The Mini Skirt is Back!’ Will The Fashion Police Arrest Me For Wearing One In Midlife?

Why has it taken me until my sixties to wear a mini skirt? Is this the time to put those fears to one side and embrace this “tiny” trend? This is an item I never thought I would wear at my age (62). Going back to when the mini skirt was first introduced, 60 years ago, it was then heralded as a symbol of freedom, for women to throw off the tailored constraints of their parents’ generation. There was no ‘are my legs good enough’ nonsense, the short skirts were a symbol of throwing off the shackles of the former generation.


Nowadays, I like to think the mini is doing the same for my generation. We are free to wear what we want, how we want, at whatever age.

Now, before anyone accuses me of being self-deluded, or thinks I may be having a midlife crisis moment, this is something many women my age are discovering, too. We are finding that, beyond a certain age (and with a little bit of maintenance), our legs can become our best asset.

I recently read an article by the 58-year-old fitness expert, Lucinda Meade, which spurred me on! Lucinda said,

“…the loss of that subcutaneous fat from our legs means it is the perfect time to build an outstanding pair of pins. Though muscle wastage also hits at this age, it is never too late to work on strength and shape.”

For the first time, I have found I can ‘get away with a miniskirt’ which will probably be my go-to cooler-weather staple from Autumn to Spring.  I never wore them in my youth – the nearest I got was wearing “hot pants”, as they were known back then. But, I always opted for the longer length.  If you are a certain age, you may remember them.

Around this time (1980 ish), I bought a great suit from Miss Selfridge. It had a long, cream, boxy jacket with thigh length shorts to match. After applying fake tan to my pasty white legs, I would wear this suit with a little tee. My footwear would be either strappy high or flat sandals…. and, off I would go dancing the night away to KC and the Sunshine Band in either “Julies” or “Annabel’s. These were the two “happening” nightclubs of my youth in the North East of England.

Anyhoo, getting back to the topic at hand – how have I styled my two new shorter skirts …… without feeling a touch muttony?

First of all, I will give you a quick description of both skirts which I, coincidently, purchased from H&M. I noticed the checked skirt, immediately, and thought the feel of the wool and pattern looked more expensive than the £24.99 price tag. There is also a matching blazer which I am very tempted to buy. Let’s see if it’s reduced in the winter sales.

The second skirt is cream with a silver stud effect. This skirt caught my attention while having a browse around the store. I tried it on and, immediately, started to imagine wearing it with a white oversized shirt, stomping boots and my Barbour jacket. The possibilities are endless. This skirt is £29.00.

Both skirts are a simple “A line” shape. I have experimented with various looks. I find that the footwear, shirt, or jumper along with outerwear are all key styling in making this look work. Of course, everyone is different. But, I wear mine with either a flat shoe or a low block heel. I do not suit over the knee boots (my legs are not long enough to carry them)!

But, below the knee or ankle boots, work for me – making the look more streamlined. In all of the photographs, you will notice I am wearing either “lace up” or “Chelsea style” boots, which have a block heel. The Chelsea boot has a slight platform which elongates my legs and gives me a little bit of a lift. I am also wearing my black opaque tights which are perfect for these chilly days, and they finish the look off.  I hope you have enjoyed this post and have found some inspiration if you are wanting to give the mini skirt a go.

Merry Christmas!

I am looking forward to Christmas Day, this year. We are doing the usual routine with close family. This year, I have been quite organised. All the decorations are up. So, now I just need to wrap some presents, along with some last-minute food shopping – then, that is it!!! For Christmas viewing, we have saved all episodes of “The White Lotus” (second series), which I am really looking forward to binge watching (no spoilers, please). I will try my best not to fall asleep when we watch the first episode following our Christmas lunch. We also revisit old Dickens or Hitchcock films at this time of year, which feels right, for now.

Thank you for all your wonderful comments, this year, they are the fuel for keeping my blog going and are so very much appreciated by me. Have yourselves a very Merry Christmas!

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Alison xx



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    Last week I was looking for a mini skirt too! But still haven’t found a perfect one. Love yours! And they look very good on you.

    • Thank you, Nancy. you may find the perfect mini in the sales, which are already starting. Have a wonderful Christmas and thank you for your

  2. I absolutely remember hot pants!! I had a red crushed velvet Nehru jacket with red crushed velvet hot pants!!! I thought I was really something…well, I probably was! I would definitely wear a mini skirt if I had legs like yours! Actually, I wear them with legs like mine! It’s time to embrace ourselves, warts and all, and wear what we want! We have earned that right! BTW…I am 65 and adore wearing combat boots with my shorter skirts! I do wear tights as my legs get cold! I love the way you’ve styled both of these skirts and think you look fabulous!!!

    I do hope you have a marvelous holiday season! We just finished season 1 of The White Lotus. You’ll have to tell me what you think of season 2 as we abandoned it after two episodes (too many subtitles)!

    • Marsha, your positivity is infectious! I can’t believe it’s taken me until now to wear a mini….and yes we have earned the
      right and mustn’t listen to negativity – and let’s face it there’s a lot of it about. Sounds very cool the way you style yours
      with combat boots. Have a wonderful Christmas!

  3. /

    I haven’t worn mini skirts in ages and need to change that! Both of your skirts are fabulous! Love your styling!

    Merry Christmas!

    Jill – Doused in Pink

    • Thank you, Jill. So pleased you like them. You certainly would look great in a Mini and there’s some great ones on offer, go treat yourself! Merry Christmas!

  4. I love your new mini skirts, you look fabulous in them! I only wear minis with tights during the colder months, but I haven’t this winter. I need to break the trousers habit! Thanks for linking up, wishing you a very happy 2023!

    Emma xxx

    • Thank you, Emma. I’ve worn both these skirts a lot over the past few months. I’m also trying to push myself out of my “conservative style” bubble. Thank you for the link up too! Happy New Year! xx

  5. I really like both of these and did had to minis to my closet too. This post made me realize I haven’t worn my second one yet so will need to remedy that and take some blog pictures maybe this weekend. I do need a pair of tights, I really like how the skirts look with them and since it is winter here, they would be most appropriate.

    • Thank you, Mireille and Happy New Year. I love my mini skirts with the black opaque tights, they finish the look off. My style is certainly evolving in midlife and I’m certainly more adventurous and open to new ideas.

  6. I love a mini skirt on any age and I will continue wearing one for years to come. I think you look absolutely fabulous. Love the shimmer in your skirt!

  7. I used to wear mini skirts all the time, but only in winter with thick opaque tights because I never liked my legs bare! I haven’t actually worn a ,mini for ages now, but seeing you looking so fabulous, makes me think I ought to get my pins out again!! Such a wonderful post!
    Suzy x

    • Thank you, Suzy. It’s certainly taken me long enough to wear one! So will carry on as long as it makes me feel good.x

    • Thank you, Claire. I’ve really enjoyed wearing my new mini’s over the cold months with tights. I have some big baggy “Lofty” (if you remember him) shorts for the summer ha ha. Enjoy your week. x

  8. I love your new mini skirts, you look fabulous in them! Love the shimmer in your skirt! Love your styling.

  9. You look super in it and should defo keep wearing them. I don’t wear mini skirts – haven’t got the kegs for them. Thanks for sharing Alison x Jacqui x

    • You would look great in a mini Jacqui – I searched for a little while for these two, just find the right one to suit. My legs are better hidden underneath opaque tights, ha ha, so won’t be wearing mini skirts in the summer months – that is if it decides to arrive, freezing today!🥶xx

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