“And so this is Christmas, I hope you have fun”.🎵


Like most of you, I am hoping for the best regarding “Omicron”.  Trying to stay fit, healthy and optimistic.

We are unsure if arrangements made over Christmas will go ahead. I feel for businesses who have bought extra provisions in for the festive period and are unsure if they will get their Christmas profit.

Mr MAB is a musician and, over the next couple of weeks, there are venues booked, tickets sold and lots of rehearsals done to get the show just right. Of course, they are now in doubt. He isn’t alone. We know musicians and actors who are also being told that their planned shows for both Christmas and New Year are in doubt or have been cancelled already.  I know we must look at the positives and that better things are on the horizon.

Here are Christmas present ideas for you which in truth can be for any time in the year. Also, it doesn’t have to be Christmas to give yourself a little treat – so here are a few outfits I have been wearing, over the last couple of weeks – and some things I have seen and may have dropped a hint or two for Santa to bring.

No 1. Cape – Brown check £32.00

It’s outerwear season. If you’re planning a brisk walk through the nearby country park or popping into the pub (while we can) this cape is perfect.  There’s nothing better than to throw on with your jeans or dress. Yes, it may conjure up images of Clint Eastwood in the “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly” but if the autumn/winter 2021 catwalks are anything to go by, ponchos are IN, and I am not complaining as I love wearing them. They are such an easy, versatile, stylish addition to any wardrobe. This one is the softest wool and at such a great price.  I tried it on in-store and immediately fell in love. And, for £32.00, I can’t complain.

No. 3 NYK1 Lash force eyelash serum – currently reduced from £69.95 to £44.95 plus, If you want to give this a try there’s a further 10% off at the checkout using the code ALISON

I have been using NK1 secrets (Lash force) for one month with good results. I apply twice a day – in the morning and evening, along the lash line. My lashes have grown in length, slightly, and seem a little thicker.

I have used eyelash serums before – some with success, some not.
I will persevere as I find the best results show after using it around the three months mark – so, patience is a virtue.  If you would like to give this serum https://nyk1.com/?rfsn=6295134.8abe3ca try, use my code ALISON to get 10% off. …… Click here to go to the website.

No 2. Turquoise Howlite Wrap Bracelet from Healing Rock Reduced from £69.95 to £28.95

This bracelet speaks for itself. It’s such a pretty piece of jewellery and such a personal gift. The jewellery from Healing Rock is handmade by women who can use a little help. Andrea and her team place emphasis on fairness and care. Your contribution will end up in the hands of women who can finally do what they are good at – namely, creating this fantastic jewellery. The one I am wearing, here, is the “Turquoise Howlite Wrap Bracelet”. Check their website, they have some beautiful pieces, and it’s always good to support small businesses such as this.

Whatever your plans, I want to wish you all a VERY Merry Christmas. I will be spending a quiet Christmas with my family. We are looking forward to binge-watching “Succession”. Plus, there may be the odd Boogie in the kitchen with a glass or two – discovered Jack Savoretti, a few weeks ago, on the Graham Norton show.  I love this song from his collaboration with Nile Rodgers, “Who’s Hurting Who”. Click here. I’ll warn you, you may want to boogie, too!

I want to thank you for your support this year. Whether you’ve been reading my blog for one week or since I started in September 2018, I appreciate the fact that you came for a visit to check me out. I hope you enjoyed the experience enough for a revisit.

What are you up to around Christmas? How different are your plans compared to normal? Let me know below, I’d love to hear from you.


I was gifted both the bracelet from Healing Rock and the eyelash serum from NYK1. I was under no obligation to talk about these products on my blog – but feel they are of great quality and so wanted to share them with you.

Stay safe, and until next year…. Enjoy!!

Please note!!

I will be back on my blog in February.  We are going to Spain in January for a few weeks.  This will be our visit thee for a long time.  We are wanting to check it out for the future as we hope to escape the British winter weather – think we have been watching too many ” A place in the sun” episodes.  I will be taking photographs and writing a diary – so, will let you all know how it was in future posts.

Alison xx

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  1. With one in the household with a positive result, we’re still not sure what we are doing.
    I hope you’re Xmas is fun and enjoyable, see you in 2022!
    Jacqui xx

    • Hopefully, things will improve soon Jacqui. Take care and enjoy the holidays. xx

  2. Those sequin pants are gorgeous! I love your long hair. I wish mine would grow that long, but it just refuses to do so. I so hoped this year would be different from last year. Here, in the states, too many people are still unvaccinated. The new variant is running wild, and everyone is continuing to do what they want. I am so tired of masks, but I wear mine almost as a symbol of outrage! I hope Mr. MAB is able to get his shows in. We live on our pensions and are lucky to have them.

    Happy Christmas to you and yours!

    • Thank you, Marsha. These pants are the only sparkly item I have ever owned, can you believe. I have always kept away from anything that glitters, but I’ve changed my mind as I love these. They also have an elasticated waist, so are super comfortable. I agree with you – I don’t think we’ve seen the last of this virus. There’s people we know both young and our age who have sadly died due to not being vaccinated. I really don’t understand as the chances of fighting it are so much better if you are. We have just found out today that one of my other half’s band has tested positive, so he’s not sure of what to do. Boris our Prime Minister may cancel anyway. Have the best Christmas, Marsha. – let’s hope for a brighter 2022.x

  3. /

    It’s Christmas Eve and fingers crossed, plans will go ahead! We will have a big family lunch at our house on Boxing Day. Three of the attendees had Covid recently but everyone is now clear. I bought a special fan to circulate the air in the dining room! Hope you have a splendid time Alison, and thanks for supporting the link-up this year. Much appreciated x

    • That sounds like a lovely day Gail and great that your attendees are now clear. It seems to be all about the timing as well as other things regarding COVID. My other half has just found out one of the musicians he works with has tested positive, so the gigs may be cancelled. But we have to look at the positives, and hope everything will have improved this time next year. Love the fan idea – I could have one just for me, ha ha. Merry Christmas, have the best time. xx

  4. Mill

    I’ve more or less just found you and am enjoying your blog. It seems to me most ‘real’ bloggers have given up or are so erratic I forget to check the blog. Others are just ‘sales’ pitches so it was interesting to read your thoughts. We, unfortunately have covid at the moment so we ate a basic roast in the end (for us it’s the exhaustion and shortness of breath but one has a horrible cold) and we hadn’t prepared for needing ready meals so it was cook or starve. It came on so quickly. We do things like eat, play a quick game or read in the times we’re not exhausted basically and watch tv or sleep the rest of the time. We are all jabbed, etc so I hate to think how we’d feel like if it’s really the case that you’re so much worse without. I do hope work improves soon for your other half as that must be so tough on you all.

    • Thank you for your comment and welcome to my blog. I’m sorry to hear you have COVID. I hope your symptoms are mild and you both make a swift recovery. A musician who was going to play with my husband’s band has COVID, too. He’s quite poorly, apparently. We’re still not sure if his gig will go ahead (in a few days time), but people are still optimistically buying tickets. There’s an announcement, tomorrow, apparently. I started to blog when it was becoming unfashionable and Instagram exploded onto the scene – this seems to be the time when a lot of bloggers stopped. I’m not a lover of social media, but Instagram helps promote my blog, so I do it for that reason. I agree with you regarding being truthful about products – this is why I only accept gifts where there’s no obligation to write about them – or I have time to try and test the product. Happy new year, let’s hope, fingers crossed, that things improve in 2022.

  5. /

    Your lashes look amazing! I will be staying in as Covid caught up with me! Happy new year Alison xx

    • Thank you, Laurie. Sorry to hear you have COVID. We are hearing about so many who have it. Some with symptoms and some not. I hope you are in the latter category. Think we’ve all had enough of this damn thing now. We have to hope it’ll go away soon. Take care of yourself and Happy New Year to you and yours. xx

    • So good that you had a lovely couple of weeks. It’s good for all of us to get away from the hum drum.

  6. I hope you had a wonderful holiday season! Your gift ideas are great picks! I love that turquoise wrap bracelet and the eyelash serum! Great ideas!

    • Thank you, Laura, you too! It seems like ages ago already – time is passing by so quickly. I’m looking forward to wearing the bracelet more in the springtime, wish it was nearly here!

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