The Beauty Products And Routines I Use, From Head To Toe

Like most of us during “lockdown”, I have probably let my grooming procedures slip. There didn’t seem any point getting the tweezers, waxing strips and fake tan out when I was only going as far as my daily stomp around our local park, especially in the bleak winter months. Now, of course, with the possibility of being able to go out amongst actual people (be it at a distance), the grooming pressure is upon us, once more.

I still haven’t made an appointment with the hairdressers, though I do appreciate their expertise, and know the power of an expert cut and colour. The last time we came out of lockdown, I found my hairdresser to be a tad stressed with the sudden gush of people/business. So, I’m waiting until the stampede has slowed, slightly. Plus, it wasn’t much fun sitting, there, in a mask for three hours. I have trimmed and coloured my hair in the interim……click here to read how I did it myself.

I usually go to the hairdressers no more than three times a year – so I’m D.I.Y at the moment.

In today’s post, I’m sharing with you some old and new products/procedures to come out of lockdown.

Eyebrows and Lashes

Due to the help of NYK1 Lash force eyelash serum, I have got some lashes and eyebrows, to speak of (check here). I colour both my eyebrows and lashes, myself, every five to six weeks.

NYK1 Lash force eyelash serum – currently is currently reduced from £69.95 to £44.95 plus, If you want to give this a try there’s a further 10% off at the checkout using the code ALISON

The dye I use is from an online company called, “Ellisons”. I have been using this brand for over five years.

I tried quite a few eyebrow dyes before I found this one. I kept having an allergic reaction to the solutions used so I have had to be careful what I use.

I found this brand while getting my eyebrows and lashes dyed in House of Fraser (when they used to do beauty). The beautician did an allergy test, first. And, I remember having to wait a few days. All was fine – I loved the colour, too, so when the beautician was finished, I asked for the brand name. I sent away for some and I have been doing them myself, ever since, which is a huge saving. I pluck them myself, too. I think the few I have, I guard carefully, and I have this fear of someone plucking them all out.

Waxing strips

When I was younger, I would always go to the beauticians to get my waxing done.

I did try the at-home waxing kit, once, and found it messy and, um-er, borderline dangerous. Fast forward to now and the waxing kits on offer today seem to have improved, tenfold. Nowadays, I do my lower leg, underarm and bikini line myself, which I have done for a good while using various waxing strips.

Without ..erm.. going into too much detail, there doesn’t seem to be as much hair, these days, so waxing strips do the job. The ones I like now are Superdrug’s own make. And, I’m finding Primark wax strips to be good, too. They also do facial waxing strips, but I haven’t tried them.


I haven’t been satisfied with the colour I was using for my “at home” root touch up (too dark). Then, a few months ago, I heard that “Josh Wood Colour” was offering online consultations to find your perfect root touch up colour. On their website, you can choose between an instant consultation or a video call with one of their consultants. I chose instant consultation. They asked for a photograph of my roots and a full-length hair shot (outside) as the natural day light gave the true colour and shade of my hair.

They have advised me I am a shade 7. I have only used their hair colour, once, and it seems good – not as harsh as the colour I was using, before. Plus, the box and its contents are a lot more generous than my usual Clairol root touch up. Though, Josh Wood is a tad pricier.

The shade is softer and I am going to use it, going forward. So, if you are thinking of doing your roots, their expert advice is free.

Another hair care product that I have used for a good few years is “Amargan Hair Therapy“. I put a little on my wet hair and not only does it smell divine, but it keeps my hair in great condition.


In the autumn and winter months, our feet go into hiding underneath boots and wellingtons.  For the last year, or so, my feet have done a lot of walking – mostly in flat comfortable walking boots or trainers. It is so long since I’ve worn uncomfortable shoes – making my poor feet swollen and hot.

I much prefer a summer wedge, these days, for a little height. Our feet go through the ageing process, too. The sweat glands in our feet are less active, causing drier skin. So, the older we get, the more we need to pay attention to moisturising, regularly. Good home care is necessary, in a gentle way. Here are a few products I have been using to combat dry skin on my feet:

Plus, I sometimes soak my feet for ten minutes in a little warm water with apple cider vinegar. However, if your feet have open wounds, cuts, or you are diabetic, this is not suitable.

Exfoliating dry skin to get “summer ready”.

The best and most effective way to exfoliate the skin is in a “gentle way”. If done, correctly, it can work wonders for how my skin feels and looks. But, too much, and it can dry the skin barrier, making it look parched.

My rule of thumb is, if the granules, brushes or scrub hurt, then stop, as it’s probably causing damage – especially if you get that slightly raw, tingly feeling.

There are lots of brushes, gloves, stones, contraptions, and formulas on the market.

There are so many benefits to dry body brushing – great for softening your skin, avoiding ingrown hairs, helping to erase cellulite – and, helping to tone your body, too. And, it doesn’t cost a lot, since brushes can be picked up in your local health shop, relatively cheap. I must remind myself to do this, regularly – that is when you see the best results.

This a body mitt from Primark. I use it in the shower with my favourite body wash to slough away any dry skin. And, I always pay particular attention to notoriously dry areas, such as elbows and knees.  I’m then ready to self-tan.


I am a big fan of Lumity supplements and wrote a review of their “Female Morning and Night Female Supplements”, last March Read here. So, when Lumity contacted me looking for volunteers to try their new “Restful Nights” and “Power On Booster” supplements, I jumped at the chance. Here’s what I think of them:

Restful Nights Booster Supplement 28 vegan soft gel capsules £37.00

The Restful Night Booster Supplements are vegan-friendly – they have been created by a Cambridge University scientist, Dr Sara Palmer. For those of us in midlife who have trouble with our sleeping patterns, these are “just the job”. If you have read my post, “Menopause, HRT and Me”, you will know that I’m no longer taking HRT. So, I’m very much wanting any natural remedies that will help, because my sleep pattern has reverted to being “hitty-missy”, once more. Sometimes, I sleep through the night, other nights, it takes me ages to get to sleep. Then, I wake up every few hours.

I only took these supplements for one month and found them to be helpful. I found myself more relaxed before bedtime and fell asleep quicker. And, more importantly, I stayed asleep longer, feeling refreshed, the next day. Such a positive result, though I think I needed to be taking them longer than one month to assess.  I’ve just heard today that these supplements have been shortlisted for Best Supplement in the “Fabulous Beauty Awards 2021”.  which speaks for itself.

Power On Booster Supplements 28 vegan soft gel capsules £37.00

Again, these supplements are “vegan friendly”.  I’ve had a little spike in energy while taking these, more so in the afternoon. Again, I think I would have been able to evaluate them more if I’d been taking them over a couple of months. But, that said, there was a marked improvement in my energy levels.

Restful Nights Booster Supplement 28 vegan soft gel capsules £37.00

Power On Booster Supplements 28 vegan soft gel capsules £37.00


Thank you for your time and I hope you have enjoyed reading this post!

All products are my own, apart from the Lumity supplements which I received as a gift in return for my honest review.  All opinions/reviews are in my own words.

This post may contain some affiliate links, if you click through to the product there is no cost to you.

Please leave a message in the comments if you have any questions.

Take care.

Alison xx

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  1. /

    Loved this post, particularly interested in the eyebrow and lash tinting – have never thought about doing that at home. Thanks for linking and have a great weekend x

    • thank you, Gail. It took me a while to find the right product – but I’ve been using Ellisons for ages now
      and it works, plus it saves so much money. You too!xx

  2. Meg

    Hi, first time here. How exactly do you do your eyelashes? Step by step.


    • Hi Meg,
      I’ll put a quick step by step together and send it to you over the next couple of days. xx

    • Hi Meg,
      I use the same dye for both my eyebrows and lashes which is Ellisons (the one mentioned in the blog post, the colour is dark brown).
      1.Always do a patch test if you haven’t used the product before.
      2. Apply a barrier ointment. I use vaseline., apply it above your lashes and below the lashes.
      3. Apply the dye to lashes – I use an old mascara wand.
      4. Apply as you would a mascara.
      5. Stick to the specific time guide – no longer.
      Hope this has helped. have a lovely weekend. xx

    • Everything I have tried from CeraVe is so good, including this foot cream. Have a lovely weekend Lovely. xx

  3. Alison, thanks for sharing your beauty routine! I really like your beautiful floral dressing gown! I generally only go to the salon once a year and do all the rest myself in between. I am coming up on my annual appointment soon but my stylist recently moved away! So I have to find someone new! Thanks for linking with me.


    • Thank you, Shelbee. It saves so much money doing our own hair and beauty doesn’t it.
      I know what you mean. My hairdresser moved away a few years ago and it took
      me ages to find another good one. Have a lovely week.🌸

  4. Super informative post, I love the sound of the eyelash serum. Thanks for sharing this post. Many thanks for joining my #LINKUP Jacqui x

  5. I do most beauty treatments myself at home too – eyelash perming and tinting, eyebrow lamination and tinting, epilating, microblading, hair colour, nails…I can’t afford to get all that done in a salon, plus, I don’t like to be reliant on someone else. I’d rather do it when it suits me in the comfort of my own home! Thanks for linking up!

    Emma xxx

    • I also try to do my own beauty treatments as I enjoy learning the process myself, therefore being independent and saving so much cash. But I always do lots of homework
      as I’m frightened of slipping up. Wow, do you do your own microblading? I had it done in the spring and it has definitely improved the look of my brows – as they had
      disappeared on one side, which wasn’t a great look! I was a little bit scared in case it looked false but all good at the moment. I’m now looking at toners to
      enable the grey hair process, but, not sure I’m brave enough, and the lovely grey-haired ladies I have seen look as if there may be a little bit of help toning etc.
      So this is my learning curve at the moment haha.
      Thank you, for the link-up, Emma. xx

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