My Favourite Foundations

I am not quite ready to go bare faced.  I love a light, medium touch of foundation to improve the look of my skin and choosing the right one can be a tricky, costly affair if you get it wrong.

The choice on the high street is mind boggling and can be both daunting and confusing if you don’t know what you’re looking for!

During my younger years, bringing up my family, working, and running around at ninety miles an hour meant minimal maintenance regarding my makeup.  It was applied very quickly and if it took away the deathly white glare that I had woken up with, I was content, happy and ready to go with my busy day ahead!

There wasn’t the choice back then, unless I was just too busy to take much notice. Of course, currently, there is so much choice it is hard to keep up!

Back then, if I was looking for a good foundation, I would do a little research, then get a few samples to try, just in case I had some strange horrible reaction to the ingredients.  Always wanting light coverage that would hopefully give me a little radiance, if possible.  The prerequisite was that it was a good, quality product.

The one I settled for and used for years was Clinique’s “Super Balanced Foundation”. This, I found to be very good – it wasn’t too heavy, it was light in coverage and looked quite natural.  I had no knowledge of applying foundation primers in those days. Out of curiosity, I got a sample of the same foundation, the other day, in ivory – which is my colour – and, it is still a great foundation.

Towards my late forties, I tried other foundations as my skin was becoming a lot drier, partly due to hormonal changes. So, I started to do my research, looking for a foundation that would help the dryness, facial redness, skin sensitivity and….. oh, the list goes on……  Hence, over the last seven years, I have used and sampled quite a few foundations.  I now wish that I had kept a detailed diary of my experiences – some good and some bad.  Because, back then, I never thought for one minute I would find the time to start this blog

My wish list, foundation-wise, is to have a product that will smooth out imperfections, whilst not settling into pores or wrinkles; give me a bit of a glow; and not disappear after a few hours’ wear!

I have listed my current four favourite foundations below.  And, I will continue to try new ones, as there are so many coming out, all, of the time.

CHANEL – “Perfection Lumiere Velvet Smooth Effect Makeup” SPF15 30ml (£37.00)

When I was doing my research, this foundation kept coming up time and time again with fantastic reviews for mature skin.  So, I gave it a try and immediately loved it.  I have been using it for around three years.  I find the foundation easy to apply, it gives a very sheer look, evens out skin tone, whilst still looking natural.  It may need a slight touch up if worn all day and can look a little luminous around the four to five-hour mark, but a fine dusting of finishing powder does the trick to sort this, I find.

Estee Lauder – “Double Wear Light” 30ml (£33.50)

This was my other “go to” foundation, though I haven’t used it for a little while.  I did find it to be very lightweight whilst giving a natural appearance.  It is long lasting and didn’t settle into pores or wrinkles.  However, since I finished my tube, Estee Lauder have now changed the formula.  My shade was “Number 2” with the old formula and I have noticed there are a lot more shades with the new one.  I will try the new one and let you know what I think

L’Oréal – “Paris True Match Liquid Foundation” 30ml (£9.99)

I bought this foundation from Sainsburys – it was on offer for £4 – can you believe!?

I had seen quite a few adverts for this foundation, so, decided to give it a go.  And, for that price, I couldn’t refuse.  Though I had to guess with the colour match, which worked out fine.  I went for beige and it’s a good match!!

This foundation is lasting for ages.  I’m still not even a quarter of the way through, as a little goes a long way.  It really holds its own against the more expensive foundations.   It’s easy to apply, very lightweight and hydrating,  There are also a lot of shades to choose from.

Clinique – “Super Balanced Silk Makeup” SPF15 30ml £25.50

I haven’t used this foundation for a while but included it, as I wore it for such a long time.  Out of curiosity, I decided to ask for a tester to see if it was still as good.  My colour is silk ivory.  After wearing it for a few weeks, I still find it to be a good foundation.  It has a lovely texture and sits well on the skin.  It also provides great coverage without being too heavy.

Thank you for your time and I hope you have enjoyed reading this post!

All products are my own. This post may contain some affiliate links, if you click through to the product there is no cost to you.

Please leave a message in the comments if you have any questions.

Take care.

Alison xx

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  1. Hi Alison
    I have heard a lot about the chanel foundation too, I always like to change up my makeup, as technology has come so far and improvments are very fast paced.
    I presently only use a very light base and my fave id Trinny london’s BFF a magical product with an spf of 30!
    bestest wishes
    Ashley x

    • Hi Ashley,
      I’m the same, love a light foundation. I also like to try new ones though, so, will give Trinny’s a go to see if I
      like it, always helps when there is an SPF included.
      Thank you for your comment, you looked fabulous at the awards ceremony!

  2. /

    I haven’t tried the Chanel. Going to get me a sample and give it a go! I found double wear light too light but the famous double wear ( I used for years!) is just sinking into those lines and making them appear worse! I do like the Perfectionist, that’s still good cover but lighter. I also love Double Blur by the Hero project. That’s amazing xx

    • Hi Laurie,
      They sound really good – I’ll give them both a go!! I have the same problem with foundations hence
      love a light coverage. I keep going back to the Chanel foundation, but love to try new ones, it’s
      hard to keep up with all the new ones coming out and sometimes the cheaper foundations can out do
      the more expensive ones. xx

  3. /

    Hi Alison, what a brilliant and comprehensive review. I’m very fair-skinned and like a light to medium coverage. I have used a Lancome one for a few years which I love but it’s always useful to have more suggestions. I always worry it’ll be discontinued. I tried the Trinny BFF recently too which is lovely for a bare-faced look. And, I hope you don’t mind me saying that I cannot believe you are in your fifties. You look a decade younger.
    Love Lizzy xxx

    • Hi Lizzy,
      I’m fair-skinned as well, so I have to be careful choosing the correct shade. I have heard a lot about Trinny’s foundation, so will definitely give it a try.
      Thank you for your lovely compliment, that is very kind. Can I mention that I love your photographs, they are always fabulous quality? You look stunning on them, and I love your style choices. I’m a beginner at photography and trying to take most of my own as my other half isn’t always round, but it can get a little tricky if it’s blowing a gale and the tripod is threatening to blow over!
      Oh and congratulations on your new Job!!
      Alison xxx

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