Sweatpants, Joggers, Trackpants – How Are You Wearing Yours?

Leisurewear has become one of the hottest trends in recent years, making it a sort of “wardrobe staple”. There are so many different styles to choose from on the high street, making this the perfect “mix-and-match” way of dressing.  What is not to love?  The “jogger” can be as relaxed or posh as you like. Covid has, of course, played its part in changing our day-to-day attire, and now we are grappling with both an “Energy” and “Cost of Living” crisis,  which has had a massive knock-on effect to how we manage our budget.  We are making sure we spend our money, carefully, on items which will work for us and not sit idle in our wardrobes.

Wearing my Zara Joggers, Cropped Hoodie (H&M) and Chelsea Boots by Hush

As we are still in the throes of winter, these kinds of layers are the perfect “smart casual” solution – beating the chill, while looking good. The sweatpants I am wearing in today’s post are a bog standard, high-waist style. They were a great price and are good quality – bought with a Christmas gift voucher (Zara).

Wearing my French Connection cropped Jumper, Zara joggers and Hush Chelsea boots

I must admit to wearing them quite a lot since I bought them.  But, joggers (as I like to call them) aren’t everyone’s “cup of tea”.  I’ve styled them, here, and above, with a cropped hoodie (H&M), and my old favourite black blazer from Mint Velvet.

Here’s a quote from Karl Lagerfeld made in 2013, 

“Sweatpants are a sign of defeat. You lost control of your life, so you bought some sweatpants.” 

“The Vicky Pollard” character in a sketch with Kate Moss from “Little Britain” – and, Wayne and Waynetta Slob from “Harry Enfield and Chums”.

“And…….then, there is the comedy association with top tracksuit-wearing chavs, “Wayne and Waynetta Slob” (courtesy of Harry Enfield), along with “yes but, no but” Vicky Pollard (“Little Britain”), which most of us thought hilarious, a few years back…….it might explain why I was so put off!

Wearing my Marks and Spencers Sweatshirt (with pockets!) along with Zara Joggers and Hush Chelsea boots

But, first, here is a little bit of “Sweatpants” history.

Sweatpants originated in the 1920s. They were created by Le Coq Sportif.  They were designed for the athletes of the day as comfortable sportswear – named “sweatpants” for their ability to absorb sweat – and marketed as a practical alternative to the tight-fitting uncomfortable clothing that was worn, before.

Moving forward, sweatpants were spotted in the “Rocky” films of the 1970’s and then in the 1980’s. Jane Fonda wore some in her fitness video, which sparked a trend.

American Rapper Eminem and Hip Hop Musicians’ showing their great “Street” style.

Around this time, the tracksuit was also worn by “Hip Hop” musicians who would demonstrate their talents of break dancing and rap in their videos.

Tracksuits allowed for body expression and free movement, enabling artists to demonstrate their skills. So, tracksuits quickly became a trend with the younger generation, especially when sports brands such as Adidas began to design more appealing fashionable sportswear – which is still the case, today.

Also, around this time, students on campuses throughout the world were wearing the affordable, stylish and comfortable sweatpants, and hoodies that were becoming fashionable.

Mint Velvet shirt (old) with Joggers fom Zara and Hush Chelsea Boots

Wearing my favourite Barbour Jacket with my joggers. Lace up Boots are by Next.


I am late to the party wearing my joggers and I was determined to “not like” these pants. However, they will definitely be a staple in my wardrobe from now on.  I quite like the look of the wide-leg sweatpants, too, so I may be using my Christmas gift voucher to purchase some.

Can’t go wrong in a Breton top! This one is from Marks and Spencer

As well as the obvious comfort, what’s not to love about a little bit of slouch?   They can look so stylish, worn with fashionable footwear like stomping boots, trainers, or snazzy loafers – then, paired with a lovely top…..and, finished off with a classy blazer.  If you love your sweatpants/leisurewear  but are uncertain how to style them, I hope you like some of the ideas/suggestions I have “put together” in this post.

Enjoy your weekend!


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  1. Karen Ball

    Love a good jogger, I have a few pairs from Hush, the aime ones, they are so comfy and the little ankle zips make them a bit different., I think they are quite dressy too. They are definitely my go to look ! I have some thicker ones from H&M but they aren’t quite as smart. I have been wearing basic joggers/hoodies and sweatshirts in the house for a few years now, I find jeans so uncomfortable now. Joggers are easy to dress up, though I haven’t fell down the rabbit hole of the M&S side stripe jogger/trousers ! hope you have a good weekend xx

    • You have quite a selection, Karen. I need to build on this pair – I tried a few joggers from H&M the other day but the quality wasn’t as good. I will try Hush
      as they are such a great brand. I have a few items from them and they are of lovely quality. Your joggers sound great, love the idea of little ankle zips. Have
      a good weekend too! xx

  2. /

    That Karl Lagerfeld quote about joggers made me laugh. I’m so happy the jogger trend is still going strong! Love this style inspo!

    Jill – Doused in Pink

    • Thank you, Jill. It made me laugh too! I love the new additions I’ve made to my wardrobe “leisure wear” wise. I think the items we wear have to fit with our current lifestyle, or, they will sit idle, not being worn. Being retired and not needing business dress anymore means I can go in another direction such as this, I really love experimenting. xx

  3. /

    It all depends on how you wear it right. I mean you are hardly a Vicky, lol. Love the options you showed here.

    • Thank you, Nancy. So true! I love experimenting, especially with a style I haven’t tried/ dared to wear. Sometimes it works and sometimes if definitely doesn’t. Love the comfy cosiness about leisure wear and there’s some great styles out there. xx

  4. Yes, sweatpants can be stylish, like you are showing here! I love that it is Zara to the rescue! I’ve not tried their pants. The Karl Lagerfield quote made me crack up.
    thanks for linking!
    jess xx

    • I’m shopping today and I’m on the look out for some dark grey , wide leg joggers next. Love how they can be dressed up or down. I may get side tracked by the pretty spring dresses coming into the shops though, ha ha. Enjoy the rest of your week.x

  5. Oh, if I looked as good as you do in yours, I might consider going out in public in joggers (or sweatpants). But, I’m so short, I end up with this puddle of fabric at the ankle…not a good look. In fact, Karl Lagerfeld would say, “I told you so!” Love all the ways you’ve styled yours!


    • Thank you Marsha. Ha ha we’ll miss KL for his one liners – always beautifully brutal with the truth. My legs aren’t long enough either – I’m 5Ft 6in. I noticed on the hush’s brand website that the model had her joggers turned over and they looked quite cool, so I’ve done this here. Give it a try, adding a pair of stomping boots.
      Alison xx

  6. I love joggers all the ways! I wear leather and thicker pointe material ones for nights out or work, but the sweatpants ones I keep for the gym and home mostly. I love yours paired with the sweater!

    • Thank you, Laura. There’s such a varied selection available. I love the wide leg look. I have some pleather ones too that are fleece lined – I’ve loved wearing them this winter.
      Alison x

    • Thank you, Mireille. That’s the great thing with leisurewear – dressed up or down, they’re great items to have in our wardrobes which will get worn a lot. They have become a staple as they suit my current lifestyle.x

  7. /

    Oooh I don’t have any sweatpants! Somehow they’ve never crossed my radar. You make them look stylish. Thanks for linking

    • This is my first pair. I see people wearing them to travel in, so they will be my item of choice next time we go onto an aeroplane. I quite fancy a wide leg pair next.x

  8. I love joggers! I have a couple of pairs from M&S (those ubiquitous side stripe trousers) and a couple of pairs from Zara. They’re my favourite thing to wear around the house and for running errands. Thanks for linking up!

    Emma xxx

    • I’m going to buy a few more pairs, love the wide leg version. They are so versatile and of course warm and comfy.x

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