A Midlife Catch-up – Microblading, Summer Beauty and More….

The weather is slowly beginning to improve (bring it on!!). In the event of a mini heatwave, in this post, I am sharing with you my sun protection strategy – including the tanning and skin care products I use to get that “summer glow”!!

But First…….

It’s our 40th wedding anniversary, soon. Up until now, we haven’t really made a thing of previous wedding anniversaries – we either forget, or one of us remembers at the last minute. I’m married to a very creative person (musician). And, maybe, his Ying and my Yang are why we are still, here, after all these years. I remember, last year, we both had to work out the number of years we’d been together! If we feel like it, we’ll go out for a bite to eat or overnight stay, somewhere. But, in reality, we don’t need an anniversary to do that. However, forty years does seem like a big number, so we are off to Greece, soon – to a place we have been to a few times. So, we know the lie of the land and what to expect. The accommodation is quite basic but the place is pretty with good food and, hopefully, the sun will shine.

I will also be turning 63 in a few months – I’ve never felt defined by my age at whatever stage in life. Though, I have come across people who have issues with ageing. I had a funny experience on reaching a “big birthday”, myself, at a place where I used to work. Someone in the office made it their mission to decorate not only my desk but the entire floor with banners, balloons and goodness knows what. Now, this could be looked upon as a term of endearment but I couldn’t help but feel it was a little over the top as I went into work, that morning – as most of my work colleagues did, too. 

Like most, I would say that I’ve never looked at ageing in a negative way. Of course, as we age, it’s even more important to be positive.  Life has brought me my children, relationships, jobs I’ve enjoyed (and, some not so!!), my home, life experiences, and tests to my mental and physical strength. But, all of this has made me who I am. 

Those who suffer from severe menopause symptoms may, hopefully, find they subside when reaching their mid to late fifties. But, I know this is not always the case for everyone. A lot of women continue to take HRT into their seventies, and beyond – ask Janet Street-Porter! Anything to have an easier life is worth consideration.

Both our mental and physical health are important factors as we age. There are also “tweakments” we can have…….to improve our look – especially, if something is getting us down. I’ve had facial laser treatment, myself, and would love some cosmetic dental treatment. But, the cost is too high. So, that will have to wait. The most important message concerning anything cosmetic is to do your research before committing to anything. If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.  

Photographs with Mallappa – Prior to my laser treatment, he made me feel completely ate ease.

The laser treatment I received is continuing to stimulate collagen. And, it’s been a while since my treatment. Of course, this doesn’t eradicate the wrinkles – but, it’s improved my fine lines (especially around the eye area) as well as the texture of my skin.

I have catch-up calls every few months with Mallappa Kular, who performed my treatment. He wants to check on my progress, because, technically, I am still healing. Read about my experience, here.

Following my Microblade treatment.

Talking about procedures…….lately, I have had my eyebrows micro-bladed. Now, this decision was not taken lightly. As well as the cost, I was initially so very nervous in case I didn’t like the look of them. And, because microblading is a semi-permanent ink, I was doubly nervous.   

I wanted my eyebrows microbladed because they had thinned, over time, and were also uneven (one, more sparse than the other). Over recent years, I have been wasting money on pens, pencils, lotions and potions to get them to look anywhere near presentable, which was pretty much a thankless task. Some of the powders were good at filling the gaps but I was looking for a more permanent solution. I was nervous prior to having this procedure done, and the thought of looking like Groucho Marx was never far from my mind – google him, if you’re not of a certain age – my son had to, which got a laugh. 

To show how cautious I was, I talked to my oh-so-talented technician for a whole year and a half before finally committing to my eyebrow procedure. This photograph, taken on the day of the procedure, makes me chuckle as it shows how wide-eyed and nervous, I was. As you can see, my eyebrows were sparse in the before shot. I am now a few weeks past the healing process and I’ve been taking a diary of photographs. I now have an “important” touch-up appointment in July. Let me know if you would like me to post about my experience.

“Back to my post!! 

Some of the following products are old favourites, others are new ones I have road tested and found to be very good. I love the term “Juicy, Glowing Skin” used by Dr Ateh Jewel who is the beauty expert on “This Morning”. I always check her recommendations. Juicy and glowing is certainly the look I’m after and, of course, a high SPF is the key ingredient which I look for in beauty products. I apply my sun cream in the mornings before I do my power walk (five to six days a week). Then, following a quick wash, I apply my serums and another layer of sun cream. But I’ll begin with hats.

Sun Hats

Are you a hat person and, if so, what is your favourite type of sun hat? I’ve noticed some great styles and colours on the high street, this year. I have always found it quite a style challenge to find the right one. I tend to steer clear of large-brimmed straw hats, much preferring to see them on other people. 

So, whether your preference is Cowboy, Bucket, Baseball or Panama, protection from the strong summer sun is a must. I wear my baseball cap throughout the year, when I do my daily walks, along with SPF 50. Then, on holidays, in the garden or outings, I like to keep it simple with a straw visor. I have acquired quite a collection of them as I find this style easy to pop on when my hair is tied up in a ponytail. Visors are also small enough to put into my bag and whip out when needed.  

Skincare Products

Pai Glow, Hyaluronic Acid Highlighting drops – 10m £19.00

I bought these drops in the colour “Rose Gold”, last year, as I was looking for a subtle summer shimmer and the reviews said this product would “do the trick”. What a difference! I add a drop to either my sunscreen or foundation and it provides a healthy glow – I’ll re-purchase and be happy with this colour.

Dr Hauschka Translucent Bronzing Tint, 18ml £21.00

I purchased this, last year, as I read it was suitable for mature skin. My skin tone is naturally pale, so, on those “no makeup days”, it gives my skin a sun-kissed look – which I need! I love the tint shade, too – not orange like a few others I’ve tried. I apply following my moisturiser then a few (very small) dabs of the Pai Glow drops.

St. Tropez Self Tan Express Bronzing Mousse 200m  £26.40

I have been using this tanning mousse for over five years. I try others but always come back to it as I like the shade it leaves on my very pale skin. I have learnt that preparation is key when applying this. I always do a thorough exfoliation, before, to avoid a build-up on knees, elbows, and hands. I wouldn’t use anything else unless it blew me away!

 CeraVe AM Facial Moisturising Lotion SPF50 £13.50

If you have read my skincare posts, you will know that this is one of my favourite products – and I’m so pleased that they are now doing an SPF 50. On application, this is light and non-greasy on my skin. It simply makes my skin feel good with the added bonus of sun protection. My family love this moisturiser, too.

CeraVe Moisturising Cream 340g £13.00

I must admit to not always using moisturising cream in the winter months, so I need something super effective and a special cream to come to my rescue. This cream is super effective in getting my skin summer ready….and does the job repairing my dried-out skin, I’ve been applying for a few months now and can see the difference – really need to change my habits in the cooler weather!

 I hope you have enjoyed my post.  If you have any comments let me know, I’d love to hear from you.

Take care – and until the next time.

Alison x

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post.  All items are my own apart from one gifted item (sun hat) from a brand called Benunder.  There was no obligation to write about it.

Like most blogs, this post may contain affiliate links (from which I might make a small commission if you make a purchase). This helps towards the running costs of my blog.



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    Great update Alison! Your ruby wedding anniversary is a big milestone. We’re also off to Greece shortly, and I have a new sun hat in readiness. I’ll be showing it in this week’s Wednesday post.
    Yes please do share more about the microblading experience! I’m very tempted.
    Always enjoy reading about face treatments. I would also like some cosmetic dentistry but having spent a fortune on root canal and a crown, I’m now too tight to splurge out!
    You were one of my featured 5 today on Twitter and Facebook xx

    • We fully intend to celebrate this anniversary, great excuse for a holiday too. I was exactly the same re my eyebrows, very nervous, think I’d watched too many YouTube horror stories! I’m due my eyebrow touch up in four weeks and so far I like them. They are very near my own colour, so when I set he technician I’ll certainly not go darker, they look very natural which is what I wanted. The price of cosmetic dentistry is ridiculous – maybe one day, I can dream. Thank you so much for the shout out Gail I really appreciate it.
      Alison xx

  2. Hi Allison!
    YOu look great! I will read about your laser treatment and it wasn’t until this year I was thinking about botox, but the thought is flighty, as you have to keep repeating the procedure… dont know. I got my eyebrows microbladed too, moreso for shape, than a loss a brow. I like how she did yours, still natural looking, which is what i wanted too!
    Very nice post, I will look at the products you suggested. ANd HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! That is to be celebrated, however you choose to do it, but Greece sounds lovely!
    thanks for linking!
    jess xx

    • Thank you, Jess! Forty certainly is a big number – we fully intend to enjoy the holiday and celebrate it. I will be getting my eyebrow touch up in about four weeks time, which I’m now looking forward to. I love the colour they have settled too – they look natural and near my own colour, though, I think there could be more as I read that during the process of healing the width narrows. xx

  3. Congratulations on your ruby anniversary! I hope you have a wonderful time in Greece! The microblading results are excellent – I’ve thought about having it done myself because although my brows are really thin, they are gappy and filling them in with powder is a faff. The CeraVe SPF lotion is great value for money, I’ll try that one when I run out of my current SPF. Thanks for linking up!

    Emma xxx

    • Thank you, Emma. Unfortunately, the holiday is behind us now – I really could have stayed there for another month, we had a wonderful time. I go for my eyebrow touch up in a few weeks, and yes, I’m so pleased with them, they’ve faded now and look so much more natural, which is the look I was after. I’ll do a post eight weeks post following the touch up, as they look so different once they are healed. xx

  4. Wow 4o years, that’s amazing! I have a couple of years to go till that one! You look amazing and I’d never have said you wear 63!
    I too had my eyebrows microbladed, but they weren’t particularly good, so have now had them powder browed! My daughters have them hombre browed which look amazing. I recently had my lash line SPMU’d which I love and now I want to have my lips done – just Semi-permanent, not filled! Have a super week and thanks for adding to my linkup party! Jacqui x

    • Thank you, Jacqui! Feel it sometimes, ha ha. Wow, you’re ahead of me. You’ll have to do a post when you’re all done, would love to see the results. I’ve just had my microbladed eyebrow touch up done. Now going through the healing process. As this is the first time the jury’s still out and I won’t see the final results until six weeks time. They have improved, so I’m pleased about that, but I may go for the powder/microblading the next time, depends how brave I feel. Finding the best technician is key. Haven’t heard of the hombre treatment – seems to be changing all the time, I’ll definitely look into that for next time. And thank you for the link up, really appreciate it. xx

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