How I’ve Lost Weight in “Midlife”.

I have been feeling quite unhealthy and sluggish for a while. My clothes haven’t been fitting me properly, resulting in me feeling restricted, especially around the midriff. There were a few “wake up and smell the coffee” moments which sealed the deal and made me want to do something about the extra weight I had obviously acquired.

The first moment was around Christmas time. I needed a strapless bra for a dress I was wearing to a Christmas “do” – so I went to Marks and Spencer for a bra fitting. I have always been an average size of 34B. So, imagine my shock when the assistant told me I had shot up to a size 38D!!! Then, fast forward to April and our springtime getaway to Nerja in Spain. There was a small terrace and pool area – so I thought I would wear my favourite bathing costume.

After ten minutes of pulling and tugging, I finally squeezed myself into my costume, to my family’s amusement. Then, of course, there were the pics. Photographs and clothing are always a good barometer for weight gain.

I have never put pressure on myself to look a certain way but this extra weight was making me feel unfit and not myself. It had slowly crept up on me and this realisation was the jolt I needed to do something about it. I knew, once I began, I would feel much better in myself

I used to a member of “Weight Watchers”, many moons ago. Back then, the weekly trip to the group kept me disciplined. Not everyone needs to attend a group session, preferring to lose weight, alone. But, the group scenario worked for me, back then.

This time, I decided to join “Slimming World” (SW).  I was hoping that the discipline of joining SW and attending the group sessions would work once more, keeping me on the straight and narrow.

On my first trip to SW, I had a meeting with the leader, “Vicky,” and she explained how the plan works. When it was time to get on the scales, I was shocked to realise I had gained roughly two stone over my normal weight, taking me up to 12.7lbs!

I decided I wanted to lose one and a half to two stone to feel like my old self, while feeling relieved that I was beginning my journey to do something about it.

I decided that, for this plan to work, it had to fit in with my lifestyle – not only for me but my family, too. There were to be no dramatic changes just healthier choices. I wanted to lose weight at a steady pace with new, improved eating habits and carrying them on, way after I reached my goal weight. This appealed. I knew it would work better for me than being on some fad diet – losing the weight then reverting to old habits.

There were some changes I would make to begin my journey. First, I knew I had to cut out most of the sugar I had been consuming (I have a terrible sweet tooth). Then, I switched from being vegetarian to pescatarian. Fish is a major source of protein, rich in calcium and phosphorus, and a major source of minerals, such as iron, zinc, iodine, magnesium, and potassium. I am still fussy about which fish foods I eat. My favourites are cod fillet, salmon, and prawns. The “argentinian shrimps” from Aldi, baked in the oven with a quick spray of dry lite and garlic cloves are delicious. I have these with a crisp salad and long grain rice, sometimes adding a few salad potatoes. I now eat more fresh fruit and vegetables.

SW has made me aware of the “not so good” habits I had acquired. We have mostly cooked from scratch, now more so. This helps enormously with weight loss. I need to look at more of the recipes on the SW app and YouTube, which look delicious. If I have a sugar craving, I have a SW “high five” bar or a Morrison’s “Skinny Whip bar which only contains ninety-nine calories. They are not a bar of Galaxy or Cadburys chocolate!! But, I like them and they do the trick, getting rid of my sugar cravings.

To date, I have been on my SW journey for eleven weeks. I have lost twenty pounds in total. This averages out at one to two pounds a week which I am thrilled about.

I have just under half a stone to go. I want to be somewhere between 10.7lb to 10.10lb. I am 5-foot 6inches and this weight is perfect for me. I do not want to lose too much as I know it would not look good on me. This means I will be between a dress size ten to twelve.

A good habit I have acquired from the first lockdown (and has contributed to my weight loss) is a brisk walk which I do on most days for around forty-five minutes. Prior to this, I didn’t walk much at all. There are so many benefits to walking – such as decreasing the risk of hypertension, avoiding diabetes, high cholesterol, and heart disease. Walking lowers blood sugar and decreases blood pressure, too. I listen to podcasts, music and sometimes my husband joins me. It mentally uplifts me – another great reason for getting outside and seeing the sky and open spaces wherever you live.

On returning home, and time permitting, I do stretches with weights. I really need to “up my game” with this because “strength training” counteracts the deterioration of our muscles which accelerates in midlife. Oh, the joys!

I will keep you updated on my weight loss journey as I have a feeling this last bit of weight is not going to shift fast! Then, there is, of course, the task of keeping it off.  With hormonal changes and a diminished metabolic rate, this will also be a journey. But, I am determined to keep to my new way of eating, which I love and enjoy. I have so much more energy and I feel better, mentally. My skin has improved and I am fitting into my favourite clothes, once more – which is excellent. I use the SW app as well as the “My Fitness” app.

I am far from perfect and I do have my moments when it is difficult to eat the right things. For instance, we were away for the weekend to Leeds, celebrating my youngest son’s birthday, and I did indulge a little. A Baileys or two may have been consumed, but, then on Monday, I was back “on it”, once more.

In today’s post, I am wearing the summer outfits that I have been wearing over the past few months, and….because they fit me, again. Plus, here in the UK, we are now blessed with lovely weather…hooray!

I hope you have enjoyed my post and it has helped if you are thinking of cutting back, or just looking for a little inspiration. This post is not sponsored.

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    Hi Alison!

    I’ve been a reader for about a year. I’m in the U.S. and just love your style: casual elegance. And I love your silly kiity too.

    I jumped on here today to say: well done! I love how you’re slowly and not expecting a Twiggy look. (Besides, I think you were alluding to this: lose too much and it shows in your face. As me how I know. I have two dark circles under my eyes (I’m 57). Did you ever hear the saying, “Your fanny or your face.”

    I blog about losing 55 lbs, but more importantly I blog about how I’ve maintained the loss for 16 years now. I hope you’ll take a look.

    • Hi Wendy,
      Thank you and I’m so pleased you are enjoying my posts. Yes, I have heard that saying, or similar. My mum used to always say “Careful losing too much weight over 40. It’s your face or your figure”. My goal is to eat healthier (as I hadn’t been) and feel the very best I can. This extra weight I have lost has made me feel so much better, and saved me money as I fit into my clothes again. I will certainly check your blog out as keeping weight off can be the hardest. Jarvis is fifteen can you believe, he’s British shorthair breed, so he has this thick thatch of fur. At the moment we are experiencing freaky hot weather so he’s so frazzled, bless him.xx

  2. Helen Woolley

    Love this blog and i too have been on a mission to drop my covid/ menopausal weight gain and happy to say I’m almost there , 6 lbs to go which will be 3 stone and I’m feeling so good 🙂 , I’m at WW as I love the accountability and being with like minded people .

    You have done fabulously and I love your posts plus I love your style which is similar to what I like …

    Yes i weight train and do circuits and does make a difference plus it’s all about longevity and feeling absolutely fantastic 💃

    • Thank you so much for your lovely comment Helen. I’m so chuffed you like my blog. It’s great to know we are on the same journey too, in lots of ways. Like you I have felt so much better doing something about the extra weight I have acquired – just wish I’d started earlier. I really need to up my game with the weights though, as it makes a difference. Sounds like you have done amazing with your weight loss and fitness and “yes” to feeling fantastic.xx

  3. /

    Congrats Alison on your weight loss so far, I have no doubt you will succeed in your goal! It’s quite hard to lose weight in mid life and even harder to keep it off. But finding the way that works for us as individuals is the best way forward. For me it’s low carb eating plus brisk walks, Pilates and weights – and weighing every day. I was overweight for most of my 20s and 30s and only overcame the yoyo dieting problem about 10 years ago..

    • I will be referring to your post on how to maintain this weight loss. You look amazing and it’s certainly working for you. I have learnt so much in the past 3 months, mainly the bad habits I had acquired (food wise) and to move more! I’m no angel and still have a little of what I like, but my day eating and exercise wise sounds very similar to yours. As you say it’s finding what works for you. I’m going to buy some scales, in the past I have just measured around my waist, hoping this would keep me right. But in reality I need some scales to check I’m not going back down the slippery slope!

  4. That is amazing! I think you always look fantastic, but when we feel good about ourselves it shows on the outside.

    • Thank you, Laura. That is so true. I wasn’t feeling myself, so had to do something about it, so glad I did. Enjoy the rest of your week.x

  5. Thank you for sharing this. I AM SO GLAD YOU ARE HAPPY WITH YOUR WEIGHT LOSS JOURNEY. We should do what makes us feel happy and healthy and that doesn’t just depend on clothing sizes. Weight is always so hard to loose, it’s all about healthy eating habits.

    I love your floral dresses paired with jackets. It’s a perfect ‘uniform’ for Summer.

    I am back blogging and with my Thursday Moda linkup. WELCOME BY and join it! =)

    • Thank you so much Ada. Lovely to hear from you – I’ll catch up with you there! xxx

  6. mireille

    I have been running more regularly and walking more so that has helped me lately. I really do need to watch my sugars and portions. I have a 20th anniversary trip coming and I think that will help me keep on track!

    • Great that you are exercising, it helps so much! It took me a long time to start my weight loss journey, but now it’s a way of life. I still walk daily and eat so much more healthier. I still have a few treats, just not all of the time like I used to. An example of this is now – it’s December soon and warm mince pies and cream are my downfall, however, this year I will wait until Christmas to indulge a little so that I’m not undoing all of my hard work. I keep thinking of a saying my mum said “A moment on the lips a lifetime on the hips”. It’s not easy..

  7. Alison, I enjoyed this post soooo much. It is so refreshing to see someone taking such a sensible approach and making permanent lifestyle changes rather than doing the yo-yo diet thing. People should know by now that you can’t get permanent results from temporary diets. Years ago I set a “rule” for myself to never consume more than 6 teaspoons of sugar in a day. No exceptions. And it’s really quite easy to do and results in eliminating sugar cravings. Most days I have none at all. At the risk of being spammy, I’ll put the link here to my post about it. This, from a food blogger who bakes all the time! The other thing I do, for 4.5 years now, is 16:8 intermittent fasting, which eliminates hunger! I couldn’t believe it myself. Anyway, your approach to this is surely going to be an inspiration to readers. Pinning and tweeting it!

    • Hi Jean,
      Apologies, my reply wasn’t showing on my blog properly, so I’ve re-sent. Oh the joys of IT😂Thank you for visiting!

      “Thank you so much for re-pinning and re-tweeting I really appreciate it. As you say it’s all about moderation. I have a terrible sweet tooth and I’m fighting the lure of warm mince pies and cream until nearer Christmas, when I will have some (not my usual amount), then in January I will walk that little bit quicker on my daily walk. I agree with you that the intermittent fasting 16:8 is so effective and I try to do this too. I’ve found that during this journey I feel so much better overall and surprisingly I’m enjoying my food more. “

  8. Love this blog! That’s amazing! Thank you for sharing this. I AM SO GLAD YOU ARE HAPPY WITH YOUR WEIGHT LOSS JOURNEY.

    • Thank you, Tyler. I’m so pleased you are enjoying my blog and you liked this post. Have a great weekend! x

  9. /

    I enjoyed this post so much. It is so refreshing. I love this blog. thanks for sharing us.

  10. Congratulations, Alison, on your progress in losing weight. I am confident that you will achieve your goal! Losing weight during midlife can be challenging, and it’s even more difficult to maintain it. Discovering the approach that suits us individually is the most effective way forward. Personally, I have found success with a combination of low-carb diet, walking, and weightlifting, along daily weigh-ins.

    • Thank you, David. So true! I’m trying my best to maintain this weight and so far it’s working – though losing that last half a stone is still proving to be tricky, I’ll go on trying, ha ha. I’ve found my “food” path. I believe if you enjoy your food and find the healthier options then it’s so much easier. My daily routine sounds very similar to yours. Thank you for your comment.

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