Over Fifty, Sixty and Beyond. How To Rock Summer Trousers.

Clothes-wise, I’ve never been one to wear something  just because it is the latest craze or “must-have”. And, growing up in the seventies and eighties, I’ve lived through most style trends – some I loved and some not so much. I appreciated those whose style differed from mine (think Debbie Harry and Chrissie Hynde). I hugely admired these two women when I was younger, not just for their style but for their music, too. But, I could never have carried off their cool-as-you-like edge. And, both, still tour. The Pretenders were my favourite band, this year, at Glastonbury and CH still has that laid-back authenticity and effortless style. Whose style do you admire?

For style inspiration, I have always loved looking at fashion magazines. Now, of course, we have so many outlets to choose from – Pinterest and Instagram, to name two. I enjoy looking at what women are wearing on the street when I’m out and about. I appreciate and enjoy seeing a great outfit that has been put together, effortlessly, especially if I have those items sitting in my wardrobe, enabling me to give the look a go.

Wearing what makes you feel good is so important at any age….it doesn’t have to be something expensive and flashy. I have just got some electric blue jogging bottoms in the sale from Hush and feel great wearing them, with a little tee – perfect! Midlife doesn’t have to mean over-the-hill and invisible!!  We can really rock those looks at whatever age!

For today’s post, I’m carrying on with the trousers theme (my last fashion post was styling jeans and a simple tee). This time, I’m showing you the various summer trousers I have in my wardrobe.

Cargo Trousers

First up is a pair of cargo pants, which are the result of a competition I entered on Instagram, last Christmas. I won £100.00 to spend with French Connection. Luckily, I had a chunk of time to choose something – so waited until their Spring/Summer stock was online. I finally settled on these cargo pants along with a gorgeous summer dress, which I had to add money to, but worth the extra outlay. I’ll show you my dress when I do the travel post – because I took it to Greece with me.
I was looking for a few additions to my summer wardrobe to spice it up, and these have done the job, nicely. These cargo pants are of great quality, light, soft material and a great slouchy style. They can be dressed down with a Birkenstock sandal and tee, or up, with a strappy pair of sandals and a fitted or oversized shirt. Both will look so good. Or, they will go with my sequinned top which I bought for my holiday. Why not!!?
I had noticed someone wearing these stone colour cargo pants in my hairdressers, of all places, and thought this colour looked great and a change from the usual khaki green I would usually go for. I also loved how they had been styled with a black tee. I have worn them a lot, lately, and I’m looking forward to adding a jumper or little jacket in the colder months.

Styling my cargo pants with a tee and black denim jacket.

Palazzo Style Trousers

My second pair of summer pants are a Palazzo style or Culottes, if you prefer. Again, they are over five years old. I bought them from H & M in their sale. What a bargain!!

Since then, every time I get my summer wardrobe out of storage, I think it may be time to part with them. Then, I always decide to keep them. The reasons are, I love the pattern and colour, the material is light and airy – making them flowy, wafty and flattering – perfect for the warmer weather, making them a definite keeper. And, they are still very much on trend, so there are lots of this style on the High Street, if you want to treat yourself.

Boho Palazzo Style Trousers

Third up is my (very old) boho palazzo pants which I bought from Topshop, many years ago. I also bought the little cropped top to match – not sure if this was before “co-ords” were fashionable. Later, when I’d put on a little weight, I stupidly sent the top off to the charity shop but confined the pants to the loft (luckily). However, since losing weight, they fit me, once again. Hooray!!!

Back then, our mindset, with old clothing, was to send straight to the charity shop. Now, of course, we sell our pre-loved items to someone who will also get pleasure from them, while making a little bit extra cash. I started to sell on eBay and Vinted around six months ago and I’m really enjoying it. It’s sometimes fiddly but great when an item sells. Sustainability is key and most of us are thinking differently when purchasing items.

Linen Straight Leg Trousers
And lastly, these are my electric blue linen pants which I have owned for around ten years. I have just sold them on eBay – the reason being they are still in fabulous condition. But, unfortunately, too big for me, now. I bought the little summer top at the same time – they are both from French Connection. The blue frill on the top goes with the blue of the trousers. I remember both were quite expensive but worth the initial outlay. I have had so much pleasure wearing this outfit and has it always made me feel good. Linen pants are a must in warmer weather and are so flattering if you find the right style to suit your shape.

And……A Few More


 I hope you have enjoyed my post.  If you have any comments let me know, I’d love to hear from you.

Take care – and until the next time.

Alison x

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post.  All items are my own.  Like most blogs, this post may contain affiliate links (from which I might make a small commission if you make a purchase). This helps towards the running costs of my blog.



  1. Oh, you look fabulous in cargo pants! I love the look of them, but I never feel quite right in them. Love all these different kinds of trousers. I wear what I like even if it’s not in style or on trend. I love Debbie Harry and always thought her hair was the coolest!


    • Wearing what you love and makes you feel good is key at any age……And yes, Debbie Harry is the coolest of cool!

  2. /

    I was a huge fan of The Pretenders, sung a thin line every day. Your cargo trousers are very cool!

    • Oh me too Nancy. Thank you, still can’t believe I won that competition on Instagram.

  3. You have an amazing collection of pants! Thanks for sharing them as they provide fresh inspiration for items already in my closet.

    • I’m not keen on parting with old favourites, hence, I do have quite a collection of old stuff. If we downsize I’d have to scale everything down. I’m finding that a lot of things currently on sale I already have similar items. I need to use my imagination more with what I have instead of reaching for the same items, which I find work.

  4. Fabulous summer outfits! I much prefer trousers to skirts and dresses and have a collection of summer trousers very similar to yours in terms of styles. Thanks for linking up!

    Emma xxx

    • Thank you, Emma. There’s some lovely wide leg pants I’m tempted by. With not having much of a summer I’m now looking at items which will take me through the colder months…..can’t believe I’m saying that! Surely we’ll get a little bit of warmth and sunshine. xx

  5. You have such great pants for summer! I just adore those palazzo pants on you. The cargo pants are fabulous, too. How fun you won a contest to get a gift card for them!

    • Thank you, Laura. I’ve worn the cargo pants so much since receiving them, and yes couldn’t believe the competition win myself. Enj your weekend.xx

  6. I love wearing trousers in the summer—even when it’s hot. I just find them to be more comfortable than skirts. I love all of your trousers here, especially the cargo ones. All are my style!
    I always loved Chrissie Hynde’s voice. As for style, I’m not sure. I was more of an 80s girls so I have to admit to being a fan of Madonna’s style back then!
    Have a great weekend!
    Suzy xx

    • I’m getting lots of wear from the cargo pants, they are such a great addition to my wardrobe. x

    • I agree. When it’s hot, and humid. Cooler materials and styles are needed to keep cool.xx

  7. /

    That’s my mantra too! I do not go with the trends either and wear what suits me better. Love these looks on you!

    That September Muse

    • Thank you, Ashh. Wearing what we love and makes us feel good is the most important thing I find. xx

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