this blog post contains no gifted items, but may contain some affiliate links.  All of the items are my own.

Alison xx

Brown Leather Knee High Boots from "Marks & Spencer"

Brown Leather Knee High Boots from “Marks & Spencer”



Cashmere Oatmeal Jumper from "Marks & Spencer"

Cashmere Oatmeal Jumper from “Marks & Spencer”

Cashmere Oatmeal Jumper from "Marks & Spencer"

Cashmere Oatmeal Jumper from “Marks & Spencer”