When It Makes Sense To Buy Quality Shoes

When was the last time you had your feet measured?

This is the question I asked myself when the leading shoe wear brand ‘Hotter Shoes’ invited me to participate in their no-obligation ‘Fit Fortnight Event’.

The event is dedicated to helping people find their perfect fitting footwear. Hotter shoes did a survey and found over 70% of women are wearing ill-fitting shoes, causing, amongst other things, blisters and bunions. Their shoes have a reputation for comfort and quality. They are the UK’s biggest shoemaker, and have seventy-five stores, nationwide.

I arranged a date and time to go into their Durham City store. Following the introductions with their very knowledgeable staff, I was invited by Angela to have my feet measured. My feet aren’t the daintiest and wouldn’t win any beauty awards. Angela put me at ease, immediately, explaining that feet can change shape. They can also fluctuate in size with our weight so it’s good to get our feet properly measured on a regular basis.

I’d not had my feet measured since I was a young girl. So, at this point, I was questioning myself as to why I hadn’t done this before. It seemed silly not to. I have always taken my children to get their feet measured, but never thought about myself.

Dallas ankle boots and Gem handbag

Prior to my visit to Hotter shoes, I did a little research and read that our feet go through the ageing process, too. The sweat glands in our feet are less active as we age, so the skin becomes dryer. I’ve also learned that a good foot moisturiser can work wonders quickly.

I usually only engage in feet DIY around springtime when they will be unleashed in summer sandals.  However, following my “Hotter” experience, I am going to pay more attention to my foot care, all year round.

Hotter shoes

Following my fitting, I tried on a few different styles. They have a great winter collection. My eyes quickly fell on the leopard print ‘Joanna’ shoe. Unfortunately, they didn’t have a wide fit in that style. I then noticed the black ‘Dallas’ ankle boots. When I picked one up, I was taken aback by how soft the leather was to the touch. There is a great subtle, stud detail, which is “on trend”. I love the odd stud or two (my biker chick is coming in to play) plus, they have the perfect heel height for me – just enough to give a nice lift.

When I tried them on, I immediately experienced the Hotter shoe comfort for myself, and knew these were ‘the ones”. They have a clever stretch elastic, that is hidden along the top line of the boot and is designed to move with you. This feature is intended to prevent rubbing and offer a snug, customisable fit.

They are an outfit-enhancing ‘go-with-everything” item of footwear – and a great addition to my autumn/winter wardrobe. If you’re interested, they also do this ankle boot in tan leather as well as a classic brogue design, in suede. They will be perfect for work or an evening out. They are incredibly versatile and will go with most outfits. They are comfortable, affordable boots at £89.00 and are available in standard and wide fit.

Hotter shoes

To complete the look, I chose a matching ‘Gem’ camera handbag. It has an adjustable, leather crossbody strap with matching stylish studs. Priced at £45.00, this sleek leather bag features quilted accents and secure zip closure – perfect for housing the “go-to” items you use every day.

I have now worn ankle boots on a few occasions and they make me feel like I’m walking on air.

The Gem handbag

I would like to thank Angela for welcoming me so warmly and sharing her knowledge in such a professional way.

Wearing the correct footwear is imperative. No matter how amazing the outfit is, we can never underestimate the importance of comfort at any age!

I have styled the ankle boots and bag with various outfits on this blog post to give you some ideas. Hope they inspire you!

Hotter shoes

You can see the full ‘Hotter shoes’ range including the new winter season styles at the Hotter shoe website.

Thank you for reading my post. I hope you enjoyed it. If you have any questions, please let me know in the comments.



Disclosure: I received a free fitting, ankle boots and a handbag from Hotter Shoes in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.


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    The ankle boots look great and very versatile! Would look great under dresses too! Hope to see you on my Fancy Friday linkup party!

    • Thank you Nancy. They are so comfortable. I’m so pleased with them!
      Alison xx

  2. Those are great looking booties! I have some black flat booties from Jambu and another pair I just bought,. I love companies that have quality boots and shoes and are equally as comfortable. The style is lovely and will go with so much!
    Happy Monday!

    • Thank you Jess. It was a very useful experience getting my feet measured. I
      will now be more aware of what I’m looking for when looking for footwear. I know I’ll wear these boots a lot and love the little bag also.
      Alison xx

  3. /

    I must confess I haven’t had my feet measured for years! I know my foot size fluctuates between a two and a half to three and if I loose weight, sometimes a size two! It’s a nightmare sometimes trying to get shoes to fit. I already know how comfortable Hotter shoes are though and I value this brand for supporting Marie Curie Cancer Care xx

    • My foot size does fluctuate from brand to brand. It
      was a good learning experience getting my feet measured
      as I’ll be more assured what size I’m looking for now. xx

  4. You make a good point! I can’t remember the last time I got sized! It would help to know the width at least. I love the new booties you got!

    • Thank you, Laura. The boots are so comfortable. My feet have a wide fit and some
      of the footwear I tried on didn’t look right – so, I will now know what to
      look for. I really don’t like walking round in uncomfortable
      shoes. It can be quite harmful.
      Alison xx

    • I really enjoyed the whole experience and learnt a lot regarding how our feet
      change as we age. I love the boots too! Enjoy your week
      Alison xx

  5. They look so comfortable and a very soft leather indeed. Thanks for sharing with us today and for adding to the #linkup Jacqui Mummabstylish

    • Thank you, Jacqui. the boots are so comfortable and fit perfectly. I did learn a
      lot getting my feet measured. Have a lovely weekend and thank you for hosting.
      Alison xx

  6. Very cute boots. Every woman needs a comfortable and stylish pair of black booties, in my opinion. I don’t think I have had my feet measured since I was a child either and I have a whole ton of ill fitting footwear in my closet! I should follow your lead and go get measured. Then probably clean out the closet of the shoes that are uncomfortable. But I do have a hoarding problem when it comes to shoes and clothes! Loving your outfit, too, by the way. Super cute.


    • Thank you Shelbee. I did learn a lot about my ageing feet. I have
      learned what to look out for to make sure I get the perfect fit. I’ve
      been walking round in the wrong size. I’ve also turned into a
      hoarder, as, I have parted with things in the past and so regret
      it now. An old Ossie Clark cardigan being one of those things.
      Alison xx

  7. Andrea Nine

    Great post and darling shoes. Love it. Make sure you head over and link up your cuteness with our new weekly Style Six fashion link-up. It goes live on 6 Blogs and we’d love to have you!

  8. Great post Alison!
    I must also confess I havnt had my feet measured for years and I’m pretty sure they have grown recently!!!
    bestest wishes
    Ashley x

    • Thank you, Ashley. I can relate to that as I hadn’t had
      mine measured either. so pleased I went along. I did
      learn a lot about my ageing feet!
      Alison xx

    • Thank you Ruth. They are very comfortable, so, I will wear them
      a lot. Plus, because of the style and colour they are very versatile.

  9. I wish this practice was more common as I know my feet have changed. Those booties are so cute–and comfortable is the key!

    • I was told when I had my fitting that our feet change constantly as we
      get older, especially if our weight fluctuates. I will definitely
      get my feet measured on a regular basis.
      Alison x

  10. You are so right, we don’t often get our feet measured as adults and we should. Most stores don’t even offer unless I am getting running shoes at a store that specializes in athletic wear. I think you’re gonna love your new booties!
    So glad you shared this post on our Style Six Link Up!

    • Thank you Kellyann. Yes, it’s something I will be doing in
      the future – I think size can fluctuate from brand to brand also.
      Alison x

  11. /

    These shoes are so cute! It can be really difficult to find comfortable shoes but it makes sense to find higher quality ones so you can take better care of your feet!


    • Thank you, Tracy. So true, I did learn a lot on the day. Comfort is so important as
      well as the quality of the shoe – otherwise it can lead to problems.
      Alison xx

  12. Very interesting piece and good to know we can still get our feet measured! I had mine measured last year when I was buying hiking boots because I thought the size had changed, but it hadn’t. The boots are handsome! Thanks for linking up at #WowOnWednesday. Good to see you!

    • I found the experience very inciteful and so pleased I did it. I know sizing can differ from brand to brand, but I did learn a lot about our aging feet and what to look for when buying footwear regarding size and width.

  13. What a great idea and fabulous opportunity for you! I’ve had my running shoes fitted before but never a casual shoe or boot. And bunions scare me! Your booties are stylish and I’m guessing sublimely comfortable. Love the trench too btw! Thank you for linking up and sharing with the Style Six! 🙂

    • Thank you, Chrissy. Yes, the boots are so comfortable. I did learn
      a lot about the size and shape of my feet and how, as we age us
      feet also age and change slightly.
      Alison x

    • They are the softest leather and I know I’ll wear them a
      lot. It’s a good thing to get our feet measured. I have one
      bigger that the other – only very slightly, but who was to know!
      Alison x

  14. Fabulous boots and bag! I love the studs. My feet have definitely changed over the last few years…and not for the better! It’s a great idea to get your feet measured – just as you would a bra fitting – every so often. Thanks for linking up!

    Emma xxx

    • I do love these boots. They’re the perfect fit and very
      comfortable. Now there’s no excuse to be walking round in
      the wrong size. I’m so pleased I did it.
      Alison xx

  15. I am up for quality/over quantity when applies in every item I get…I just wasted to much money in the past on bad quality items only because I liked the way they looked or the very low price…but quality and comfortable shoes is a must! I like walking, I don’t even wear heels due to a back condition I have, and I always buy good and comfortable shoes.

    You made a great post!


    • I think all of us have wasted money on ill fitting footwear at some time. The importance of well fitting, comfortable footwear is so important. I’ve never been very good with high heels, much more comfortable with a smaller more workable heel, enjoy the rest of your week. x

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