Age, Sustainability and Shopping my Wardrobe

I’m edging towards a significant birthday (60 at the end of the year). I will be in great company since Julianne Moore, Tilda Swinton, and… Bono and Hugh Grant will also reach this milestone.

I’ve been doing my blog for a little over a year and have also taken my first steps into social media. I know that I don’t post on my blog as frequently as I’d like to, but work and other life commitments prevent me from spending more time in this my happy place.

Since starting my blog, I have met some great, interesting people, (here, Instagram, and in real life). They have inspired me with their positive energy, kindness and great style. I certainly don’t want to be invisible as I age and from what I can gather, neither do the women I meet. I’m in the camp of trying to increase the visibility of older women.

In this post, I want to talk about looking ahead to the new Spring season (fashion-wise) which is approaching fast.

I have been trying to resist purchasing clothes, lately, despite the temptation of the new stock arriving on the high street. Although, I did buy a few much-needed swimming costumes for my recent holiday to Thailand. I’m busy writing a blog post of my holiday experience so, watch this space. Even then, they were carefully chosen. I was so lucky to get the swimwear in the sale at less than half price. The costumes are such great quality and I wore them a lot, while away.

For the last couple of months, instead of buying new stuff, I have been fighting the temptation by looking into my wardrobe and finding new inspiration from some of the things I already have and still get a kick out of wearing. If I do buy anything in the months ahead, I’m determined to make smarter choices, focussing on classic, reliable items which will last and serve me well. I think we all love the buzz and excitement of buying something new – I would be insincere if I said I didn’t, so a slight change in mindset is needed.

In this post, I’m wearing old favourites from my wardrobe, mixing versatility with sustainability. The two blouses I’m showing you are style staples – clothes I come back to, again and again – which are firm favourites. Both are over five years old that I still enjoy wearing. They are items I can rely on for a winning wardrobe combination – they are not only comfortable and easy to wear but can be styled in lots of ways – casual, as well as “glammed up” for an evening out. They are part of a few clothes I have which I can grab if I’m in a mad rush to get out of the door. They are great transitional pieces too, season to season.

I thought I would share with you the different ways I have been styling them. So, if you have any similar tops, it may give you some ideas.

The first is rather ‘boho’. I picked this lovely quality top up in the Monsoon sale, a few years ago. The material is a floaty, wafty, fabric – very much a “pull on and go” blouse. The colours are autumnal hues which work well with both neutral and dark colours – these colours are in my colour comfort zone.

The second top is from French connection and is my “wild card”. It can make the plainest outfit seem a little more interesting. I feel like I’m turning up the volume when wearing this, due to the snazzy, bold splashes of colour and the deep v neckline. Here in the pics, I’m wearing it with faux leather pants straight leg jeans, as well as my slightly flared black jeans (which are very comfortable) – and, due to the shape, very flattering.

Thank you for reading my post. I hope you enjoyed it. If you have any questions, please let me know in the comments.



This is not a sponsored post. All items are my own. Thank you


  1. I have been imposing some no shopping for clothes months for myself this year and am making sure to make a list of what I want to purchase to reduce impulse buys. I actually has been a lot of fun shopping my closet. I love these two blouse of yours. I have been surprised at how some of my favorite pieces are years old. It helps me learn what to buy and not buy!

    • I totally agree with you Mireille. I’ve definitely scaled down my impulse buying. A lot of the time deciding I don’t need the
      Item at all. The odd carefully thought out garment is then so cherished.
      Alison xx

  2. Karen

    Wow, Alison cannot believe it’ll be your 60th Birthday this year, you are doing something right as you definitely don’t look your age.
    Great post ….. inspiring me to try my best to follow suit. Like you I enjoy shopping but know that its not good for the planet or my purse. I am aiming to still make purchases but make wiser ones. I am going to set aside a day to seriously go through my wardrobe and try to put some outfits together, quite often we can’t see the wood for the tree’s.
    Thanks again for a great read xx

    • Karen, that’s so sweet of you. I’m trying my best to change old habits. I was shopping a few days ago and saw a fabulous 70’s inspired dress. To make matters worse it had a 60% reduction – haven’t succumbed yet😩xx

  3. /

    I’m really trying to get more inspiration out of my wardrobe too! It’s been a lot more fun than I thought it would be xo

    Makeup Muddle

    • Gemma, I agree with you. I need a good sort out so I can see whats what. I always come across old favourites that I haven’t worn for a long time. Mind you some things have seen better days.
      Alison xx

    • Thank you Michelle, that’s very kind of you . They’re lasting well (no bobbles) I still enjoy wearing them.xx

  4. /

    I think a lot of us are doing the same, Alison. I have a similar blog post I just hit the publish button on! I’m sending it out in the morning. I’ve really curbed my impulse buys since the beginning of the year. The times I have made impulse buys, I ended up returning the items. I feel like I’m retraining myself, and it feels so good to have more control over what I allow into my closet.

    Those autumnal colors and florals really are beautiful, and you wear them so well. Enjoyed this!

    xx, Lisa

    • I’ll be popping over for a read Lisa. It’s definitely a habit to be broken – or altered. A mindset change if you
      like. I love looking at the new season’s collections. So, not buying at all is probably unrealistic. Smarter choices
      will be better.
      Alison xx

  5. /

    Well the perfect way to put your blog in the spotlight,is to join my Fancy Friday linkup party of course! Lol! Wished I would look that good at almost 60!

    • Of course Nancy! Consider it done. Can I just say how fabulous you look. I love your style!
      Alison xx

  6. I have been trying to shop my closet and focus on second hand purchases when I get the urge to add something new to my wardrobe. I am not perfect and have succumbed to buying some new things, but I must forgive myself for my weakness. That being said, I love these outfits you have styled. The red floral top is so pretty and gives me all the boho festival vibes that I love now that warmer weather is coming. And what a wonderful milestone to be celebrating 60 years of life this year! Go out and conquer the world with your best self, my friend!


    • I too have that weakness. I also think we shouldn’t be too hard on ourselves when we make the odd addition to our wardrobe. Every
      season calls for a refresh of our wardrobe, and that extra something which can enhance it. I do want to shop smarter though. Thank you Shelbee.
      Alison xx

  7. The tops are so pretty! Like you, I am focusing on sustainability. It’s a different mindset, but important, I think.

    Thanks for linking up to Creative Compulsions!

    • Thank you Michelle. I agree it is difficult to change my mindset to not buying new clothes. My future decisions
      will definitely be well thought out for sure.
      Alison x

  8. /

    Both are so pretty! and wow I can’t believe you’re going to be 60! no way! you don’t look more then 40

  9. /

    Love your Boho style Alison. And your furry photobomber! What a pose! xx

    • Thank you, Laurie. Yes I do like boho. There’s a lot of 70’s style coming through for Spring/Summer. Jarvis is such
      a natural. xx

  10. A beautiful floral blouse will take you far! I love these two tops of yours!

    • Thank you so much Laura. They have lasted me well and are still firm favourites.
      Alison xx

  11. I would never guess that you are going to celebrate your 60th birthday this year! You created lovely looks, and you proofed that we should do more shopping in our closets because there are gems hidden to be rediscovered and recreated. Thank you for sharing this look with My Red Carpet.


    • Thank you so much. I must admit I don’t feel 60! I am changing my mindset regarding the clothes I have already
      and the smarter choices when adding to my wardrobe. Well thought out pieces instead of random shopping is
      definitely the way forward. xx

  12. Hi Allison
    I am tempted to buy some Spring items but am waiting just a bit until next month as I am hoping for Spring like weather. It ha been nothing but rain and grey since January here. Very few sunny days!!
    I love the red floral top, so pretty on you! The flowy style is perfect and the grey overcoat looks wonderful with it too. I am in need of some pretty Spring tops.. the main things on my list.
    Have a great day!
    thanks for linking!
    jess xx

    • Thank you Jess. I too am waiting until the warmer weather makes an appearance and these uncertain times are behind us.
      Take care
      Alison xx

  13. I love all the different ways you have styled these pieces of clothing. We have started a hashtag over on Instagram which encourages ‘shopping your wardrobe’ and we would love for you to join us. Its #wardrobefindswednesday and as the name suggests, we post pictures of clothes from our wardrobes on Wednesdays! You can find me @wander_and_luxe – hope to see you there xx #AnythingGoes

  14. /

    Oh wow!! I would never have guessed you’re going to be 60!! I adore all of these outfits so much. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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