Jeans – Finding My Perfect Pair.

Over the Last Week or So….

I’m pretty low maintenance where my hair is concerned and haven’t seen my hairdresser since October ’19. I was just about to book for my usual highlights and trim when we suddenly entered “lockdown”. So, for the past few months, I have trimmed it myself with a quick root touch up. Here’s my blog post “Root touch-ups at Home” if you want to give it a try yourself

Last week, I was able to get an appointment. It was great being in the safe hands of an expert doing her stuff – I did feel slightly pampered even though I had to wear a mask for around three hours. I know we have to do it but I’m not a fan. Hence, it made the experience not as relaxing as usual. The usual cup of tea with a lovely Lindt chocy was missing and everyone looked as if they were being careful to follow the rules. Anna, my hairdresser, had been working flat out and seemed a little frazzled which is understandable, of course.

The subject of holidays has been talked about a lot in my family – but the latest news is, there may is a rise in infections in Europe. The rules are changing, daily – so we have put our holiday aspirations on hold, indefinitely.

Finding my perfect pair of Jeans

Like most of you, over the past months, I have relegated my normal day to day clothing to the back of the wardrobe – instead, opting for ‘cosier’ choices – leggings, trackies, or pyjama bottoms, comfort being key.

With the recent slight lifting of the restrictions, there’s been the chance to put on my glad rags and venture out, again – for the moment, anyway.

There’s nothing more hardworking in my wardrobe than a truly great pair of jeans. As a denim lover, there’s so much choice from skinnies to straight cut, flares to a cool boyfriend style, there’s a design and silhouette to suit everyone – but finding the perfect pair isn’t always easy.

Mint Velvet, Raw Hem Jeans, worn with a French Connection top

I’d stumbled across a great pair of dark blue jeans at the end of January from Mint Velvet (see above).  I loved the style and found them to be so comfortable.  When I saw a similar style on offer (in off white) a month or so later,  I snatched them up, never thinking that I wouldn’t get the chance to wear them for at least three months. They were a great bargain reduced from £79.00 to £29.00.

There is such a multitude of styles, shapes and colours on offer it can become discombobulating choosing a pair.  I thought I would share with you what I look for when searching for the perfect pair and some tips I’ve picked up along the way.

The style I tend to go for is straight-legged, with lovely soft denim – not stiff as cardboard!  I do love a little bit stretch in the material,  this all contributes to the comfort.

Flares, bootcut or straight leg styles can give the illusion of longer legs and slimmer thighs.  I have a few pairs of flares as they are super flattering.  Darker toned jeans are more slimming, too.

White jeans are one of the most versatile staples, and if you find the right pair, you will wear them a lot. I always wear nude underwear, for obvious reasons. White denim can be scary territory for some, and it needn’t be! It goes into that uncertain area of finding the right pair – and, should you be wearing them past a certain age? Age defiance to me is dressing in what makes me happy. If I’m wearing something which suits my shape and size, this, in turn, makes me feel more confident which can instantly take years off.

I found going for the high-waisted style gave me great tummy support, which liked (I decided to give the skinny’s a miss). They are straight-legged, slightly cropped with a slight kick flare which is, chic, stylish and flattering. They have a frayed hem which I have helped along myself, a little. They sit just above the ankle, which is flattering. I love how white jeans are a transitional item, looking great in the winter time with a camel coat or a chunky knit in the colder months.

The above are mid-rise straight-leg jeans which I bought last year from Zara.

I have kept things minimal throughout the various ways I have styled them in this post, with a cream summer jacket and an assortment of flattering summer shirts and blouses, finishing off the look with my favourite summer sandals.

Current Sale Offers:

Please note that the above are affiliate links – if you like the look of one of the items and click through to the website, there is no extra cost to you.

Thank you for reading my post. I hope you have enjoyed it and found it helpful. If you have any questions, please let me know in the comments below. All products are my own.

Best wishes and thank you for stopping by.

Alison x


  1. Those are fantastic jeans on you! Very flattering and I love the unfinished edges!

    • Thank you so much laura. They are so comfortable and I know I’ll wear them a lot. Have a lovely weekend.
      Alison xx

  2. /

    I have a appointment with my hairdresser in one hour. It’s always such pleasure to be there. This is the second time for me since Corona. Yesterday our rules were restricted again, mostly for students and young people.

    • Hope you had a lovely, relaxed time at the hairdresser’s Nancy! Indeed, the rules are changing daily – all we can do is go with it and hopefully things will begin to improve soon. xx

  3. /

    I love raw edges on jeans. You did well to buy a great pair in 2 colours. Thanks for joining #WowOnWednesday

    • They really are so comfortable, hence, when they were in the sale in white I couldn’t resist. x

  4. They are perfect too, love the frayed hems. Thank you for sharing on#chicandstylish Jacqui

    • Thank you so much Jacqui – I was a little nervous helping the frayed hem along, but all was well.xx

  5. I would like to get a pair of jeans one day. (I don’t own even one pair !) But that would involve a lot of trying on, and I’m in hyper lockdown as a caregiver… Meanwhile it’s a vicarious thrill to see you enjoying your perfect jeans. ❤️

    • I’ve only recently returned to wearing jeans. We aren’t allowed to try clothes on. So, to me there doesn’t seem much point going out to shop – much easier buying online. Thank you Suzana, have a lovely week. xx

  6. HI Allison!
    First, your hair looks beautiful! You know I love long hair and it must have felt good to get it done. I got mine colored and trimmed last week. I know what you mean about wearing a mask at the salon. All your jean choices look great on you. I have a few pairs of white denim and do like dark wash jeans. I am with you on the stretch for comfort. Love the 1st and 2nd top with the halter design. I just bought a new pair of camo jeans for Fall, its too hot here in NC to wear jeans now.. unless you are in air. ( its 90+)
    thanks for linking!
    jess xx

    • Thank you Jess. It really did feel good getting my hair done at long last – I love long hair too, it’s “me” I suppose. Yours is so beautiful, I love the colour. xx

  7. /

    I have been here before and not commented. But,since I love denim I had to comment on how Great your jeans fit. I seem to get caught up in the sizing of jeans and find it hard to get a white pair. Kudos to you for finding ones you love and wear. Enjoy August. . .

    • Thank you for stopping by Neti. It did take me a while to find the right pair but I got there in the end. The whole sizing business can be so tricky, as it varies from brand to brand – some are generous in their sizes and some not. Enjoy the rest of your week. x

  8. Your hair looks absolutely stunning! Those white jeans look fantastic on you!

    • Thank you so much Laura. I do love this style, so much, I bought them in the dark blue too.

    • I know what you mean. Already we’re seeing signs of Autumn – which is my favourite time of year. xx

  9. /

    I like all kinds of jeans. Bootcut being my forever favourite. Length is always a problem for me. Styled beautifully Alison xx

    • It always takes me a while to find the right pair – that’s why I bought these in the dark blue as well. The denim is super soft and so comfortable. Many thanks to you Laurie. xx

  10. I am a bit of a denim addict and have way more jeans than any woman should own. But I feel like every day a different pair is the perfect pair depending on my mood. I love all your jean stylings! I finally got a hair appointment myself after 13 months. And it was definitely less comfortable wearing the mask. Ugh. Hopefully by the time my next annual visit to the hair stylist comes around we won’t have to wear a mask. Thanks for linking up!


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