My thoughts, lately – Plus, a Review of Lumity Day and Night Anti-Ageing Supplements.

When I started writing this post, the Coronavirus (COVID-19) was in its early stages and we had no idea the way it would take over our lives as it has done.

I have hummed and ha’ed about posting today. I thought it’s frivolous to talk about beauty and fashion, amongst other things, at a time like this. But, at the same time, we have to go on with our lives trying to maintain as much normality as we can. So, if you want a break from the news and wish to “time out” for a few minutes, then please read on……. And, “keep safe, everyone”. xx

I was reading an article recently about the “Boomer Generation” (born between 1944 and 1964). I fit into this age category – but, I’ve never been keen on labels. In my youth, I dipped into Punk, Goth then New Romantics (think Duran Duran & ruffles) but, I was never fully committed to the cause. To this present day, I certainly don’t think of myself as a “Boomer”.

My children are referred to as “Millennials” (born 1981 – 1996). I asked my son what the term ‘Millennial’ means to him. He said two words “Social Media”. His generation was the first to experience it and from what I can gather, they have the most cynical view of it, too. Neither of my sons are keen on Social Media other than for talking to their pals on a one to one basis.

To me, the older demographic (the term I prefer) are trying our best to be visible while reinventing every decade we hit – compared to our predecessors.

We now have the choice to continue working beyond retirement age. This, of course, is all down to personal circumstances and needs. We are no longer made to retire at sixty. I remember a big presentation, one afternoon, years ago, at my place of work, for a lady who was retiring. She didn’t want to leave – but she had come to that age when she was told it was time to go! The following year, the policies changed (around April 2011). She then returned to work as a “temp” and was very happy with her new role. Thank goodness we now have more choices.

Another friend of mine tried to pursue her hobby of “floral art” when we were younger but, due to having children, family commitments and work, she was unable to realise it.

Later in life, she took it up again and her hobby has now developed into a thriving business – the satisfaction is immense.

I know that most of our age group must work – but I do think we are more empowered than ever before and we’re doing stuff differently to our mothers’ and grandmothers’ generations. The charismatic vibrancy I come across is immense, especially those who are proud to show off who they are. Diversity is beginning to happen, which is so exciting, and sends out such a powerful message.

We all have different perspectives on what fashion looks like and what ‘looks good’ as we age but I feel we are rebelling against the stereotype…..we are definitely becoming more body positive which is empowering. It fills me with admiration for women who are outspoken, helping to make us more visible.

On today’s blog, and in-keeping with staying fit and healthy, I’m sharing with you my opinion on some beauty products that I have been using.

Lumity Day & Night Anti-Ageing Nutritional Supplements

I had noticed the Lumity adverts for a little while and was curious about their products. So, when they contacted me to ask if I wanted to try their supplements (one month’s supply), I was very happy to give them a go.

The supplements are a soft gel, two-step formula. Dosage is three in the morning, then three in the evening.

This is what Lumity say:

“ Lumity Morning & Night Female is a comprehensive supplement for women, clinically proven to support healthy ageing and deliver multiple benefits with targeted 24/7 nutrient-rich support. Backed by a community; stronger bones, muscles and teeth; plus, enhanced quality of life.  Our unique twice-daily delivery system consists of two different teams of the highest quality nutrients. These work in tandem with the circadian rhythm at a cellular level to support the body’s different needs throughout the day and night. Contains a scientifically calibrated blend of amino acids, vitamins, minerals, quality omegas and essential nutrients. Get better as you age. ”nical trial, Lumity’s formula improves; skin, hair & nails; tiredness, focus, brain health & energy;

My Personal Experience:

Following a month of taking Lumity, my skin has a freshness. My hubby even remarked, saying that I looked well (I think he meant well rested and not my usual pasty “Winter worn” self!).

I didn’t see any notable difference with my hair, but I did sleep very well while taking them – slightly better than usual. I do think I would have to go on taking them for a longer period of time to see more notable differences. Plus, I have since read that, to see the full benefits, you should be taking the supplements for at least twelve weeks. So, I think I was just beginning to reap the rewards when the month’s course came to an end. I do feel my energy levels were improving.

The morning and night supplements contain Vitamin C and E, Selenium and Zinc – link to ingrediants.

If you would like to try Lumity for yourself, you can find all the details by following the link below:

Morning & Night Female Supplement – One Month Supply

Morning & Night Female Supplement – Three Month Supply


Please note this post may contain affiliate links – if you click through to the website, there is no extra cost to you.

Thank you for reading my post. I hope you enjoyed it. If you have any questions, please let me know in the comments.




  1. JJ

    Such a lovely dress and I love how you created a different look with jackets! So creative 🙂

  2. I am enjoying reading regular blog posts. Helps make life normal. I will be shopping less for a while but will keep on the lookout for good deals on things that have been on my list. Right now, I added a couple things to my closet, a pair of sandals, a tee and enjoying creating a few new outfits.

    • I am too Mireille. We have to keep our lives as normal as possible if we can.
      Stay safe.
      Alison xx

  3. /

    Well better sleep and more energy is already great isn’t it. I think we, bloggers, need to post our usual posts. We don t want to read and hear all day long about Corona. Stay safe!

    • So true Nancy – watching too much News can send us doolaly. Stay safe too Nancy.
      Alison xx

  4. I took these for a month and I found I slept better too with them! I’m curious what the longer term benefits would be but I didn’t want to spend that much per month for them.

    • Hi Laura,
      I definitely slept better too – I would say a more restful sleep. There was definitely a glow as well. I would love to take them indefinitely but can’t at the moment – maybe in the future.
      Take care and keep safe.
      Alison xx

  5. /

    That’s a beautiful dress on you and I love the colours! 🙂 The supplements sound interesting! I take a general multi vitamin when I remember but I really should do it more regularly, especially now! With the big financial crisis a few years ago I saw lots of people re-entering the workforce after retirement – I think the experience is so valuable, it’s great your colleague could come back! 🙂

    Hope that your week is going well 🙂 I’m continuing to work from home this week, and yes trying to keep up with blogging and my normal routine as much as I can!

    • Hi Mica,
      Thank you so much. The supplements did seem to help me sleep more restfully and my skin improved. I may consider joining up to take them in the future . Financially I
      Couldn’t warrant it at the moment as I work on a temporary basis and of course this has
      been cancelled for the foreseeable future.
      Take care of you and yours. xx

  6. People like to label the generations for reasons I don’t quite understand. No generation is homogeneous. Technically, I’m a boomer (born in 1963). But while in America, boomers are blamed for the current state of events. Yet, I am far more liberal than most people I know, except for my husband who is 8 yrs older. Ah well, it makes some feel better to have someone to blame.

    Beautiful dress, Alison! Personally, I think we need other things to think about rather than the virus. I’m glad you posted.


    • I dislike being labelled too. As all of our situations are different. I was in two minds whether
      to post or not, but decided we need to try and keep things as normal as we can to survive this
      situation we’ve all found ourselves in.
      Take care xx

  7. Alison, I am loving your floral dress and all the ways you have styled it. And your message is totally on point, too. We midlifers can still do whatever makes us happy and productive for we are just as relevant as anyone else! I just finished my 30 day supply of Lumity and I had the same results as you. I need to get writing my post about it now!


    • Thank you Shelbee. I definitely did feel and see a difference with Lumity.
      Take care Alison xx

  8. I have some Lumity products and really like them – I couldn’t have the supplements because they’re not vegan, but they assured me that they’re workng on that and kindly sent me some sknincare to try as an alternative. I’m agreement with you, I still want to read blogs and see nice outfits…we need all the cheering up we can get right now! I am conscious of not encouraging people to buy fast fashion though because some of the big companies that are still trading online have been criticised for not protecting their employees. I love shopping but now’s not the time…I have more than enough clothes! I love your floral print maxi dress – both jackets look great with it. Thanks for linking up!

    Emma xxx

    • Thank you Emma. I did find their supplements great but would have seen more substantial
      results if I’d used for longer.
      This situation our world is in is changing daily, so if I do post I feel more comfortable
      giving helpful information that may be beneficial to someone.
      Take care to you and your family.
      Alison xx

    • I did see a difference – though I needed longer to see the full benefits. Thank you for the compliment, that’s
      very kind of you – I do love this Laura Ashley dress . I bought it back in November with a 30% discount so
      was a great buy and I’ll wear it a lot.
      Alison xx

  9. /

    I have the Lumity cleanser and oil and I like that. Keep the posts coming! We will all get bored if we can’t visit each other! xx

    • I’d love to try their other products as I’ve heard they’re very good. I know what you mean – the
      situation is so strange at the moment.
      Take care xx

  10. This dress looks great with the blazer as well as with the leather jacket. Most dresses don’t work well with a blazer. But this does. Great find and styling. Love both looks. Thanks for joining the Top of the World Style linkup party

    • Thank you Nicole. I managed to buy this blazer in the sale last year. I know I’ll wear it a lot. xx

  11. Better sleep and more energy is everything for me. Everything else will follow if you will be able to rest properly. I’m glad that these products worked well for you. Thank you for sharing this post with My Red Carpet.


    • I found them great – but really needed to be taking them for a longer period of time, to see a difference. Sleep is so important
      to me too! I’m not very good with little sleep. xx

  12. Hi thanks for joining Muttonstyle Monday. I trird Lumity too but they are expensive. I was gifted them and said in my post that i would definitely use thr 7 day packs for travel. Im using the oil currently and have the cleanser for travel too.

    • I did see a difference in my skin, plus, I seemed to be having a more restful sleep – but like you I couldn’t warrant the
      extra expense at the moment. Maybe in the future.xx

  13. Great dress, love it! Thanks for sharing on #chicandstylish Jacqui x

  14. Such a pretty pattern on you!! I would love to try Lumity. I’ve looked at it several times. Hope you’re having a great week!

    • Thank you. Yes, I definitely experienced a difference. I only had one months supply – so would love to try it for longer in the future. xx

  15. Lovely dress Allison! I have been wearing casual dresses here and there in addition to my phs and think I am Gen X? ( I dont really pay attention to labels either) Interesting to read what your kids think about social media. I am not thrilled with it, ecvept to promote my blog.
    It was interesting to read about Lumity, sounds like a neat product.
    I hope you are well.
    take care, and thanks for linking!
    jess xx

    • My only social media platforms are Instagram and Pinterest. I much prefer Pinterest. I liken it to when I would play shops as a little girl and buy whatever you like – so cool. I did like Lumity, and may use it again in the future – though, at the moment I couldn’t warrant the
      expense. xx

  16. I enjoyed reading this, honestly the part about being made to stop working at 60 really struck me and I am so glad that is not the case any longer! At 52 I feel like I’m just getting started! Thanks for linking up with the Style Six!

    • Thank you Melody. I found them to be very good and may try again in the future.xx

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