Hunting For A Bargain? Three Dresses And A Bag I’ve Found In The Summer Sales

I love a bargain and try my best not to impulse buy because I have learned it usually leads to costly mistakes. I also know that, having a budget to work within, also helps. I have been selling quite a lot of clothes on “Vinted” (a UK-based selling app), so I thought it warranted a look around the summer sales for a wardrobe refresh.

One of the items I was looking for was a stylish summer bag. I came across the Macrame zip-top shoulder bag from Accessorize back in April. It really caught my eye. It was originally £45.00, which is not overly expensive. But I decided to wait and see if it was eventually reduced. I have just managed to buy it for £22.00 – which is a steal. It’s that adage……you must be willing to walk away from something until the price is right.

Because of the huge changes in our shopping habits, we are mostly buying online. I love having a look at the new seasonal collection online, which is what we are seeing, now, as the new Autumn/Winter items begin to filter through. I’m still “old school” with regard to walking around a store and having a good old browse. I would never have chosen this bag from its online description, for instance – but, the minute I saw it in the shop, I loved it. Online purchasing is convenient but trying clothing on, in store, saves so much time and energy. And, I am not keen on lugging huge packages to the post office to return items – such a hassle, don’t you think?

The sizing seems to be the biggest problem, buying online, as it varies with brands. I have sometimes ordered the same garment in three different sizes. This usually happens when I haven’t had the chance to try the garment on or if there are no customer reviews to guide me. It is like feeling in the dark. I find customers’ comments so useful regarding style, size, and the quality of the garment. It makes the buying experience easier to gauge.

When looking at the desired item, whether it is a bargain, or not, I always ask myself – do I have anything similar which I don’t wear and has been festering in my wardrobe? – do I love it? And, so important…. have I got other items which can be styled with it? And, then, of course, will I wear it?

My three bargain dresses

The first two of my three dresses are in the current sale (River Island) and the third dress is from the Mango Outlet. I bought the Mango dress way back in the second lockdown for a stupidly low price of £12.00, reduced from £49.99. It is a great colour and I love the throw-on-and-go style. But, I have not worn it until now, because its “waftyness” wasn’t quite right on me, a few years ago.

This flowing dress style wasn’t sitting right on my shape at that time. My bosom changed the flow of the dress, making it billow out from the top, hence it did not look very flattering and kind of lost its “flowy-ness”.

I’m pleased that I didn’t return it because, now that I have gone down a few dress sizes, it feels better. There’s room to swish around, now, and it’s a lovely dress.

All three dresses are midi/maxi-length, which is my favourite. I had seen both River Island dresses on social media and “Who, What, Wear”, which is a daily newsletter I receive. It features various fashionistas’ advice regarding new collections from various brands and outfit ideas, as well as giving beauty advice.

When I tried both River Island dresses on, it was a definite, “yes”. The red and white dress is a firm favourite and I’ve worn it many times, already. The bandeau dress was £49.00 reduced to £28.00 and the ankle-grazing gingham dress was also £49.00, reduced to £35.00.

Gingham seems to be one of those prints which never goes away. I have a black and white gingham top, but, I have never worn a dress in this pattern! Love the puff sleeve detail and style of this dress. It’s never too late to try anything new. Let me know your thoughts in the comments, please. I would love to hear from you.

Until the next time.

Alison x

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post.  All items are my own.  Like most blogs, this post may contain affiliate links (from which I might make a small commission if you make a purchase). This helps towards the running costs of my blog.



  1. You look fabulous in the dress you waited a few years to wear! And, the neckline of the red (coral) patterned dress is quite fun! I have learned not to push the button on online purchases by asking myself if I really need it, and why do I think that. But, it is very convenient, isn’t it?

    • Aaw thank you Marsha. I didn’t feel right in this dress a few years ago, it was a little too wafty and made me look bigger which wasn’t flattering. I sell quite a bit on the various outlets and I try my best to have the mantra of one item in , one out……have to admit to cheating the odd time though. Thank you for calling by.xx

  2. You have so many wonderful looks. It was hard to pick my favorite one, but I think I like the coral print dress.

    • Thank you, Lanae. I have worn the coral dress so much since purchasing it. It’s great with little jackets. I’ll wear it with a jumper in the cooler months too.xx

  3. /

    You’ve found some amazing bargains. I love the gingham dress. How rewarding that you can now wear the dress that didn’t fit! Thanks for linking

    • I do love a good bargain, mostly justified by selling an item. I have a motto – one in, one out – which I try to stick to, not always succeeding though, ha ha.xx

  4. I have a thing for dresses this year and just can’t get enough: have been replacing old ones that I hadn’t been wearing. I love each of yours especially that red and white one. And the bag: it really is a nice macrame one: it looks to be of great quality and a great addition to your summer wardrobe!

    • Dresses are so easy to just throw on I find. I’m looking forward to having a good old declutter in September, then selling some items on the various outlets. It always helps me justify buying anything new. Thank you for popping by! xx

    • Thank you, Emma. They were a great find. My mind is turning to having a good old declutter over September – I’ve really got in the swing of selling on the various outlets now. xx

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