Three Ways I have Styled my Oversized White Shirt

The humble oversized white shirt is one of the most versatile items of clothing. It’s a “comfy-but-smart” piece that has that great pared-back approach. It is one of the most in-demand must-haves, this season, and is also worn, all year round. I have a few variations of  ‘the white shirt’ in my wardrobe. But, there’s always room for a brand-new crisp addition. It is the perfect canvas on which to build an outfit. Nothing could be more hardworking. I wear mine with jeans, trousers, over dresses in summer, tucked into skirts, thrown over the top of leather trousers, tied at the waist and worn over a black roll neck when it’s especially cold in the winter. It’s chic with capri pants or can be loosely fastened over a swimsuit on the beach. It’s a universal favourite

With sustainability in mind, we’re all making more considered decisions when making additions to our wardrobes. Each new choice has the possibility of being a hardworking item that will last – this is the ideal addition as it can be worn alongside well-loved pieces and styled in multiple ways. This oversized white shirt has always been a classic and, no matter what sort of budget or style you want, it is the ultimate staple in anyone’s wardrobe. It’s easy to wear for any occasion and perfect for a night out (now we can!!). An item to have in one’s arsenal. Whether the style is oversized, fitted, linen or poplin, there are endless ways this classic piece appeals and can be worn.

I didn’t have to think too long about how to style this versatile shirt which I bought from Zara recently(£19.99).

Here a few ways I’ve styled mine, hope you enjoy it:

With Jeans.

Nothing looks crisper and fresher as we head into summer (at last!) than a crisp white shirt, worn either tucked in, or loose with pale denim. The jeans I’m wearing in this post are lightly washed blue, medium waist with a cropped ankle style. I paid £9.99 for them (Mango Outlet) in September 2020, reduced from £35.99. What a bargain! The denim is so soft and, when I opened the package and saw the lovely shade of blue, I was hoping like mad they would fit me. Happily, they did (I’m not usually this fortunate with jeans). It can be such a pain finding a pair that fit. This is a “feel-good outfit” for me and I think you can see by the photographs how comfortable I am.

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With my Satin Slip Dress, 

This coffee-coloured dress is an old favourite. It’s a few years old. You may remember it from an earlier post…. Click here to see how I styled it, then.  I have seen a lot of satin dresses on offer, this season, and as lovely as satin is as a fabric, it can be a little unforgiving to wear. Plus, I must confess to not being a fan of anything clingy around the tummy area. That said, I was tempted by this dress because of the gathered, ruching effect around the waist, which I find to be flattering. I went up a size, too, which I thought looked much better. I also wear my old comfy Brigitte Jones pants with this dress, which seem to do the trick of not showing any lines, while pulling my tummy in, slightly, and not cutting off my oxygen supply.

My white shirt has become the versatile “throw on” over this dress, giving it a much more relaxed vibe. I am wearing it here either unbuttoned or loosely tied at the waist, which has a great flattering effect.

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With my Summer Pants

I bought these wide-leg summer trousers, a few years ago – they are from H&M (their Conscious range). Click here to see how I have styled them in an earlier blog post.  I find the high waist and wide leg style flattering and oh so comfortable. This style goes with literally everything – hence, they are a perfect match for this white shirt – creating a cool, relaxed style, especially great if the weather is hot.  Underneath the shirt, I’m wearing a smocked tube top (I have included the details below). This enabled me to wear the shirt either open or tied at the waist.

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Thank you for your time and I hope you have enjoyed reading this post!

All products are my own. This post may contain some affiliate links, if you click through to the product there is no cost to you.

Please leave a message in the comments if you have any questions.

Take care.

Alison xx

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  1. Barbara

    Hey Alison,

    I am glad you wrote a new post so I can thank you for the detailed info you provided in your comment. I am very interested in photography indeed! I love your stylings in this post.

    • Thank you so much, Barbara. I really appreciate your comment as I have been experiencing technical problems
      with my blog this week and have lost a lot of my work, so I’m methodically going through everything trying to
      reinstate my posts. So pleased you found this one helpful, the white shirt is such a wardrobe staple. In the
      future months I should share my novice journey into photography, as you’re not the first to be interested in
      how I started a few years ago and what I use. I try to practice on my two boys but they become all
      self-conscious and tell me to stop! Haha. have a great week! x

  2. Oversize shirts are my favorite type of shirts….I don’t really like the slim fit cut…I like your style and you have a absolutely beautiful hair!!!!

    Have a nice day!


    • I love oversized shirts too, they’re so easy to wear and a great addition to the wardrobe, whatever the season. xx

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