My feel-good factor makeup products.

In my first post of 2020, I would like to share with you some of the makeup products which work for me and have become my favourites. As style is a personal thing, so is our makeup routine. I don’t like to waste time or money on ineffective products, as I’m sure you don’t. I must admit to buying makeup in the past and it being a complete waste of money. So, I try to do my homework, first, by reading reviews and obtaining information by word of mouth.

All my opinions are honest, and this post is not sponsored in any way. First on my list is:

Essence Eyeshadow Base and Makeup Palette.

I got curious about trying some of the products from the Essence brand following an article I read from a beauty journalist, a few years ago. This followed her visit to “Fashion Week”, in London. She said, when they are invited to the shows, they are sometimes invited behind the scenes where they try to sneak a peek inside the makeup artist’s bag. There, she spied not only high end makeup but, more interestingly, some cheaper brands, too.

Amongst the products, were several items from the “Essence” brand, two of which were the eyeshadow base along with an eyeshadow palette. Following this insightful read, I bought two makeup palettes with the eyeshadow base.

Eyeshadows tend to last a long time with me as I only use them when “going out”. However, I still look for good quality and price. I have a real dislike for products which wear off after a few hours, crease, or make you look like a panda!

I have found the eyeshadow base (£2.80) helps my eyeshadow and eyeliner stay put, for longer. I also use it on its own without applying eyeshadow to my eyelids as it tones down uneven skin-tone. It can crease after a few hours, but this is the only negative. The eyeshadow base can also be used as a concealer, but I have never done this.

Prior to writing this, I tried to re-purchase my nude makeup palate as some of the colours were worn out. On further investigation, they have changed the design of the palette, adding a blush and highlighter. I haven’t tried, yet – but for £4.00, there’s not a lot to complain about.

Laura mercier £30.50

I am always looking for new products which are great to use and will improve the look of my make-up. Primer will make all the difference to having a good or bad makeup day. Face primers not only make your foundation last longer, they also create a smooth, even surface for your makeup to sit on. They can also give you a subtle glow. My favourite “go to” primers are two from Laura Mercier.

My search for a bold red Lipstick Boots No 7

You’re never too old for bold lipstick and what a striking statement it can make. There are no rules. Go as bold as you want to go or, alternatively, keep it completely natural. I love both looks. I do think the bold lip looks fantastic with a minimal makeup look.

Finding the perfect red lippy match can be challenging especially as we mature. I’ve bought a few dubious shades of red in my time, always with the optimism that ‘this is the one’ then to find it either doesn’t suit me or sit well, hence ending up looking more like ’The Joker ‘at times. Determined not to waste any more money, I decided to do a colour match offered by Boots No 7 cosmetics and beauty range. They state:

“It begins with a match! Our No7 advisors use our Match Made technology to help you find the perfect colours, shades and finishes for your base, blush, bronzer and lips. Plus, they’ll teach you all the tricks and techniques so that you can recreate the look when you get home”.

Following my colour match with one of their very helpful advisors, I was given a card with the colours which best suit my skin tone. I explained I was after a more dramatic red lipstick and was told ‘soft paprika’ would be a good match.

After wearing this lipstick, a good few times, I do feel very happy with it. It is best applied with a lip liner. After a few hours, it had worn off leaving a stained lip look, which I wasn’t keen on, so I had to re-apply. I didn’t notice any feathering, but the colour did creep up at the corners of my mouth a little – hence, when wearing a lipstick of this colour, a lip liner helps can help avoid this situaton. I have received compliments when wearing it so, in the future, when buying a bolder red, I will go for similar colours.

Barry M – It’s A Brow Thing Eyebrow Gel – Medium

Some of the changes that come with aging are both a blessing and a curse! Take thinning hair for example – meaning less hair removal, but it also diminishing eyebrows, and lashes. I have used Revitlash (eyebrow and eyelash serum) for several years and have had great results. In November, due to Revitalash being a tad pricey, I decided to give another serum a go. What a mistake!! One by one, my eyelashes and brows popped off, never to be seen again. Lesson learnt. So, I’ve quickly restocked. And, until Revitalash works its magic (usually takes 2-3 months), I will be using a few eyebrow makeup products to improve my now diminished eyebrows. The latest one is this eyebrow gel by Barry M.

What I liked about this product is the powdery formula. I find it easy to control so you can apply as much or little as you like. It fills in the gaps without making them look drawn on, or too bold. It gives a very light, natural finish and it’s long lasting, too. Plus, the price is great!

My outfit while putting this post together.

Thank you for reading my post. I hope you enjoyed it. If you have any questions, please let me know in the comments.

Alison xx

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  1. Your makeup is FLAWLESS. I haven’t used a primer before. Dewy shimmer on the radiance primer sounds special. And oh how I do love a bold lipstick (Chanel will work fine I guess. 😂)✨✨ ~ Suzana Barton

    • Thank you, Suzana. I hadn’t worn a bold lipstick for ages. I do love the colour. xx

  2. I discovered makeup primer a few years ago, and now I use it every day; I’m definitely a believer in it! And, you’ve inspired me to try a red lip ~ looks SO pretty on you! 💋
    xx, Lisa

    • Thank you so much Lisa. I agree a primer makes all the difference. I do love this shade of red – I think I’ll wear it a lot. Hope you
      find the right one for you. xx

  3. /

    I really should try a primer! Red lipstick stays the best doesn t it!

    • Give it a go Nancy and see if you like it. I haven’t worn a bold lipstick for quite a while, but love
      this one. xx

  4. I’m obsessed with red lipstick! I like a mix of high and low makeup too. It’s so nice you don’t have to always spend a bundle to get decent products! Thanks for sharing your loves!

    • I think I may be obsessed with wearing a bold red lippy too – and no you don’t have to spend a fortune to
      get the correct shade. xx

  5. /

    These look like great make up products. I really need to treat myself to some nice new products 🙂 Thanks for linking up to The Wednesday Blog Hop. Hope you can join me tomorrow 🙂

    • Thank you Claire – the colour match certainly helped me pick the correct shade of red. xx

  6. /

    Interested to hear about No 7 and their lipstick match service. I had it done a few years ago but that was just for foundation. I ;love a bold red lip, though don’t do it very often. I always used to wear a primer and still do for my lids and lips. Thanks for joining #WowOnWednesday!

    • Thank you Gail. The colour match is a great idea as I’ve waisted so much money on the wrong shade.
      Alison xx

  7. /

    Interested in the Barry M eyebrow gel. I always need something for those stragglers! I’ve never found the perfect red either, so I might just head into Boots. xx

    • I love trying new products for my brows and the Barry M. Certainly delivered. I haven’t worn a bold lipstick for quite a while as
      it is tricky getting the correct shade. xx

  8. /

    Thanks for sharing your favourites! We don’t have all of these brands here I don’t think but I have heard of Laura Mercier although I’ve never tried anything from the brand! 🙂

    Hope that you are having a lovely weekend 🙂

    • Thank you Mica. It’s definitely trial and error with cosmetics until you come across that winning product. xx

    • Thank you, Shelbee – the eyebrow gel is great for those areas where eyebrows are sparse I find. Enjoy your week. xx

  9. I’ve not heard of this brand before, which is yet another reason why I like working in the blog world. You meet new people daily and you learn about great brands. By the way, I love your chunky turtleneck sweater!

    • Thank you, Chrissy. I love trying new products – some work for you and some don’t. I’ve had this turtle
      neck for quite a while – definitely idea for cooler temperatures. xx

  10. I sometimes buy Essence products, too. I like them. I always check to see what my grandkids use: aged from 31 to 16, so a varied range. Have had some great tips over the years from them all.

    • I find Essence to be great value for money. The quality of their products are pretty good. xx

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