Check this out! A check/Plaid Suit and how I am styling it.

I have been interested in fashion and everything “couture” from an early age and that passion has rarely dwindled. I grew up gazing at the pages of Vogue and Cosmopolitan magazines which my mum bought, every month. I couldn’t wait to check the fashion spreads, thinking the styles were amazing and from another planet – and, certainly not part of my worldThen, my mum began working in two high-end fashion shops. Firstly, Defty’s and, then, “Books Fashions” in Holmeside, Sunderland. It was here, after school, that I could pore over the designer apparel of the day, even being allowed to try the odd thing on. Then, a few years later, I would sweet talk mum into letting me wear some of her clothes to the local nightclubs – Julie’s, in Newcastle, and Annabel’, in Sunderland), adapting my outfits, slightly, for the looks of the day. 

Magazine covers from the seventies and eighties – My favourite magazines from that time.

During my mid-years, having my children, working full time and caring for family members, I was juggling lots of balls. Looking back at old photographs, I can see there were many times when I lost my identity, especially my style mojo, which happens to so many of us, doesn’t it, especially when our lives are hectic and other things take over? 

One of the benefits of hitting my fifties, and now sixties, is that I am discovering through trial and error, what is working best for my shape, height, and personality. Its taking a while but I’m slowly getting there and enjoying trying new styles. I am quite a shy introverted person and this is reflected in what I wear. But, there is a small part of me which is extrovert and this is the component which has helped me to be more adventurous with my current style – especially wearing items such as miniskirts, dungarees and other pieces, which I wouldn’t have touched throughout my thirties and forties.  Discovering our unique style at whatever age is so powerful – it is how we express ourselves, showing our sense of self. Most importantly, there are no rules!! Wear what makes you happy and, as I have discovered, it is never too late to be adventurous! 

I have found that getting the wardrobe basics right is important because, then, everything else seems to simply follow. I have items in my wardrobe which are over twenty-five years old, and I also buy, carefully. The items I have purchased recently will mix and match well with pieces I already own, hence, making outfit choices easier to navigate. 

On a stormy day in the UK!

This brings me to my new snazzy” suit which doesn’t exactly match. If you look closely, you will notice the skirt and jacket shades of colour are slightly different. This is because I bought the skirt over a year ago, and, then, the jacket a few months back. Both are from H&M, so they are not only from two separate batches but two different years, too! Over a month ago, this jacket was on the sale rail for £26.00 – it is currently £45.00!! So, I was just lucky to get the reduction. The slight mismatch of the jacket and skirt does not bother me at all. Maybe, it is my Northern quirkiness – or I just love a bargain!

On a snowy day – How I was styling my check skirt a year ago.

This checked/plaid jacket and skirt are quite a statement outfit and “out there” for me. I have worn these suit items several times, together, and apart, styling them with various other items from my wardrobe. They always get compliments and were worth the small outlay. Here are some ways to style the suit.

Outfit 1

With my Black Cashmere Polo Neck Jumper, Black Opaque tights and Chelsea boots

By nature, my style is quite reserved – but I haven’t felt out of my comfort zone at all wearing this jacket and skirt. Styling it here with this polo neck cashmere jumper and Chelsea boots certainly brings in the casual factor. It will look equally good with heels, Mary Janes or trainers.

Outfit 2

With a Classic White Fitted Shirt, Grey Woollen Scarf and Knee-High Brown Boots.

Accessories always make an outfit more interesting

As well as a styling opportunity layering up is the perfect way to keep warm.  I have just bought this scarf from Accessorize – It was reduced from £25.00 to £7.00, what a bargain!  Such a great way to make outfits more visually interesting.

Outfit 3

Styling my Jacket with a Cream Ribbed Top and Leather Trousers

The boxy shape of my jacket goes so well with my leather trousers bought in the Mint Velvet sale over five years ago – they were reduced from £199.00 to £99.00.  They were worth the outlay as they are quality wardrobe staples and I find they give an outfit a subtle edge.  The cream ribbed top is another versatile bargain reduced to £12.00.  I have worn this a lot since purchasing as it goes with most things – I’ll put some links below as I’m sure it’s still available – they also do this top in black and grey, I’m tempted!

This is not a sponsored post.  It may contain some affiliate links. If you click through to the product, there is no cost to you. The small commission I may earn helps me with the costs of running my blog.

Alison x



  1. /

    Great styling of plaid, I love the skirt looks with Chelsea boots and tights. I am quite quiet and introverted too so wearing bright colours took a while to get used to! And sometimes I don’t feel like it and revert to black….
    Great memories with the magazine covers. I remember Jackie very well. Also loved titles like 19, Over 21, Honey (my all-time favourite) and Mireille.
    Thanks for linking. xx

    • I feel that I’m wearing clothes now that I should have experimented with a lot earlier, not brave enough I suppose – I’m so enjoying this fashion journey in older age as a lot
      of us are. Yes, great memories of Jackie and Honey – they were my favourites too. x

  2. Wonderful plaid style; I adore how the skirt appears with tights and Chelsea boots. It took me some time to get used to wearing bright colours because I’m also rather shy and introverted. And occasionally, when I’m not feeling it, I go back to black.

    • Thank you for your comment. It’s certainly a challenge pushing yourself past your comfort zone by wearing colours or items that I’ve longed to wear but didn’t have the confidence. I’m slowly getting there and it sounds like you are too.

  3. I honestly didn’t even notice the mismatch in color until you pointed it out. It’s so slight and the print is the same size so it’s very unnoticeable. I think they look great together and every other way you’ve worn each piece!

    • Thank you so much Laura. The jacket was a great find and bargain. I’ll be packing it away soon, but I know I’ll enjoy wearing it next autumn/winter season.xx

  4. I love the suit and the subtle difference in the prints. Both pieces are so versatile – you’ve created lots of super stylish outfits! Thanks for linking!

    Emma xxx

    • Thank you, Emma. I know I’ll get a lot of wear from this suit in the years to come. Thank you for calling by.xx

    • Thank you, Mireille. I’m so pleased with it, it’ll definitely get more of a run out next autumn/winter and such a bargain.xx

  5. Sue from Women Living Well After 50

    I love plaid but alas living in Queensland, Australia our winters are very mild so I don’t have the opportunity of wearing heavier clothing. You look great in all of the photos – very stylish! I love a shorter skirt with tights and boots. Thanks for joining us for Tell Us Abou….t Your Personal Style

    • You’re welcome! I’m envious that you live in a warmer climate – the winters here seem to be getting longer and longer. Enjoy your weekend.

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