How To “Rock” A Jumpsuit!

Jumpsuits are still very popular, but they can be a tricky item to wear, especially if you don’t want to look like the man who has called round to fix the boiler!!

My first jumpsuit, way back when, was given to me by my brother when I was around seventeen.  Returning from his travels, he brought me an American khaki military jumpsuit.

“Etsy” Vintage 1970’s Military JUMPSUIT

Around this time, I had seen “Sting” wearing one in the “The Police” video for the song, “Roxanne”, and although I wasn’t copying him in particular, I loved the look of it and thought how cool he looked.

I felt very stylish wearing it – enhanced by the fact that no one else in my circle had one, at that time.  And I remember how comfortable it was.

I found this similar vintage jumpsuit from Etsy on the internet to show you what it looked like (above pic).

Knowing your style often involves the introduction of updated versions of old favourites.  There’s nothing wrong with being nostalgic!  Especially, going for similar versions of clothes you know you suit and feel really good in.

Warehouse jumpsuit – currently reduced from £56.00 to £42.00

Over the years, I have owned a few jumpsuits.  The attraction for me is the versatility and comfort of wear. The easiness of this item balances any bathroom and bare shoulders issues that I know puts a lot of people off wearing one.  It can be a very flattering garment. 

Warehouse Linen jumpsuit – currently £45.00

This season, the jumpsuit is a welcome addition to my wardrobe as it can be the perfect combo of dressy and casual. Most women’s jumpsuits are designed to flatter and frame your figure. I must admit I was spoilt for choice when looking, and found two that I liked and fit me well.  I know the body length can be a problem with jumpsuits – I always have a try on, then stretch and bend to check this isn’t a problem and that the body length is accurate and comfortable.

Styled with a cream Zara jacket (2018)

The jumpsuit is an old favourite that fits with my personal style, while also giving my wardrobe a gentle update!! Like other items I have worn in the past, the jumpsuit just needed a slight tweak – hence, an instant, winning combination.

Thank you for reading my post. I hope you enjoyed it and if you have any questions, please let me know in the comments.



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    I remember that video! I absolutley love jumpsuits and the ones you are sharing look fab on you. I have a problem with this trendy cropped length though with my short legs! xx

    • I know, i’m showing my age remembering that video – but hey some things stay with you – and I loved the Police! Laurie there is
      nothing wrong with your legs to me – long and slim. Us girls are never happy with the way we look.
      Alison xx

  2. /

    I’m looking for the perfect one! Is there something like that? Probably not as I can’t find it! The blue one is cool and the older one is superb!

    • Thank you Nancy – the older one is indeed superb. reminds me of my youth!
      thanks again

  3. Hi Allison!
    I remember that video and think we get inspired in many different ways. Love both on you, especially the olive as I love the cut with the buttons thinking of a myriad of ways to wear. I’m tall too, and need length, so jumpsuits can be a challenge at times. You look great☺️

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    I like jumpsuits but always wondered what I would actually look in them because I am short. Thank you for these ideas on how to pair a jumpsuit with a sweater, making it look easier to wear.

    • Jumpsuits can be tricky – I always have a try-on, as sometimes
      the body length can be short, or the leg length not quite right.
      Alison x

  5. You are definitely rocking these jumpsuits! And how awesome is that vintage one! I have the hardest time finding jumpsuits that are long enough in the waist for me. I always end up with that dreadful front wedgie that no one needs to see! But I keep trying! Thanks so much for sharing your cute options and for linking up!


    • Thank you Shelbee. I agree, finding the right jumpsuit which fits
      comfortably can be tricky. Keep searching, I’m sure you’ll find the
      right one.
      Thank you for the link up.

    • Thank you Shelbee. I agree finding the right jumpsuit to fit exactly can be tricky. Thank
      you for the link up.

  6. I’m a big fan of jumpsuits and you’ve styled yours to perfection! I sometimes have problems with the body length too though as I have a long torso. Thanks for linking up!

    Emma xxx

    • Jumpsuits are so easy to wear if you get the right fit – which can be tricky I agree. I
      always try a few on until I get the right one.
      Alison x

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