I began to write my blog in 2018, mainly because the timing was right for me to devote time to something I had always wanted to do. And, I had never felt quite brave enough to put myself “out there”.

I am a relative newcomer in blogosphere terms. My working life began at sixteen, working mainly as a PA and in various roles in Human Resources. I still work, occasionally, which I enjoy because, at sixty-three, it sort of suits me.

These last few years have been the beginning of a new chapter, especially starting this blog, which fulfils my love of writing and photography. It allows me to indulge myself in fashion and beauty. That said, the IT side of blogging can be overwhelming and is still a “work in progress”.

As I do most of the IT myself, I have made mistakes through the years. An example of this was lately when I imported a plug-in into my blog and lost all of my photographs. Four years’ worth, which was quite stressful. Luckily, I called in the cavalry (my husband) and we managed to retrieve them.

My blog is a wonderful way to reflect on life changes i.e., getting older, children leaving the nest…. (then, returning, ha-ha), relationships – the list goes on.

My blog is authentic. I am a very down-to-earth person and I write in the same way, which probably has something to do with my north eastern roots.

I have never cared for rules. There seems to be a whole bunch of them around “midlife women’s style,” which, of course, is a load of nonsense and I find them quite amusing!

My own style has changed since my forties. I was a little bit lost back then. I now enjoy experimenting with new styles and I am certainly more adventurous. In truth, I was far too busy, back then, working full time, running around after my two children as well as looking after elderly parents. I suppose my clothing was more functional than anything else. There wasn’t much need to participate in fashion or maybe that is just an excuse. I’m not sure!!

As well as the fashion aspect of my blog, I enjoy trying beauty and hair treatments, which I mostly purchase and apply, myself.

Recently, I’ve had my eyebrows micro-bladed, which I’ve found to be worth every penny as my eyebrows were pretty non-existent. Sometimes, I am offered beauty procedures, or products to try. I always choose, carefully, and a product/treatment must be something I have researched, beforehand. I have never had fillers or Botox, it’s simply never been on my radar.

I like to think that, culturally, our role as women has changed since our mum’s time and things are improving, albeit, slowly. There is still a lot of work to be done for our age demographic to be more visible in today’s world. I love being this age. I have certainly changed and come out of my shell. It is never too late to do something you have always wanted to do – this can be anything from a daily walk to doing something adventurous and out of your comfort zone.

You might just surprise yourself!!  Thank you very much for reading.

Alison x

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