Just Jeans and a Tee Shirt – Six Ways I’m Styling Mine!

I’m a huge fan of the simple look of a teeshirt and jeans.   I have grown up wearing denim jeans and a tee. Being a tomboy, when I was a youngster, meant they were the perfect uniform for running with the pack and climbing trees! I have constantly revisited this combination, over the years. But, the basic concept always remains the same. I love the fabrics, the comfort, and how this look can be dressed up or down. This simplistic way of dressing has always made me feel good, as well as being comfortable, and stylish in an undercover kind of way.

 Outfit 1

I have a good collection of jeans and tee shirts, all various sizes, I may add. Ebay and Vinted, here I come. For the purposes of this blog post, I am beginning in the most traditional way – wearing an old, battered pair of stolen Levi’s – well, borrowed from my son – the tradition carries on through the generations! I used to have a pair just like these but I wore them until they were threadbare and literally fell apart. “Levi’s” now mend old jeans for you, which is a great idea, and a service I will use.

My young style was probably influenced by the music my brothers listened to and the crowd they hung with – a crisp white tee and a great pair of jeans were very cool to my young eyes, especially with a tan. I was then noticing adverts for jeans, too – a famous one from that era was the Levi’s Route 66 advert, which is still so cool. Here is the link if you want to check it out.  click here

The most iconic and notable Tab has to be Levi’s Red Tab. One of my son’s in his Levi’s

In my youth, the go-to jeans providers were mainly “Levi’s”, “Wrangler”, and “Lee”. Once the teenage years hit, there was a little bit more choice from the likes of “Le Breve” and “Inega Jeans”, who introduced me to the comfort of stretch – with a tiny touch of “lycra” in the denim – making all the difference, comfort-wise. Can you remember these brands back then? 

Prior to the lycra stretch being introduced, and wanting to appear super slinky prior to a visit to “Annabel’s” (a nightclub in town), I remember lying on the floor while a girlfriend pulled the zip-up on my new “rigid” jeans with a wire coat hanger. Movement, from that moment on, was somewhat restricted! And, breathing room was minimal. The things we did, back then. 

Outfit 3

Compared to my youth, the choice today is vast. Hence, finding the perfect style and fit can be tricky. The best way is to try on several pairs, depending on what you are looking for, of course. I do have some stipulations which will guide me to the chosen ones. First, the denim must be a lovely shade of blue, they also must feel soft to the touch. I always know when I find “the one”. It’s like a perfect pairing. 

In this post, as well as my son’s Levi’s, I am wearing a few assorted styles – from a traditional pair of jeans which have been my favourite go-to’s to several pairs of high-waist, wide-legged jeans in blue and white denim. These are a style I never thought I would like or wear but, surprisingly, I really like them. I quite like flared jeans and posted an article, here, if you fancy a read. 

As well as a great pair of jeans, I am forever looking for the perfect T-shirt. The white tee I am wearing with the Levi’s was only £9.50 from Marks and Spencer. I have also got this tee in black and a Breton style – I wear them a lot. The little white tee is from The White Stuff” and is perfect for the summer months as it is very lightweight. Lastly, the striped tee is from Zara and fits perfectly with the high-waist jeans.

Outfit 5

Styling options, when you are wearing a great pair of jeans, are plentiful, all year round. I have just bought a sequined vest to wear for my holidays – who said you shouldn’t wear sequins in the summer!? Dying to wear it with my jeans!

Outfit 6


Outfit 1

In the first two photographs I am wearing my new sleeveless black tee shirt from H&M along with my favourite and most comfortable pair of jeans from Mango. The jeans were only £10.00 in the sale, a few years ago – and they are the softest denim. My footwear is a pair of Arizona Platform Vegan Birkenstocks, which I bought late last year and can wear now that the weather is beginning to improve – just! They do take some wearing in! I have a few blisters to prove it, but, from experience, they do become like slippers, after the pain – so I am persevering!

Outfit 2

In the second outfit I borrowed my son’s 511 Levi’s. They are a 30-inch waist and 32-inch leg length, hence, too long. I think I may be borrowing these, again, when he is not looking! The tee shirt is from Marks and Spencer and the belt is from Levi’s – worn with my old favourite (shortie) black leather jacket from Mango.

Outfit 3

I bought these slightly off-white, high-waist, wide-leg jeans from “New Look”. They were in the sale, last year. They are a style I would have avoided in the past. But, when I saw them, I decided to give them a go and was pleasantly surprised. They pull my tummy in and, worn with the right top, they can look flattering. And, most importantly, they are extremely comfortable and stylish. I liked them so much that I also bought a blue pair. I think I paid between £15.00 to £20.00 for each pair, in the sale. It really is worth trying assorted styles of jeans, just to see if they suit your shape. This cropped tee shirt sits well with the high-waist jeans (“Zara”). The Chelsea boots are my go-to’s from “Hush”. I have worn these, constantly, throughout the cooler months. I paid a little bit more for them but they are so comfortable and still look great. The “Reefer jacket is from “French Connection”, which is well over ten years old and is such great quality and, certainly, a timeless piece that will be forever in my wardrobe.

Outfit 4

Wearing my blue high-waist version of jeans, here, from “New Look”. I have worn them a lot since buying them, last September. I’m wearing the black version of my favourite tee from Marks and Spencer’s (£9.50). I love these versatile tee shirts. I have the black, white and Breton stripe. I’m also wearing my latest purchase – this (on trend) black bomber jacket from Marks and Spencer’s. I have never worn one, before. But, I have noticed some great ways to style one, on Instagram and “Who, What, Wear,” so, I decided to buy one. I have been wearing it over dresses and skirts. I am wearing it, here, with my jeans. I find it to be a very relaxed look and an alternative change to my favourite blazers.

Outfit 5

In my fifth outfit, I am wearing all my favourite staples, carefully chosen, and of great quality. I have always bought items, carefully, but now I am extra careful and never impulse buy. First, I am wearing this quality tee from “Seasalt Cornwall”. I did pay a little bit more for this tee shirt but it is a crisp white, lightweight material, perfect for the warmer weather and feels like a quality item. Next is my old, trusty linen blazer (“Mint Velvet”). Again, I paid a little bit more for this jacket, but it still looks brand new, and I still feel so good wearing it. I would say this is one of the most versatile items in my wardrobe. I can team this up with pretty much everything. Lastly, my “New Look” jeans and “Hush” Chelsea boots with their small platform which gives me more height.

Outfit 6

Finishing this post with my favourite pair of jeans (“Mango”).  These are the perfect shape and length for me, and the denim is so soft. The wonderful thing about denim is it gets better with age. Styled, here, with my coatigan from “Mint Velvet”, which is around five years old. This is probably one of the hardest-working items in my wardrobe over the winter and spring months. Again, I paid a little more for this item, but it has been worn a lot and kept its quality, intact!

I hope you have enjoyed my post.  If you have any comments let me know, I’d love to hear from you.

Take care – and until the next time.

Alison x

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post.  All items are my own.  Like most blogs, this post may contain affiliate links (from which I might make a small commission if you make a purchase). This helps towards the running costs of my blog.



  1. Just jeans and a tee is never just jeans and a tee-you’ve shown how differently you can wear them! I love you in those wide leg jeans and the outfit with the leather jacket the most!

    • Thank you, Laura. Jeans are one of my favourite go to’s. Love the wide leg jeans too, they’re very flattering. I’ve surprised myself at how much I love them. x

  2. Can’t go wrong with jeans and a tee – especially as you can dress them up or down. Great looks! x

    • There’s some great styles on the high street and I’ve got to stop myself from buying more jeans, especially, when there’s a bargain. xx

    • I agree! They are the perfect item of clothing to dress up or down – must admit that along with my combats they are my favourite go to. Thank you for stopping by.x

  3. /

    Jeans and a tee are always a winning combo! Love these classic outfit ideas!

    Jill – Doused in Pink

    • Thank you so much, Jill. I agree – they are my favourite go to outfit.xx

  4. jacqui Berry

    I’m a big fan of jeans too hun, you have a nice selction thanks for sharing on #Chicandstylish today. Jacqui x

  5. These are all great looks. I still have some Wrangler and Lee jeans from my teens! I found them at my mum’s. There’s so much more choice now, it’s mind boggling! Thanks for linking up!

    Emma xxx

    • Thank you, Emma. I only have a few of my old, favourite jeans left unfortunately I think they will always be my favourite go-to whatever my age. they have some great styles on
      the high street, something for everyone. xx

    • They are! Thank you for your comment and visiting my blog, so pleased you enjoyed it.

  6. I love your style, The tee shirt looks best on you. I love your color combinations and your overall looks.

  7. I’m mad about jeans and tees, I live in them! I do favour a fun tee though, with some silly image or words on it. Currently, I’m enjoying wearing any that are a bit witchy!
    My favourite outfit of yours is the last one. That coatigan looks gorgeous over that simple ensemble.
    Suzy xx

    • Thank you suzy. jeans and a tee are my uniform i guess – so easy when there’s no time to think. Can’t beat a great pair of jeans and they
      last for years. Thank you for calling by, xx

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