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The build-up to Christmas is usually the best time. A time to prepare and enjoy making our homes all festive. But, I must be honest and try not to sound like a Grinch when I say, “it seems more of a job, as the years pass by”. 

We bumped into a few friends, the other day, who are going away for Christmas. They always book in January, giving them the full year to save and pay for their time away. They said that, now, with heating bills being so unbelievably expensive, it is cost-effective to go away on a break.  It did make us think.

This year, for the first time, my youngest son will not be spending Christmas at home with us. He has a new job in Hong Kong, which I am over the moon about. He is grasping an opportunity and flying with it.  But, it is “bitter sweet”!!  He won’t be around and I will miss him. So, in the new year, I will check flight prices to try and plan a trip to see him, budget allowing, of course. Unfortunately, I can’t just hop on a bus or train and be there in a few hours.   

Thank goodness for WhatsApp and FaceTime. We usually check in once a week for a catchup and/or exchange the odd text. If you have family living away, do you use this form of communication? It is comforting that his dad and I can contact him, anytime, on the other side of the world (time zone permitting) and it is free. It was so difficult, years ago, when loved ones were miles from home with no form of contact apart from a crackling telephone connection or a life update, by post.

From Christmas past! Decorations made by my children when they were at Infant and Primary school.

My festive decorations are traditional – there are no colour restrictions, like the perfect scenes we see on social media. Mine is a mix of old and new.  I still add the handmade decorations my children have made through the years. These bring back lovely memories of their various ages and stages. So, to get me in the Christmas mood, I have Part Two of some more “pared down” festive fashion ideas. If you feel the same as me and aren’t yet in the festive mood, then I hope my article does the same for you! Some of these items you may already have in your wardrobe. I hope you find Part Two useful.

Sometimes, it only takes a few little tweaks to everyday outfits.  For example, I have recently bought a pair of silver hoop earrings (above) which are such great quality and add a little bit of Christmas razzle-dazzle.  Another recent purchase is this beautiful diamante bow which I have been wearing pinned to my jumpers and coats, adding a subtle bit of sparkle, bought from Ebay for around £10.00.

Marks and Spencer Sequin Midaxi Slip Skirt £45.00 (Currently, out of stock, online – but, keep checking – as mine came back into stock)

As I mentioned in my last post, I am new to wearing anything remotely sparkly. I always thought this look was a bit naff, and avoided it. But, I have changed my mind, and I’m making up for lost time.

It troubles me that sequins are not biodegradable. The few carefully chosen pieces I have collected will be it, unless I buy “preloved” which I have done with the pink sequinned skirt I was wearing in my last post. 

I fell in love with this classic silver A-line skirt which I will wear all year round. But, especially at Christmas time. It looks great with jumpers, T-shirts, and blouses – so versatile.  It is light & comfortable and feels high quality, too. I am wearing it, here, with various jumpers and my old knee-length boots, which are so comfortable.

Black Lace Midi Dress (Monsoon Old, there are a few for sale on eBay – I will add the links below).

I bought this dress in the good old days (2012 – 2013) when there were shops to browse around on the high street – Monsoon being one of them. Oh, how I miss those days – trying clothes on saves so much time and effort.
I had my eye on this dress for quite a while. It was £75.00 so I waited for the sale. Then, there it was on the sale rail, and, upon further inspection, the stitching had come away from the zip. Nothing that a needle and thread couldn’t put right. I mentioned it to the sales assistant, and she reduced the dress by another £10.00 to £12.00. What a great find.

Gold Sequinned Pants – (River Island – bought in the summer sale for £15.00 two years ago)

These pants are only worth the £15.00 I paid for them. A bonus is they are lined and fun to wear. However, they are not as good a quality as the black sequinned pants I bought from Marks and Spencer. The sequins catch so I am careful not to end up with my legs tangled together! Not a good look! Again, as with all my outfits, I am wearing these pants in a non-dressy way, mixing the look up with my various jumpers.

What do you wear at Christmas time – are you in the Dressed-Up or the Dressed-Down Camp?  I’d love to hear from you in the comments below…

Thank you for visiting my blog this year and for all your wonderful comments – they really are the fuel for keeping my blog going and so very much appreciated. I am currently working on a few posts which will hopefully interest you – one of them is the process and products I have been using to blend my grey hair while toning the brass.  The other posts are my makeup and skincare favourites of the past year along with why I am once again taking HRT.  Have  yourselves a very Merry Christmas!



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  1. I love to add a bit of shimmer and shine to my holiday looks. That skirt is beautiful! I hope they are able to make some biodegradable sequins soon!

    • Thank you, Laura. The sparkle has certainly helped to get me in the festive mood, I couldn’t resist this silver sequinned skirt, which will be worn a lot. xx

    • Thank you, Jill. It’s taken me so long to wear anything remotely sparkly! I’m really enjoying wearing the various items I’ve collected, and great that we can now wear shimmer all of the year around. Thank you for popping by.xx

  2. Oh that is bittersweet sweet hun, but I do hope you can get away to see him. Enjoy the contact through what’sapp too. Lovely looks, I adore the sequins xx Jacqui

    • Thank you, Jacqui. We’ll be talking to him a few times over the Christmas period – he’s having a good time with a great working opportunity which makes it all worthwhile, though, I’ll really miss him. I’m going to check flights in the new year. Time is flying by too fast – have a lovely weekend. xx

  3. /

    I felt the same about sparkles but just starting to love them. But still not owning anything sequin! The black dress is amazing and looks fabulous on you!

    • Thank you, Nancy. The black dress was a great sale find and I still enjoy wearing it. Merry Christmas! x

  4. I kept oohing and aahing over your outfits in this post. I love the sequin skirt and pants and the lace sale is perfection! My ornaments nowadays are mostly from the kiddos but I also have some my mom gave me last year.

    • Thank you, Mireille. The lace dress was a great find, don’t think I’ll ever part with it as the occasions I’ve worn it to through the years bring back so many memories. Merry Christmas!x

  5. That sequin skirt is fabulous! I have always been firmly in the sequin camp, but then I go through periods when I just don’t want to wear them. I keep the clothing because I know I’ll wear it again some year. I used to be subscribed to your blog, but I haven’t gotten a notification in ages. I just happened to see this linked on Jacqui’s party. I’ll nose around to see what’s happening.

    • Thank you, Marsha. As I’m a newby to all things sparkle so I’m hoping to wear my new sequinned additions beyond the festive season. Apologies, I’ve been having problems with my newsletter, hopefully all will be restored soon. Happy New Year!
      Alison x

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