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There has not been a lot of purchasing going on in this past year.  The items I have bought are carefully chosen pieces that I’m either replacing or I know will last – and this doesn’t have to mean “dull”.  I fully intend to continue buying in this way going forward, making room for items worthy of space in my limited storage, for the long-term.

I have reconsidered how I dress, what I wear and why I wear it. Comfy clothes have come into their own. But I’m not convinced that loungewear will be the way I enjoy dressing as the norm, even if it’s luxury.  I want to feel comfortable and relaxed but still have that air of style that a vibrant dress or fashion item can bring.  An example of this is the skirt, below.  I receive a regular newsletter from Hush giving examples of their new stock.  I usually have a quick glance and delete. But, this time, I paused for a few minutes – looking with “longing” at this skirt, wow!  The price tag is a little steep – but, for a feel-good item, this, for me, would be it.  It’s quickly sold out, but I’m going to keep checking. Hopefully, I’ll be lucky.  It’ll look great worn with flat, stomping boots and a tee, or heels, and a little satin cami in the months ahead, when we will, hopefully, begin to get some normality in our lives.

Here are some of the items I have been buying over the last year.

Knitted waistcoat (Zara)

Sweater vests or waistcoats, as we call them in the UK, are having their time in the limelight, once more.  They are a perfect choice to survive the chilly, spring months.  The knitted waistcoat is perfect to layer over a shirt as I have done, here, or with a tee. Or, alternatively, on its own, when the weather warms up. It is a great transitional staple for spring/summer.

I had been searching for knitwear that I can wear with my joggers as an alternative to a sweatshirt.  The whole tracksuit thing just doesn’t do it for me.  I had received a voucher (“Zara”) for my birthday in September from my youngest son and spotted this knitted waistcoat.  As usual, I dithered too long, and it quickly sold out. So, I had to join Zara’s mailing list until my size came into stock.  Within a week, it was available!  I was looking for a slouchy look so went for the large.

Here, I have styled it with a shirt in a neutral colour from “ Mint Velvet”.  It would look equally good with a crisp white shirt, underneath. This is such a versatile “ fuss free” item that I know I will get a lot of pleasure wearing.

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Cardigan (Mango)

The modest cardigan seems to go through various style changes every season.  The cropped cardigan was a style I was a little unsure about.  So, when I was having a browse on the “Mango” website, I came across this boxy style cable knit cardigan at the ridiculously low price of £9.99, reduced from £35.00.

As well as the low price, I did like the on-trend style and neutral colour.  I decided to send away for it – then have a “try on” with various items, to see how it worked.  When I first took it out of the wrapper, I noticed how soft the wool is.  I had ordered a larger size as I wanted an oversized look.

Here, I have styled it with my Khaki cargo pants and leopard print cami.  In the summer months, it will be ideal worn with a dress.

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Slim Cut Jeans (Warehouse)

A few years ago, I found my perfect pair of jeans.  They were not too skinny, baggy, or saggy, a comfy mid-rise and a slightly cropped leg, flattering on my not so long legs.

They were my perfect summer jeans that I literally loved to bits!  After a lot of wear, they frayed and fell apart.  Since their sad demise, I have been continually searching to find another pair. Hence, when I saw these similar jeans, again on offer from “ Warehouse” at the end of December, I ordered them in both the mid and light wash.  When I received them, I was so pleased to see they are so very similar to my original jeans – so, I’ve kept both.

Luckily, they had been reduced to £15.00 from £49.00.  Hopefully, with acquiring two pairs, they will last me longer – as they will be worn a lot.

New stock for Spring:

All items featured in this post are my own.  Thank you for reading  – I hope you have enjoyed it and found it helpful.  If you have any questions, please let me know in the comments.

Please note this post may contain affiliate links – if you click through to the website, there is no extra cost to you.

Alison xx


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    Of the skirt you have your eye on is really gorgeous. Love it. I reordered my closet and sold al the items I didn’t feel good in. Which is great because now I only have items that I realy love. Isn’t that just what makes us happy! Fashion related that is!

    • Nancy, I fully intend to do the same in the next few weeks – you’ve inspired me to clear my
      closet of unloved items. There’s “stuff” I haven’t worn for a long time and probably
      never will. Yes, I’m definitely going to keep my eye on that skirt – hopefully, the
      things I sell will pay for it – well, that’s the plan. x

  2. You have purchased some really nice items recently! I love the chunky cardigan! Hopefully that skirt comes back in stock soon!

    • Thank you laura. I’m checking the skirt daily – no luck yet, I guess everyone else has fallen in love with it too!

  3. I love that you said, you loved your jeans to “bits” as I say that too! I think I am picking up some English terms 🙂
    I have been more mindful since Covid, about my buys and what I add to my existing closet, not buying as much this year. LOve the vest , I used to have a few and the Mango cardi is beauiful! I am an avid shopper on that site and do enjoy their clothing. Cargos are a fav of mine as well, and enjoyed how you styled them. Lovely loos!
    jess xx

    • Thank you, Jess. I loved this vest as soon as I saw it – and will wear it a lot. I think this experience with Covid has changed our habits slightly, I’m certainly being more mindful about new addictions to my wardrobe. Have a lovely weekend. x

  4. Thanks for adding to my #linkup today, I love the looks you’ve shared. I’m getting onto the vest wagon, absolutely love this on you and have just bought one i can’t wait to style. Thanks for sharing today. x Jacqui

    • You’re so welcome Jacque. Such a versatile addition to the wardrobe. Have a lovely weekend.x

  5. That skirt you are eyeing is so beautiful! I am been considering the things that need to be replaced or added for this spring and just spent a pretty penny today on new bras and underwear! Sometimes cheap is not good especially for something you wear everyday. As I put away some of my warmer sweaters, I was happy to see that I had worn each of them. Putting out some of my short sleeves gave me an idea of what I want (color!) to find this spring. No more skirts! Have so many to choose from and I also am trying to things for a few day to make sure I really like them. I found a fun pair of joggers at Walmart for $15 that looked great on someone else, I may try a size up but wasn’t convinced on them for me despite the price being right. I have learned some things are worth spending more if you are going to wear them over and over.

    • I need new underwear but will wait until our lockdown is over. I wouldn’t trust myself to order a bra online. I had the very same experience with some joggers I bought online recently. I didn’t look right in them – maybe the larger size would have been better for me. I definitely need some colour in my wardrobe too – there’s some beautiful, floral prints just beginning to come through for Sring/Summer.

    • Thank you so much Val. This little leopard camisole is from Zara (old favourite), they seem
      to always have them in stock. xx

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    A great philosophy for buying, Alison – I love your khaki cargo pants, the leopard vest and the cropped cardigan. You’ve found some fab bargains. That skirt is gorgeous – hope it turns up again.

    • Thank you, Gail. I think we’ve all reassessed our buying habits over the
      last year, though I’ve always loved a bargain. I’m not a huge fan of buying
      online and like to read the items review first, it can help with
      sizing etc…..unfortunately reviews aren’t always available – I find
      this can guide us. Unfortunately, everyone must love that gorgeous
      skirt too as it’s still unavailable.x

  7. I love Hush so much! I am always being tempted, that skirt looks amazing. Keep looking, have you tried the JL website?
    Michelle xx

    • It is so gorgeous. I forgot they stock Hush, I’ll check it
      out – many thanks.xx

  8. Alison, I am really liking your revised approach to your wardrobe. Focusing on quality over quantity with feel good items is such a wonderful way to curate your closet. I love all of these new pieces you have shared. The boxy cardigan is so cute. I also am really enjoying the sweater vest trend. Although I don’t think it’s really for me, it looks so great on you! Thanks for sharing and linking with me.


    • Thank you, Shelbee. I think we’ve all changed our buying habits this last year – it’s certainly made me reflect on mine. I’ve always loved a discount or bargain and very rarely buy unless I
      get one. Hope you’re having a lovely week so far. xx

  9. Oh wow! I love all of your outfits!! Especially your jeans.

    • Thank you, Natalie. These jeans are so comfortable – I was naughty and bought two pairs in similar shades, but I know I’ll wear them lots. Have a lovely week. xx

  10. /

    Oh wow, that is such a pretty and dreamy skirt! And I totally get the whole pick me up fashion and not wanting to wear loungewear all the time!

    Life is a Shoe

    • Not long to go now before we can be out and about. I’m really missing not
      getting dressed up. Have a fab week! xx

  11. Tracy Colon

    I love these outfits and those chunky boots are so cool!


    • Thank you so much Tracy – they are very comfortable. Have a lovely weekend. xx

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