Travelling In These Strange Times. Plus, Some Feel Good Fashion.

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We managed to sneak away for my birthday celebration. Hence, this late post. Our original getaway to Turkey was withdrawn the week before travelling due to it being removed from the UK’s travel corridor. So, we accepted a holiday wasn’t going to happen. Instead, we decided to throw ourselves into updating and decorating our home – which is in dire need of it!

Then, the travel company offered us an alternative holiday which we couldn’t refuse. The offer was to travel to Cyprus which is an island situated in the Eastern Mediterranean, southeast of Greece.

We arrived with our mandatory negative COVID test and mask in hand, wondering if we had done the right thing. However, our fears were allayed as there are stringent rules in Cyprus, such as a 300 euro fine if you are seen not wearing your mask in a public place. This kinda makes you feel safer. I must add that travelling during this time was not without drama. I will write a post on what our experience was like in these surreal times, soon. Plus, I will review the hotel where we stayed.

Lately, I’ve been reconnecting with my autumn/winter wardrobe, blending my cosier warmer fabrics with some autumnal shimmer to add a touch of glamour. The simplest of items can transition from summer to autumn/winter. I love the autumnal colours at this time of year – they blend perfectly with my much-loved neutrals. I also enjoy getting my favourite snazzy coats and woollens out of storage. The way things are now, it is time to slow everything down and look at what we already have – and, only adding key well thought out pieces.

As well as tweeds and beautiful knits, satin continues with its place as a fashion trend for this autumn/winter season. I love mixing softer, more delicate fabrics like satin and silk with the heavier rich textiles that we see at this time of year. I have always found satin to be an appealing retro fabric. It’s the perfect vintage look which always manages to make an appearance on the fashion runways.

Shop the post:

Here are a few outfits I’m taking from summer to autumn, dressing them up and down. This satin dress can be an “occasions” item, either worn with heels and snazzy accessories or wedges in the warmer weather. Taking it into autumn/winter, I have added leather boots and a woollen cardigan.

I am a lover of fuss-free dressing with comfort being the highest priority. Wearing a shimmery satin dress or skirt can be a little unforgiving around the tummy area. With this dress and skirt, I have worn a pair of “Firm Control High Rise Traditional Knickers” from Marks and Spencer’s which are very comfortable and hide a multitude of sins.

These Bridgett Jones pants did the job, smoothing out my lumps and bumps. They are honestly super comfortable – otherwise, I simply couldn’t wear them. I did buy two sizes to try, making sure they fit me correctly.

Current Sale Items:

Please note that the above are affiliate links – if you like the look of one of the items and click through to the website, there is no extra cost to you.

Thank you for reading my post. I hope you have enjoyed it.

If you have any questions, please let me know in the comments below. All products are my own.

Best wishes and thank you for stopping by.

Alison x


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    Love how you styled this pretty dress. Hope you are still celebrating. . . .

    • Oh, many thanks to you Neti. It’s my other half birthday next week so the celebration will switch to him. xx

    • Mireille many thanks to you. Satin can be tricky to wear, hence my trusty shape-wear which I have to say is so comfortable or I really couldn’t consider it. xx

  2. /

    I’m glad you had your holiday abroad and look forward to hearing more. I love how you mix satin with other textures and you do it so well, it looks so stylish.

    • Thank you so much, Gail. The journey wasn’t without the stress factor, but all worth it in the end, and
      now, of course, we are about to go into lockdown once more so I’m pleased we managed to make it happen. xx

  3. /

    This is such a pretty, silky dress! And I’m glad you still got to go on a trip – Cyprus sounds amazing, and it would definitely make me feel more comfortable if people are fined for not wearing a mask. I look forward to hearing some of the other experiences!

    Miles of smiles,

    • Hi Grace. I’ve just posted a very honest account of travelling in these strange times. It was indeed lovely once we were
      there but the journey was a little stressful. Thank you so much! xx

    • Thank you so much. they are very versatile items to take into autumn, winter. xx

  4. /

    I love the satin and wool. Perfect way to wear a dress and make it into a skirt.

    • Many thanks to you nancy. I love these two fabrics together, especially at this time of year. xx

  5. /

    Sorry you couldn’t go on your planned trip but I hope you had fun with your last minute getaway. So many cute styling options but I like it best with the black sweater and chunky boots.

    • Many thanks to you Joanne. We did manage to have a lovely trip, eventually. These items are so versatile to mix and match
      with seasonal favourites. xx

  6. Alison, I am so loving this beautiful satin slip dress. And the ways you have layered it to create a variety of different looks are all so great! I am so glad that you got to get away even though your original plans fell through. I look forward to reading more about your Cypress trip! Thanks for linking with me.


    • Thank you so much, Shelbee. the holiday is a distant dream already, plus we are about to go back into lockdown very
      soon, so, comfortable attire will be the order of the day until things improve, hopefully soon! xx

  7. HI Allison!
    I am the same, comfort comes first! I love this outfit, and the silky slip dress is gorgeous on you! I love it with boots and a comfy sweater, I think it is so stylish. It is such a pretty color.
    I am also shopping a bit less and working with my closet this year.
    thanks for linking!
    jess xx

    • Thank you so much, Jess. I’m trying to work my closet. We are going into Lockdown again next week –
      so comfies will probably be the way forward for a little while.
      Take care. xx

  8. /

    It must have been lovely to get away and get some good weather Alison. I was supposed to go to Portugal. I hope I get to go next year. Your dress looks gorgeous on btw xx

    • It was lovely Laurie, seems like a distant dream already. I really hope you get to go to Portugal next year!
      many thanks to you. xx

  9. I love how you’ve styled the satin dress for autumn! I find satin skirts and dresses difficult to wear because of the clinginess – I need to get some of those M&S pants! I’m glad you managed to get away, even if it wasn’t your destination of choice. We had our Easter holiday to Cyprus cancelled, as well as a week in Madeira in May. We just gave up and saved the money for a holiday next year instead. I find airports stressful at the best of times so wasn’t keen on risking it this year. Fingers crossed for something more like normal next year! Thanks for linking up!

    Emma xxx

    • I agree Emma- thank goodness for big pants – they have to be comfortable though.. The holiday was so lovely, but the before (Covid test) and journey were a little stressful. Let’s all hope things start to improve, so we’re all able to travel freely next year. Here’s hoping. xx

  10. /

    So pretty in silk.I love that you added the leopard bag. Perfect pop!

    • Thank you so much Sherry. This dress was such a good purchase – it transitions
      well into the cooler months. Enjoy the rest of your week. x

  11. Wow, some great picks. What a good selection. Love the dress too. Jacqui
    Thanks for stopping by the #linkup

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