Layer Up! It’s Autumn

Button up, the Autumn season is here!  I find that, by getting the basic winter items right, then everything else seems to follow.

One of my go-to staples is trousers. The styles I hanker after are wide, straight, leggings, joggers, and anything basically that will suit my frame. The only style I steer clear of is the cropped-leg pants as it makes me look shorter and wider. I love wearing high-waist, wide-leg trousers, which I find flattering. They elongate the leg with the help of a slight platform or wedge. To mix things up, I introduced some high-waist, tapered-leg trousers to my wardrobe around a year ago.  I find them to be both comfortable and flattering. They are a style which sits nicely on the ankle. If you are petite, there are options regarding leg length with brands such as Hush, Marks and Spencer and others offering short, regular, and long sizes. This can save so much hassle as we are not all five foot ten to six feet tall. And, if, like me, you are not a whizz with a needle and thread, there are always the tailors. I know this can be costly but it can be worth it. I have had a few disasters with Wonder Web and wonky hems, ha-ha.

With this style being tapered, they are roomy around the ankle, which allows for loafers, boots or dressing up with a sandal or heeled court shoes. The beige and black trousers have pleats at the front, and pockets. They are such excellent value for money at £35.00 each, and, though they are not investment pieces, they are perfect to wear with a quality jacket, woollen, or coat. I bought the grey trousers, over a year ago, from Zara. I have noticed they have them in, again, this year, in an assortment of colours. So, I am guessing they must be a best seller. They really are such a versatile addition. Following a year of wear and tear, the grey and beige pants are still looking fairly new, following two or three washes. The material of the beige and black trousers is 8% polyester and 92% viscose, so, not luxurious. But, they are wonderfully comfortable and lightweight. And, the material is breathable. So, thank you, River Island, for restocking in the black. I haven’t bought a pair of smart black trousers since my days of going to the office, daily, which was around five years ago. The style of these trousers is smart casual so they would have been perfect. Nowadays, when I go to help at my old place of work, the dress code is so much more relaxed as most people work from home. And, when they do come into the office, they seem to dress in a much more laid-back way. Everything has changed so much over the last couple of years, hasn’t it?

Here are some easy-style ideas. I will begin with vest tops – the most perfect layering item.

Since my early forties, I have avoided wearing sleeveless tops as I was conscious of my upper arm wobbliness/sagginess.  There was a dress I used to wear for work, back then, which highlighted this. So, for years following this awakening, I covered up.  Bringing it forward to now, my mindset has changed. One of the joys of getting older is it’s made me less bothered about the sag, believing good health is the most important thing.

Last year, I bought a pack of two thick strap vests with built-in bras from Marks and Spencer (see above). I found them so comfortable and useful to wear underneath coats, jackets, shirts, and knitwear. And, they also came in very handy when there was a sudden heat surge. The only drawback is the bra, within.  It is not thick enough, hence, nipple alert moments. Furthermore, I’m an average size, so the support was enough for me, but, if you have a fuller bust and need more , they may not be for you.

Both the black and striped high-necked vests I am wearing are from Mango, without a built-in bra. I am going to send away for the white one, too, as they are a great layering garment.  I have worn them a lot since purchasing, with a sturdy tee-shirt bra, of course. They are also great quality.

Red Coat (Zara)

I bought this red Chanel-like jacket, last Spring, in the Zara sale. What a bargain at a cool £29.99 (reduced from £119.00). I love some of the red items on sale at the moment. But, I find red is a colour that I need to choose carefully as the wrong shade can sap my colour. My colour shade preference is neutral to cool.

Armed with basic guidelines, it’s good to match colours with your skin’s undertone.  It helps with the various shades within colours.  Here is a brief overview of how to determine if  you have cool, warm, or neutral skin undertones.

Hold your wrists to the light. If your veins are mostly blue and purple, you have a cool undertone. If they are mostly green, you have a warm undertone. If they are a mixture of both, you have a neutral undertone.”

Beige Trousers with A Black leather Jacket

Research is showing that we are keeping our clothes for longer – which fits right in with my next item. The leather jacket is a capsule wardrobe essential and certainly has staying power. Proof of this is my own old and loved leather jacket. I currently own three leather jackets and this one is my oldest and still my favourite.

I bought it from Next in the late nineties, making it over 20 years old. I was starting a new job at the time, which has jolted my memory. I haven’t worn it, constantly, through the years, which is why it is still in good “nick”, give or take a little wear and tear, here and there. The leather is so soft. It has a pared-down style, and the length is exactly right for me, I always feel good wearing it. It is like visiting an old friend. Have you got any items of clothing you could not part with? Let me know in the comments.

Beige Trousers with a fitted white shirt

Striped Oversized Top

First, I am a sucker for stripes. I bought this top, last Autumn (H&M) and decided to include it as similar tops are in stock this year, too. I have worn it so much. I went for the size medium which is perfect for me. There are still numerous ways to style this top. For example, I am going to wear it with my maxi black satin skirt. I love this oversized, sloppy look. Perfect, and a great price. If you become a member at H&M, they have 15% off offers – very handy if you have your eye on something.  Here are a few ways I have styled it.

Grey Trousers – Some style ideas

Above……… I am wearing a cropped cream jumper from Marks and Spencer, bought in the sale, a few months ago, for £14.00. It was originally around £25.00. Along with my coatigan from Zara, I am also wearing my favourite Chelsea boots from Hush (leather). They were an investment but I have worn them so much, and so worth the outlay. On the less pricey side, I have a similar pair of boots from New Look. They are in the vegan range. They are like slippers – so comfortable, and I love the platform as it gives me height.

🎵 “She wore a raspberry beret the kind you find in a second-hand store” 🎵

And, on that note, thank you for reading….

….until the next time

Alison x

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  1. These are all great fall staples! Those trousers look absolutely fabulous on you!

  2. I think you look fabulous in all of these outfits! I love that your leather jacket is over 20 years old! Good ones are so hard to come by. And, yes to letting the waggles go on the upper arms! I quit worrying about it, too!

    • Thank you, Marsha. I agree regarding my old leather jacket, worth the outlay all those years ago and yes to being proud of who we are, we’ve earned it! xx

    • Thank you, Jelena. The red coat was a great find at the end of the last winter season. xx

  3. I love autumn because I love the opportunity to layer up! I still have to wear a lot of vest and short sleeves because it is still warming up in the afternoon, but I love wearing my jackets! My favorite is your leather jacket!

    • Thank you. It has been quite mild here too! Though it could change suddenly – I’m not a lover of freezing cold weather.x

  4. Many autumn items are good, I like that striped top~
    But winter is coming soon here, and it’s snowing today. I’m really afraid of the cold, so I prefer sunny days in autumn~
    cloisonne hiking packs

    • The temperatures have been quite mild here so far, so there’s been no need for heavy duty outerwear. I’m the same, not a lover of the freezing cold. Enjoy your weekend and thank you for popping by. x

  5. /

    That red coat is stunning on you! And a good leather jacket is priceless right!

    • Thank you, Nancy. The red coat was such a bargain, an item not to be worn a lot, but definitely a staple.x

  6. /

    Some great outfits, you’ve certainly found trousers that suit you well! Thanks for linking

    • I know what you mean. I love the colours and textures this time of year brings, so beautiful. x

    • Thank you, Emma. I was lucky with this coat, for the price, and it being my shade of red. x

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