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Spring is finally on its way…… and, what a long Winter this seems to have been.  I heard a great saying, the other day, “March roars in like a lion and goes out like a lamb”.  This is the perfect idiom, because it was “bucketing down” with snow, last week!   Now, at last, we are experiencing milder, Spring weather, which is making me feel more optimistic about getting the garden furniture out.

With warmer weather comes the opportunity to swop over to lighter attire.  We can then ditch items which cause us to overheat – this can, of course, happen, naturally, as it does quite often! But, menopause aside, if we are lucky enough to experience some warmer rays of sunshine, we will be able to pack away the opaque tights, heavy winter coats and thick woollen jumpers – turning, instead, to more breathable materials, such as wafty cottons, linens and lightweight jackets!  Hooray….. and I won’t be sorry to say “goodbye” to my beanie hat flat hair, which I have had for the last three or four months.

In today’s post, I thought I would show you what I have been wearing over the past few weeks, striking that happy balance of keeping the chill out and keeping me snug.

My first piece of outerwear is my “oh so versatile” trench/mac.  A few of my favourite wardrobe staples get worn, all year round, especially “core” pieces such as the trench. I picked up this up well over five years ago, in a Zara sale.

I can’t even remember how much I paid for it. It’s a little on the roomy side – think it’s a “Large”.  It’s perfect to wear with jumpers, underneath, in the winter months and then to pop over a floaty midi dress in Spring/Summer.  I love to pull the belt in tight to give me that cinched in look.

I do not have a defined waist, as such, so this gives that illusion.  I am forever finding new ways to wear it – making it such a great purchase.  There are some great trenches on the High Street at the moment, which I think are great value and will stand the test of time, like this one

The other two items of outerwear I am sharing with you are my Chanel inspired boucle jackets (one long, one short).  This is a fashion trend created by Coco Chanel, back in the 1950’s.  It was initially inspired by menswear tailoring – with its edgy, boxy fit and logo buttons, it remains a firm favourite with all generations, to this day.

This season, I have noticed an array of various versions of this style on the high street. As you can see, it is a truly versatile piece that works with a multitude of outfits. The longer red jacket was bought around six weeks ago in the Zara sale.  I managed to get it for £29.99 (reduced from £119.00).

Like most people, I’ve limited my shopping over the last few years, only making room for items worthy of space in my limited storage.
They have to be purchased for the long-term, and this jacket – even though I didn’t pay a lot for it – is one of those “special” purchases.

Both of these jackets are lightweight and the style makes them the perfect investment item for Spring. And, its classic, timeless silhouette means it will never go out of style and can be worn, season after season.

The blue boucle jacket was purchased from Topshop, long ago.  It has beautiful splashes of colour running through the thread (pinks, yellows and green), which stand out against the vibrant blue colour.  I was so attracted to the scalloped edge of this jacket, making it unique. The days of nostalgia come flooding back when I look at this jacket. This is from the era when we could wander into the store and have a good old browse – oh, how I miss that.  I haven’t been to London for a good while but, when on a visit, I would always pop into their flagship shop at the top of Oxford Street.  It will be sad to see it all closed up now.

I hope you have enjoyed my post and I have given you some style inspiration for the “slightly” warmer weather, which may arrive soon (fingers crossed).  Have you started to think about what you will be wearing and are you tempted by any new styles available? Let us know in the comments, I’d love to hear from you.

Take care

Alison x

This is not a sponsored post – though it may contain affiliate links.  If you click through to the product, there is no cost to you. The small commission I may earn helps me with the costs of running my blog.

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    Spring certainly presents a few challenges for coats! You have it licked, great selection. Thanks for linking x

    • Thank you, Gail. I certainly won’t be complaining when the weather improves.x

  2. /

    Oh I do love trenchcoat so. Such a elegant classic! But the red coat is gorgeous too!

    • Thank you, Nancy. Spring is just around the corner hopefully, can’t wait. x

  3. What a great selection of spring coats! You can’t go wrong with a red coat for any season.

    • Thank you, Michelle. This is my first ever red coat. I love it, but think I’ll enjoy it more if I only wear it here and there.x

  4. Your trench coat is my favorite! It’s so classic but I love the plaid detail on the lapels!

    • Thank you, Laura. It’s so very old, but lasting well. I always enjoy wearing it. Have a fab weekend.x

    • I’ve had this one for a lot of years now. Because it isn’t an item that I wear constantly it’s kept it’s newness, still enjoy wearing it – you should treat yourself, there’s some lovely styles in the stores for spring.x

  5. What a great selection of spring coats! You can’t go wrong with a red coat for any season.

  6. Marianela Beauty Tips

    Nice choices. Thanks for sharing those ideas.
    I invite you to visit my last post. Have a good week!

  7. Your trench coat is my absolute favorite! It exudes such timeless elegance and sophistication. The classic design is so versatile and can be dressed up or down for any occasion. I love how it adds an air of effortless style to any outfit. You truly have impeccable taste!

    • This is my favourite design for a trench coat. This one is lasting very well and I still feel
      so good wearing it. Thank you for your comment.

  8. What a great selection of spring coats! You can’t go wrong with a red coat for any season.

    • I couldn’t believe the price either. It’s such, lovely quality. Enjoy your Sunday.x

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    no doubt its awsome Spring Coats but your photography for the article is impressive

    • Thank you, Laura. When I started my blog around four years ago I took a short photography course and bought a few old DSLR cameras off eBay (2nd hand). I’m still a novice – I tend to take quite a few pics to get the the right ones I think will fit my posts – this usually takes as long as writing it, ha ha. I’m so pleased you like the pics – I much prefer photographing my friends and family who aren’t always willing.

  10. /

    Awesome, you looks stunning in all these picks, and your dresses are also amazing.

  11. You picked wonderful coats for the weather you are having. My favorite is the one red coat.

    • Thank you, Lanae. Both coats are perfect for the autumn, winter months too, I’m looking to wearing them again.x

  12. I adore your trench coat the most! It has such classic sophistication and beauty about it. Every occasion may be dressed up or down with this timeless style. I adore how it gives any ensemble a carefree, stylish vibe. You really do have excellent taste!

    • Thank you. I always feel good wearing my trench, it seems to bring an outfit to
      life in an effortless kind of way and as you say can be dressed up or down – a must
      have for any wardrobe.

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