Shop Consciously with “Nearly New Cashmere”.

What a great concept to buy Cashmere garments second hand (which are usually so expensive) without buying brand new – at a fraction of the price.

Wearing my “Nearly New” Cashmere Jumper.

This company as well as others on Etsy and eBay offer a varied collection of luxury, second hand, 100% cashmere.  The stock comprises sweaters, cardigans, scarves and gloves for both men and women.  I discovered that each item is consciously laundered and treated until it’s in perfect condition.

Some “Nearly New”  Cashmere ideas for you.

There is a luxurious softness to cashmere, as it should be.  Here I am wearing a beautiful, navy blue, v-necked, “Ralph Lauren” sweater. This would have cost goodness knows what if I had bought it brand new. The condition is pristine and such a quality product that will enhance any outfit.

Over the years, I have acquired a small collection of cashmere sweaters, cardigans and scarves. If looked after, they can last a long time. When I peeked at the price tag, I was extremely surprised by the price. £42.00 – Wow!!!The trick to finding the perfect sweater is nailing the texture. Whether you’re looking for one to wear to the office, or something comfortable and oversized to mooch around in a casual setting, it’s the perfect smart, casual garment. If you have sensitive skin, it may be an idea to wear a light fitting cotton tee underneath – handy to peel off when it gets a tad warm, too.

When I was doing my research for this piece, I came across a handy tool – one which I didn’t know existed. A handheld product called a ‘de-bobbler’ or ‘bobble shaver’. This will breathe new life into your worn-out favourite, precious jumpers and tops. It’s a small rotating blade inside a plastic case that works wonders. I have read the glowing reviews, so I’ve ordered this one from Amazon. From reading the instructions, it looks easy to use – you simply run it over the item of clothing, safely removing the bobbles, loose threads and lint, leaving woollens looking brand new, again.

In this pic I’m wearing my “very old” red Cashmere jumper.

In terms of sustainability and shopping consciously, it makes sense to acquire clothes that are already in the market. We can still get that pleasure rush from buying from a second-hand brand or an ethically produced fashion label, where care has been taken to do minimal harm to the environment.

I’m beginning to not look at fashion with blinkers on anymore. I’m now asking more questions about where the garment has been made, and how. Most brands are transparent with their information on their websites, detailing their sustainability policies. There is a huge rise in sustainable brands.

A collection of my cashmere and woollen scarves.

A bonus to the sustainable movement is that buying second hand and ‘preloved’ clothing is now accepted, and something to be proud of. Whereas, only a few years ago, people didn’t voluntarily admit to it.

Shop the post

Thank you for your time and I hope you have enjoyed reading this post!

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Alison xx


The Navy Jumper is a gift from “Nearly New Cashmere Co”, however, I was not under any obligation to mention them on my blog.

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    • I agree. It is a lovely store to have a look around. Very relaxed atmosphere in a
      very pretty village in Yorkshire.
      Alison xx

  1. I wish we had a Nearly New Cashmere Company in Savannah. What’s not to love about feel good sweaters with a feel good mission. ❤️❤️ ~ Suzana Barton

    • Hi Suzana,
      Second hand cashmere is such a good idea as it doesn’t loose its quality. They do ship to the USA if you want to check them out – there’s a link in my blog piece. Have a fab weekend!
      Alison xx

  2. Higher price items like cashmere I almost always buy secondhand! This is a wonderful idea for a store! Love the sweater you chose!

    • Thank you, Laura. It’s a beautiful sweater for the price. Such great
      Alison x

  3. /

    Oh that shop looks amazing! I love cashmere but in recent years it’s become hard to find quality items that don’t break the bank. Thanks for joining #WowOnWednesday!

    • It’s a great way to buy cashmere at a fraction of the price. I was
      so pleasantly surprised when I saw the price tag. I’m going to have
      a peep for Christmas presents.
      Alison xx

  4. I am so happy you shared this post with us today on the Style Six Link Up! That blue is beautiful on you! I’d love to own some cashmere!

    • Thank you, Kellyann. It’s a great idea to buy cashmere at a
      fraction of the price. I did fall in love with this sweater
      straight away.
      Alison xx

  5. What a great gift for you and a wonderful recommendation for us! I love Cashmere and must admit I do keep myself to second hand pieces due to the cost. I’ll be browsing their website next, thank-you!

    • Thank you, Anna. It’s a great idea, as the quality is fabulous and the price
      is great. I will be looking for Christmas presents on their on-line shop too!
      Alison xx

    • Thank you, Jessica. The colour did attract me. It’s lovely soft wool and
      I’m so pleased with it.

  6. /

    What a fantastic concept! and great way to shop for cashmere! Love the color of your sweater!

    Jill – Doused in Pink

  7. Ahh, so soft and cozy! I love cashmere! Love the color of the top you styled with the leopard bag!


    • Thank you, Carrie. I did try a few sweaters and instantly
      fell for this one – it’s so soft. Can’t beat a pop of
      leopard print too!
      Alison xx

    • I agree Ruth. I have got a small assortment of cashmere, which I love.
      Alison xx

    • Me too Merel. Cashmere is so expensive brand new – it’s a great way
      to buy at a much cheaper price.
      Alison x

  8. Alison what a great post. I love the idea buying nearly new clothes and except cashmere. Thanks for introducing to this concept. Also thanks for visiting my blog )
    Tina xx

    • Thank you, Tina. It is a great concept and the quality is virtually brand
      new. Have a great week!

  9. This is such an amazing concept for a second hand sustainable shop….to be focused on just cashmere. And there is a lot to love about a quality cashmere sweater. Your choice is gorgeous and I love the shade of purple paired with those gorgeous wide legged corduroy trousers! So beautiful. I recently bought myself a de-piller or de-bobbler and it really does breathe new life into pilly sweaters. I have my favorite pair of cashmere fingerless writing gloves that I wear all winter long while typing because my hands are always like ice…they naturally became very pilly and I shaved them down and they are nearly like new again! Thanks for sharing this brilliant company and linking up with me.


    • I agree Shelbee – it’s such a great idea and great prices when you compare
      to them to brand new cashmere. I can confirm there’s no difference. I have
      just received my de-pillar so yet to try it.
      Alison x

  10. /

    All of the Cashmere looks gorgeous! AND gorgeous looks, thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you, Sherry. You’re so welcome! I don’t think you can go wrong with

  11. /

    What a great idea for a store and a lovely knit you got! 🙂 I have one of those de-bobbler tools, I find it doesn’t always work that well depending on the material – but it does freshen up a piece with a lot of pilling!

    Hope that you had a great weekend! We had our annual family photo with Santa for our Christmas cards on Saturday and then a play date in the park on Sunday 🙂

    • I agree Mica, it’s such a great idea to sell 2nd hand cashmere. I have just received
      my de-bobbler tool – I’ll be trying it out on a few sweaters – hope it’s effective. Your
      annual Christmas photograph sounds a lot of fun. Enjoy.
      Alison x

  12. These are super jumper, great colours too
    I’ve just got some super cosy cashmere fingerless gloves. Jacqui x

    • I couldn’t believe the quality and price for 2nd hand, so very pleased.
      I like the sound of your gloves Jacqui. Have a lovely weekend.
      Alison xx

  13. What a beautiful shop. I would love to visit. Great jumpers and colours. Thanks for sharing at The Weekly Link-Up, I hope you can join us today for The Wednesday Link Up 🙂

    • It would be worth a day out in Yorkshire if you don’t live too far away. There
      was some great stock. I really was spoilt for choice. xx

  14. What an awesome business model! I love that these sweaters are pre-loved and being given new life. It’s a win for the business owner, the consumer, and our planet. And the navy cashmere looks beautiful on you!


    • I agree Michelle and the navy sweater is beautiful quality.
      Kind regards xx

  15. Susan Edge

    Five years ago I bought four items.and they are still very wearable.I have since bought more items over the years.Personaly I handwash mine in baby shampoo and then rinse in cold rain water.This way of cleaning the garment makes it super soft and springy.i

  16. How interesting Alison, you’ve shared some amazing pieces. Jacqui x

    • It’s a great way to buy a cashmere sweater at a reduced price. The one I have is virtually brand new.x

  17. What a fantastic idea! And so much better on the purse too! I’ve been wanting. to buy some cashmere jumpers for ages but I always get put off by the prices! I love your looks. I have a satin skirt just like yours that would love fab with a cashmere jumper!
    Suzy xx

    • There are some great shops on Etsy that sell reconditioned woollens, definitely a great alternative, to the hefty price
      of a new cashmere sweater. Have a lovely week. xx

  18. I love this idea! I will check out the Nearly New shop as I do alot of shopping on Poshmark for secondhand items. The price can’t be beat here! I love the red with the silky skirt, looks so beautiful and perfect for the Holidays too!
    Thanks for the intro to these shops , who doesnt love cashmere!
    thanks for linking!
    jess xx

    • It’s a great way to be sustainable and purchase something that is normally so expensive. My sweater is a great quality garment.xx

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